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Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

(Photos a la Kelsey Malicote)

I first saw this when one of my blogger friends Basically Bronwyn talked about it, and I and thought to myself yep, gotta have it. It was so cute, and the picture quality looked incredible. We had a video baby monitor, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. The picture quality was lackluster, and the connection spotty.

When my Lollipop Baby Monitor came in the mail, I was instantly jazzed at the packaging. I am a sucker for marketing, so anything done well gives me all the feels. It was sleek, and extremely easy to set up.

So what does this bad boy do you ask? Well it does what any baby monitor does, and allows you to stalk your sleeping (or awake, dealers choice) baby for the rest of their lives.

(this item was gifted to me, but these are my honest and true thoughts!)

So why do I like it? Allow me to share:

It’s just pretty, let’s be honest.

It’s cute! First of all its called a lollipop. Second it comes in cotton candy pink. What more could you ask for?! It is simple, and sweet, making your nursery look posh AF. If pink isn’t your vibe, there is always pistachio or turquoise to choose from. I also like that it comes with these cord disguising strips, to run your cords down sides of cribs, or up walls. I do believe their purpose is safety, but I have a penchant for clean lines and organization, so the visual absence of cords thrills me.

Connects to App on your phone.

This particular monitor connects to your phone, so there is no physical monitor. This is a positive in my book, I like that I don’t have to carry two things around the house. I can just grab my phone and rule the world. The only downfall is that you have to have any caregiver also download the app. This hasn’t been an issue for us, our baby care is pretty regular so they’re all happy to get the app. You can have as many users as you want, and give them different permissions.

The picture is the best I’ve seen.

I’ve seen a lot of baby monitors, and the picture quality of Lollipop is phenomenal. I have Cameron’s camera set up on the side rail of her crib. I will have to move once she is older and moving, but for now works great. I can see her sweet little face so well, and see if her eyes are open, or if she has her paci. It is color during the day, and black and white at night.

It is easy to travel with.

We recently stayed at my Aunt’s for thanksgiving, and the lollipop was easy to travel with, and set up at her house. The only thing you had to update was the wifi, so make sure you get the password before anyone gets too deep into the punch, ya know what I mean? The design also makes it easy to set up anywhere, a dresser, or the side of the playpen, in our case.

It stores video.

It stores short 30 second clips of your baby throughout the night, so you can see what your tiny dancer was up to at 3 am. You can also take photos of your sweet sleeping angel, you know, for the mems.

It notifies you when crying is detected.

This is nice. I like this. It can distinguish between just noise and movement, or crying. This comes in handy when you’re on audio mode and just listening, or when you’re sleeping. You can set it to play an alert tone when crying is detected, if you think you won’t wake up to just the monitor noise alone. Fun fact, I wake up to every noise ever, soooo yay me.

You can leave video mode on all night, and the app stays open on screen.

Did that make sense? Basically if the video screen is pulled up, it stays on all night. So I just leave it open on my phone so I can glance over and see what babycakes is doing. There is also an audio only mode, so you can “business as usual” on your phone, while still listening.

It also plays music/white noise, all in one sleek package.

Whatever your flavor, Mozart, Chopin or Rachmaninoff they’ve got your baby genius’ classics covered. Now my little one prefers the vacuum or white noise, but she is her mothers child, so. We actually still use our hatch nightlight and sounds machine instead. I leave that sucker on all day to keep her nursery a nice sleepy environment.

Allows for multiple cameras, and multi cam view all at once.

Now don’t get any ideas, BUT, when we do decide there could be a fourth Jenks in this house, we can just add another camera, and I can see all from one easy command center. Truly, what did women do before this technology? Jokes, jokes.

What else, what else? Basically it’s great. I really love it. The ONLY thing I would change, is I would update so you didn’t have to turn on audio monitoring before swiping out of the app. If I want to continually hear Cameron, I have to turn on audio monitoring, and then close out the app. I want to be able to just close out of the app without doing that. It really is just one step, and I am used to it now, but that would streamline things. Additionally, if you want to monitor room temp and humidity, you have to purchase an additional sensor. I haven’t decided that is necessary yet, so we just hope for the best. If it becomes imperative I know the temp in her room, I shall purchase. Other than that, I give it a solid A.

*update* I did end up purchasing the sensor, because I wanted to know temp and humidity, and it works great! Super easy to set up, no problems so far.

Overall It is a great camera, at a great price point. Would make a lovely shower gift.

I hope this is helpful, and I wish you all happy baby snooping!

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