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Wedding Day Getting Ready: What to Wear

(all photos by Claire and Barrett)

I know it’s all holly-jolly Christmas themed everything right now, BUT believe it or not, it is always wedding season around here. Lot’s of my clients are currently prepping for their spring weddings, so I wanted to share my favorite wedding day getting ready outfits with you all!

I strongly believe that the way you spend your wedding day morning will dictate the entire day. It is one of the sweetest times of the whole day. I loved waking up in my house, having breakfast and mimosas with my sisters and bridesmaids. It was THE best and I want to do it again!


I wanted a feminine, vintage bridal look. I wore blush lingerie that my cousin gifted me, under the most gorgeous and delicate robe from BHLD. I wanted to feel super girly and beautiful, and wear something I could still wear for years to come.

(sadly my wedding shoes are discontinued, but I linked several similar options in the “shop the post” section below)

I seriously love this robe so much, I think it will be beautiful for maternity pics one day too!! But that is a whole different post for another day am I right?

When choosing something to wear for your wedding day, I think it is really helpful to keep in mind the following things:

  1. Choose something you are comfortable in. My robe was so easy to move around in, and it was breezy and cool, I am ALWAYS hot, and the last thing I wanted to be on my wedding day was a sweaty mess. Also keep in mind photographers and videographers will be around you, so just make sure you are comfortable in what you chose.
  2. Think twice about anything with a collar, for you or your bridesmaids. Shirts and robes with collars are your hair stylists arch nemesis. I cannot stress this enough, haha. I want to ban all collar’s from wedding day attire henceforth. They just constantly rub the back of your neck, and are the quickest way to ruin your updo. Please and thank you.
  3. For your bridesmaids, pick something you think they will like and wear again as well. I have one robe from my friend Ashley’s wedding that I have had for over six years, it is my favorite! I still wear it all the time. You know what I don’t wear? All of the 87 towel wraps that were popular about 10 years ago. They are hot, super un-flattering, and pretty much should be burned. I chose cotton robes with lace trim for my bridesmaids, I think they liked them? I liked them, haha. I also monogrammed the back of them. I found them on Etsy, but I also linked some adorable options below in the “shop this post” section. I think rompers are super cute, and so are lace robes in a different color than yours. I mean you can’t really go wrong with anything blush colored! Don’t worry too much about them being cold, I promise you it will be hot in that room once everyone is moving around.

Now how cute is little Chrissy in her robe? Answer, the cutest.

I even got a mini version of the bridesmaids robes for my tiny flower girl. I sized down to like an 18 month size even though she was 3, because I wanted it to fit cute, sometimes they are so big!!

You can still order my exact robe here, and I have linked several other options below. I just don’t think you can go wrong with timeless, feminine pieces.

For Bridal:

For Bridesmaids:

  1. Kristin says:

    Robes are such a great idea but do you have any recommendations if my bridesmaids and I are going to the salon the morning of my wedding?

    • admin says:

      now that is a great question I didn’t even THINK of!! What about some cute off the shoulder dresses? Granted it would have to be warm out, or leggings and a cute little off the shoulder top. Having a hard time finding any right now with the season but that could be really cute if you wore a white one and your bridesmaids wore a different colored one!

  2. Tangki Panel says:

    very nice wedding …


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