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Most Used Baby Items (0-6 months)

(photo credit Kelsey Malicote)

I thought this would be a fun post to pull together all of my favorite and most used baby products thus far. There are SO many baby products out there, when I was registering I was honestly overwhelmed and had a hard time figuring out what I really needed. It is all trial and error, and every baby is different, but these are my most-used baby items from birth to 6 months. I broke them out into category, to help ya navigate!

Baby Holders

Very important, this one. The thing you will need most right of the bat, is a place to set your baby. There are all kinds of baby holding devices out there. We found these the most helpful.

Boppy Lounger -this stayed in the living room on the couch and we could set her there. Obviously once they start rolling, not the best spot, but it was super convenient and easily moveable.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss-This thing is worth the hefty price tag. I too, was aghast at the cost, but we have used it every single day since purchasing. It is compact, and easy to fold up, and the fabric we chose is breathable, and easy to wash. It is the perfect poolside companion, and folds flat for easy traveling. 5 stars in our book.

4moms Playyard-We had this set up downstairs as her changing station, and a place to let her sleep for naps. Super convenient. Get the diaper holder for the side as well. Now we use the bottom part to keep her contained and entertained, filled with toys. I like this one because it is so easy to pop up and take down.

Swing-This is something I wish I had had sooner. I didn’t get one until she was about 3 moths old, but I wish we had from the get go. She loved it once we got one, and took many a nap in there. This one is so sweet, swans and flowers for you girl mama’s.

Bumbo-This is also something we didn’t have until she was almost too big for it. It is super helpful before they can sit up, and easily transports. I actually prefer the basic edition, without the tray etc. I found it supports their little tushy better.

4moms Momaroo-we used this a lot, but I wouldn’t say it was her favorite. We borrowed it from a friend, and used it in our master bath as the bathroom baby holder, so I could shower and get ready. She liked it ok, never slept in it, only tolerated it. Some babies love it! It was still super helpful to have.

Stroller/Car Seat Travel System

My favorite baby item, and the thing I was most excited about before she came, was our stroller and travel system. I swear to you, unboxing it was the closest to “Christmas as a child” feeling I have had as an adult. Tim looked at me pushing our new stroller around the living room and told me he had never seen such joy. It was comical. I love the Uppa Baby Vista so much. It is beautiful, and easy to use. All the accessories snap in effortlessly, and it converts to a double stroller (when the time comes).

We did the all white (Bryce) and it has stayed remarkably clean. Now there is a new blush pink (Alice) that you bet your tail I would have fought hard for, had it been available. The bassinet option was amazing when she was little. She took many naps in it on our summer walks.

You an also purchase the bassinet stand, so you can easily transfer your sleeping babe from walk to living room without disrupting their sweet slumber. Pro tip: If you register at Buy Buy Baby, you will get a completion coupon at the end of your registry that you CAN use on Uppa Baby, which is the only time you are allowed to use coupons on that sucker.

Baby Distractors

JumperYou will need to distract your baby from time to time to get something done. By far our most used baby distractor is the infamous jump jump. She is obsessed, and this was the best $40 we have spent. She started using it around 4 months, and it entertains her more than anything else.

Skip Hop Activity Center-She started using this about three months old, and I would put a blanket behind her back so she wasn’t so wobbly. She loves it still at 7 months, and I love that it isn’t wildly colored. Looks less circus-y in our living room than some of the others I have seen. It also converts to a table for when she is older. Tear. Slow down baby girl!

Feeding Baby

Well, you’ll need to feed your baby, they say. I am breastfeeding, and also giving her bottles of pumped milk, so here are some of our feeding must haves.

Comotomo bottles-To be honest, I picked these because I thought they were cute, and I read they were good for breastfed babies. She took them fine, and the rest is history. I like that they are easy to clean, and minimal parts. The only thing that is annoying is they take longer to heat because of their material. Doesn’t bother me though.

Dr Browns Milk Spa-Bottle warmer that heats all temperatures of milk. It is wider so you can usually fit a frozen bag of milk in there.

Baby’s Brew– This is a travel bottle warmer. If you have a baby who is particular about the temperature of their bottles, this may be useful for you. It is easy and convenient, but it does take about 15 minutes to warm on the go, so plan ahead. I like that it is small and compact, and attached right to your bottle. You do have to buy the adapter for a como tomo bottle, but thankfully they make one! It is nice when you don’t have access to hot water.

Boon Lawn-We use this every single day to dry our bottles and pump parts. I like that is is neutral and visually doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is easy to throw in the dishwasher to clean also. I got the winter branches and trees, because neutral.

Spectra Breast Pump-I have the S1, S2, and S9. The S1 and S2 are basically the same, except you can use the S1 cordlessly, which is super handy. The S9 is nice because it is super tiny (as tall as my phone) and I can tuck it in the waistband of my pants and walk around the house handsfree. I use this one most when I am traveling for work, and if I am doing things around the house. You can use all the same accessories with any of them. I definitely prefer the Spectra series to the torure device that I used in the hospital.

Boppy and My Brest Friend– I had both of these nursing pillows and I like them both for different reasons. I found the My Breast Friend pillow much better when Cameron was a newborn, it supported her more, and was much more comfortable for me. As she got bigger, we both got better at nursing and the boppy is now my pillow of choice. I also use the boppy to prop up behind her, and also for tummy time. I am glad I had both honestly.

Devices to Help Your Baby Sleep

So this is a really important one, you want that little cherub to sleep. We are still working on our sleep over here, and I have tried all the things to help her sleep better. Here are our most used.

Halo Bassinet-This was a LIFESAVER for after my c-section. I had limited mobility, and it was so helpful being able to easily pull her over towards me in the bed. This bassinet swivels so you can just pull baby right to you. I loved it so much! She slept in this in our room until she was about 4-1/2 months.

Owlet Smart Sock– Ok this won’t help your baby sleep, but it sure does help mama sleep. I had a teeny tiny bit of anxiety when we brought her home, and I went out day two and purchased this. It monitors her heart rate and oxygen levels while she is asleep, so that I can also sleep. She still wears it, I love being able to see her sleep patterns the next day, and it also just helps me relax and get some rest. Worth every penny! We have never had a problem with false alarms, I love this thing!

Love to Dream Swaddle-this was Cameron’s swaddle of choice. It took us a little trial and error to discover this was her preferred one, but she liked having her arms up by her face. I miss that little flying squirrel suit, she was so cute and burrito like in there.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep SuitWe call this her marshmallow suit, and it is never not funny. Oh they make me laugh so much. We switched her to the merlin around 3 months, and I do fear we have a merlin dependency at this point. But whatever, it keeps her warm, in one spot, and helps her sleep. She is in the biggest one, so at some point the ol merlin will have to go bye bye, but for now, definitely still most used.

Lovey-We discovered around 2-1/2 months that Cameron loved to rub soft things on her face. She quickly took to her magic lovey from Raising Y’all, and it would magically put her to sleep, it was incredible. They even named this burp cloth after Cameron!! SO sweet. She has a few now and they are very loved over here. I have purchased some back ups, should we ever lose one. She really likes this one too, and I like that it is super thin and breathable.

Hatch Sound Machine– Babies like white noise, did you know? JK, of course they do. We like this sounds machine because it is also a nightlight, and we can control it from our phones. The nightlight is super helpful in the middle of the night for diaper changes and what not, so you don’t have to turn on all the lights and confuse your little one. It is NOT time to be awake, you!

Lollipop Baby Monitor I actually did a whole review on this here, with all the details. We still love it, and did end up purchasing the additional sensor to track temperature and humidity in the room.

Humidifier– Surprisingly used all the time. We didn’t haven at first, but got one when she had her first cold and it was a game changer. There is nothing more sad than a congested little baby. I like this particular one because you can use essential oils in it. We do lavender nightly, and it helps her recognize it is sleep time. It is also a fill from the top kind, which I prefer. I ruined our other one because I lifted the tank and spilled water everywhere. i don’t have time for all that.

Clothing baby– Spoiler Alert: all you need are zippered sleepers. Do you know how many adorable outfits she never wore? A closet full! I remember my friend Molly came over after she was born and died laughing at her closet. I didn’t get it, but I do now. She never wore about 80% of them. Our favorite zippered sleepers are Primary, Just One You, Posh Peanut Burts Bees Baby, and Bestaroo. Throw any with snaps in the trash.

Miscellaneous Most Used

Keekaroo Changing Pad-this is in her bedroom, and I love that it is easy to clean and doesn’t hold any moisture. You will thank me later.

Bibs Pacifiers-Tim calls these her bibbies, which will probably stick. We liked these pacifiers the best, or I guess she did. I found that she could keep them in easier than any other brand because of the bulb on the end, it seemed to help. They are also super light so easy for tiny babies to use.

Diaper bag-Obvious choice for most used, duh. I love this diaper baby because it is a backpack, and easy to haul around. It has multiple pockets, and is easy to get into. The diaper changing pad is a must, and I use it more than you would think. I also like the front zippered pocket for my wallet. Bonus info, this amazing wallet is only $22 and fits perfectly inside said zippered pocket. You an use code PinkLouLou for 25% off the diaper bag here!

Well there ya have it folks. I’ll have you know she bounced patiently in her jump jump the entire time I wrote this post. Happily jumping away. It is truly her happy place, I am thinking about writing a letter of thanks to the manufacturer.

I linked everything in this post through Buy Buy Baby, but if you prefer to shop Amazon, I also have a “Best of Baby” page on my storefront, here where I included all of the same items. I hope this was helpful to you new (or seasoned!) mama’s!

  1. Brooke says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for putting this list together!

  2. Lynn says:

    Love your list! I’m on my second baby but each one is different with their own preferences so it’s nice to get some more ideas. Also same with the sleepers! I live in New England where it’s frigid right now, no time for sock nonsense, sleepers all the way! Cute and comfy for baby. ????

    • admin says:

      I am with you girl, who has time for socks LOL!! I realized the other day I hadn’t seen her feet in days. Those cute little chubby toes, I was missing them! I will be interested to see if baby 2 (one day!) has similar or different preferences. They are all a mystery!!

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