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Recent Baby Favs!

Cameron and I are helping Walmart celebrate the 20th anniversary of their exclusive baby brand, Parent’s Choice! We stopped by this weekend to stock up on some of our favorite baby items.

*I like big bows and I cannot lie*

Let’s talk about baby wipes. I am *very picky* about baby wipes. We have been using these wipes from the Parent’s Choice line since Cameron was about 1 month old. We ran out of wipes one night at midnight, and I sent Tim to the store and he came back with these and I have been hooked ever since. My biggest pet peeve is when wipes stick together, and I cannot get them separated quickly with one hand. You know how important this is when you are dealing with a diaper situation. These wipes don’t stick together, and they are also not as abrasive as some others that I have tried, so more gentle on her skin.

We also swiped this super soft rosette baby blanket, which as you can see, is already a fav. She is obsessed with anything soft, and this blanket feels just like her lovey’s that she uses to fall asleep with, so I thought this would be good to cover her up with in her carseat as it gets colder out. It comes in several colors, and is only $14! I also thought this pink blanket was a great buy as well, at only $11!

We also picked up some items from the Hello Bello line, by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard! It was so cute, I was excited to give it all a try. I picked up the diaper rash cream, the insect repellant (bug have been AWFUL this year here, and I was so happy to see a product that was safe for baby) the Lavender Baby Wash and the Vanilla Apricot Baby Lotion.

We love stocking up on everyday essentials at Walmart! I have been very impressed with the Parent’s Choice line-quality products at a great value! Their diapers are really great too, I have been using them a few weeks and they do a great job!! I got 368 diapers for $36! You just can’t beat that, I mean who wants to spend a ton on something your baby literally poops in am I right?! You can shop all baby essentials at Walmart, and save big on things that aren’t fun to buy (read diapers!! LOL.)

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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