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Gift Guide: Toddler Edition

Ahh the babies. What to get the babies, always a popular question. This year we have had a lot of fun picking out things we think Cameron will like, that will also entertain her so mama can get at least…3 minutes of something (anything) done.

The great thing about toddlers is they really don’t care what you get them, honestly they would probably still prefer to play with trash, so don’t feel like you have to go crazy.

I have included in this list things we are getting Cameron this year, and a few favorites that we already have! If you have a similar aged toddler, let me know what you think!!

Let’s start with the kitchen. We played at my cousins recently and the girl was OBSESSED with their kitchen, so we decided that can be her big Santa gift, yay!

I have lusted over the Pottery Barn Chelsea Kitchen for ages, I mean it is a grown woman’s dream lets get serious. However the price tag makes you question your judgement just a tad. BUT IT IS SO CUTE!! I give you the Chelsea, in all her glory.

We are still deciding which kitchen to get, so stay tuned. But here are some other adorable, and more budget friendly options. The Chelsea does have a dupe (woo hoo!) and I have included it below!

Next up we have kitchen accessories. Gotta have these to go with the kitchen!! I just think they are all so adorable! And yes I do think I will probably enjoy these just as much as she will!

This stroller is actually something we already have, but I included it because Cameron has LOVED it! She got it for her first birthday and it has been a crowd favorite. She strolls that bad boy everywhere! It is also great for helping littles learn to walk. The wheels don’t turn super fast so it is perfect! This one was out of stock for awhile, but it is back and it is a great price point compared to some other similar ones!

I don’t think we are going to do this dollhouse this year, but I think it is adorable, so maybe next year! I love how simple and clean both of these are!

And last but not least, my parents are getting Cameron the Learning Tower. She loves to climb, and she is not a fan of eating in her high chair anymore, so this will be perfect to put next to the counter so she can help me with kitchen activities, and have her snacks. She played in one at her cousins a few weeks ago, big fan! I imagine this will also be living the center of the living room, and she will climb on it while watching her stories. If I were a bettin’ woman.

I cannot wait to see her open her presents, I think it is going to be so fun this year! My mama heart can’t help but think about all the babies that don’t get Christmas presents, especially this year. I will be getting kiddos off the angel tree, and I encourage you to do the same, or find other ways to give to babies in your area. xoxo

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