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What in the world do you get a 6 month old for Christmas?

Seriously though, what in the world do you get a 6 month old for Christmas? It’s not like she will remember ya know? We are honestly taking advantage of that fact this year, and we’re not going crazy on the Christmas purchases. We are getting her a few small things (the poor child has no toys) and maybe a high chair, but that is about it. She should really ask for some shoes, as you see I took her to meet Santa WITH NO SHOES! Another fun fact about this photo? We stole those tights off the body of my best friend’s baby, DURING the photoshoot. Mom of the year friends.

I am sharing what we are getting Cameron below! I also included some of her favorite things that I would recommend if you too, are at a loss for what to get “the baby” for Christmas. 

Snuggle Pod Honey Bunny

My poor child has very few toys. She has just recently started taking interest in them, so we have a few but she could use some more. I thought this little baby doll was absolutely precious, I hope she likes it! The baby goes inside the little bunny costume. Adorable!

Little People, A Christmas Story

This is technically a Christmas present, but we already got it out for her to play with. I love it! We will put it away each year and only get it out at Christmas so it remains special. I remember how excited I was at Christmas to see toys and books we could only get out once a year. I Love that she can have her own little nativity scene that I won’t worry about breaking.

High Chair

This is a useful present. Girlfriend is going to start eating soon, so she will need a place to do that. I like how sleek and neutral this one is (go figure). We have several 4moms products and love their smart design. I like that this high chair is easy to clean and has a small footprint. 

Anywhere Chair

This is a baby classic. I always see monthly photos done on the anywhere chairs, kinda sad she doesn’t have one yet. But I think she will like learning to climb (and fall) all over it! I saw they are on sale for the Holidays so I just swiped one up for Cameron! 

Personalized Lovey

This is one of Cameron’s favorite things ever. She rubs them all over her face to fall asleep and it is the sweetest thing. We ordered her another one, gotta have backups ya know. Highly recommend this specific one because it is very light and soft.

Pewter Keepsake Rattle

My Aunt got this rattle for Cameron and it is the BEST teething toy ever. It is cold, its easy to hold, it makes noise…WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! Babies love ’em, and they are a cute keepsake for years to come. 

Baby Bangle

How sweet are these baby bangles from Maple & J?! Answer, so sweet. Cameron and I have matching bangles, and we never take them off. I am excited to add more to our stacks! We have these gold ones, and I have my eye on the twisted silver. This would make a great “Baby’s First Christmas” present for sure!

Unicorn Friend

I say friend, but the way she treats this unicorn is questionable. Beats it on everything, bites it constantly. One of his hoofs includes a green teether, that she has put to good use. She also enjoys his crinkly belly. 

SkipHop Activity Center

Crowd favorite around here. She loves standing in her “office” and doing all the things. She started using this around 3 months, and we would shove a blanket behind her, to help her be a little more steady. I like that this one isn’t crazy bright colors, less circus-y if you will. 

Door Jumper

If you buy one thing for your baby give them the gift of jumping. I swear to you this was the best $40 dollars we spent. She lives to jump in this. It has helped her strength and coordination, she is so strong! This is the only way I can even attempt to get a blog post written if she is awake. This was the least obnoxiously colored one I could find. 

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

We have this sweet little bootie set, and I just ordered this cute baby in the crib, because I know 5 year old me would have been OBSESSED with it. I hope she likes babies as much as I did. I would have stollen this right off the tree that is for certain. 

Really, they don’t need much. They’re babies. But I hope this helped give you a few ideas to get all da babies in your life!

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