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Holiday Gift Guide: PinkLouLou Edition

I don’t know about you, but I get extreme anxiety about shopping for everyone on my list each year. Fighting the crowds at the mall makes me just wanna cry, so I typically order everything online and sit back and smile as everything just comes to my door. Now the ONLY thing I will get out and fight for is candle day at Bath & Body Works (when all candles are $8.95). This year I bought more than I will ever admit.

So what are some of my go to gifts? Why I will tell you of course! I put together the following gift guide of some of my most favorite things.

1. Capri Blue Volcano Candle Mmmmm. I am an equal opportunity candle enthusiast, I love ’em all. However, this may be the best candle ever created. Everyone loves a great candle am I right?? These are my go to hostess gift as well!

2. Louis Vuitton two words you can NEVER go wrong with friends. This zippered key pouch is at the top of my list this year!

3. Maya Brenner Initial necklace I got this last year for Christmas and LOVE! I have my husbands initial and a small diamond. I wear it everyday, and never take it off. I special ordered the 15 inch so it is really short and dainty. It is the perfect length. You can add initials as you go, say for example, babies! This would make a fabulous baby gift as well, me thinks.

4. Mark and Graham Clutch I got this clutch last year for Christmas, and it is a definite favorite. I love the I can grab it out of my purse real quick and have all of my things. Cell phone and lipgloss fit inside great, along with all of your must have cards and cash. You can monogram as well!

5. Commodity Wool perfume I love this scent. And honestly you should consider this very privileged insider information, because I rarely share my scents with anyone (so mean I know). This scent is so lovely, I get so may compliments on it. It is light but still noticeably different.

6. UGG Bailey Button Triplet I told my husband I wanted some new UGG boots for Christmas and he said “is it 2005”. But really, I love UGG boots!! I mean what else do you throw on quickly with leggings to run to the grocery store? He yells at me for wearing flip flops year round… sooo. Problem solved.

7. Slip for Beauty Sleep White and Pink Collection I am obsessed with this pillow case and eyemask. I have been sleeping on one for a year and love it! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase keeps your hair fresher between washes, and pulls less on your delicate facial skin-keeping wrinkles at bay. Buh bye now.

8. Velvet Bow Slipper I personally think everyone needs a new pair of slippers once a year, and these pink bow ones are just precious!

9. Style Guide Fragrance Discovery Kit If you aren’t ready to commit to the big bottle of Wool, well then get yourself (or I mean, someone on your list) this sample kit. you can try out several and see what you think!

10. Travel Makeup Case I traveled a lot this past year, and needed a solution for packing my makeup and makeup brushes. I like it because it is still soft and can be packed in bags easily. Everything I need fits perfectly, and there is a space for brushes as well. I keep my face brushes in here, and then my eye makeup brushes and pencils in the brush case linked below. I like how I can work out of it and not have to unpack it all.

11. Kitten.Mittens. This is probably my favorite gift of the year. I wear these suckers everyday and have never gotten more compliments/questions on any one accessory ever. Now you may be asking “won’t my fingers be cold?” But my answer is no, they really stay super warm. And you still have your little fingers easily accessible for phone use. Win-win friends. They come in several colors, and all are currently in stock, HURRY!!

12. Travel Makeup Brush Holder Ditto above, this was the best travel case that I found. I tried several things, but this one ended up working the best. I could easily pack and easily use once I got where I was going. It keeps all my brushes organized and out of the way.

13. Simple Earrings How sweet are these flower earrings? They are at a great price point too. I love gifting earrings because they are usually something you don’t think to buy yourself.

14. Gold Leaf Bracelets I thought these were so stinking cute. I am all for a stack of bracelets, probably one of my favorite accessories.

15. The softest pajamas you will ever own. Let’s talk about these pajamas. I have several pairs, and they are the softest and lightest things you will ever have! I get really hot when I sleep, and these are my favorite. Also, they are on sale for $15, so I mean you just can’t go wrong. They do run big I think, I like my pajamas roomy, and the smalls work great.

16. Booties My favorite shoes are always Jessica Simpson, I love a good heel. I just ordered these little black booties, a great staple piece I think.

17. Volumizing Hair Dryer Now I am the first to tell you I haven’ tried this yet, but I want to so badly!! Think of the time it could save, haha. I have seen videos of it all over Instagram, I know you have too!

18. Essential Brush Set My friends often ask me “what are your favorite brushes?!” and it is hard to list them all out, but this brush set makes it so easy!! I love Sigma brushes, and this is a great place to start if you are trying to update your brush collection.

19.  The Cutest Christmas Pajamas Again, I get hot when I sleep, so these are great because they are shorts, and they are so stinking cute!

20. Champagne Pop probably my single favorite makeup staple. You can never have too many, and it looks great on almost everyone.

Now ladies, if you need me to send this directly to you husband, I am happy to do so. Happy Christmas shopping!! Take my advice, and do it from your couch 😉

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