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Best of Baby Month at Walmart

September is Best of Baby Month at Walmart, and that means tons of savings on all you need for baby! Cameron and I recently stocked up on some of our favorite things and I am sharing them below!

We have loved these bottles. They are included in the Best of Baby event, and are in fact, the best. I am breastfeeding and also giving her bottles of pumped breastmilk. We introduced a bottle when she was about 9 days old, because I had to be able to have someone else help me feed her. She took to them right away, and we have never had any issue with them.

If I am being honest, I originally liked them because they are cute (duh) but I also liked how they were recommended for breastfed babies. They are designed to mimic the breast as best they can, and she seems to love them! I also like that they are so easy to clean, who has time for 500 bottle parts am I right?

Next up, is this handy babysitter. It is the perfect place to set baby when you are attempting to enjoy a home cooked meal with your husband.

We move it right beside the dinner table and it buys us enough time to eat and catch up on our days. Cameron will also nap in this from time to time, when she decides napping is cool. This is a great time to swipe this up because it is included in their 2 day shipping!

We couldn’t live without this playyard. We keep it downstairs as our first floor diaper changing, baby holding station. I love how sleek it is, and how easy it is to pop up. You don’t have to struggle trying to get the darn sides up like some other playyards I have seen in my day. It just pops up like magic, making transporting a breeze! Thank me later.

I wanted to also highlight this bassinet. This is what baby girl has slept in since she came home, and it has been magical. I had limited mobility those first few weeks recovering from my c-section, and this bassinet made it a lot easier to get her in and out of for night feedings. I love how it swivels over the bed, and how the side dips down to make placing a sleeping baby back in her bed, pretty seamless.

This is the nightlight and sound machine that we use to lull our precious bambino to sleep. It is pretty, and has such functional features that we will use later on like the “ok to wake” feature. You can set it to different colors so your child knows not to get out of bed until the light is blue, or whatever. So smart right? Bonus, this item is on rollback, so it is a great time to buy for additional savings.

We gotta talk about this bouncer. It saves lives y’all. It is the only bouncer that she LOVES. It is breathable, and we loved it for by the pool this summer. It is also easy for her to kick her little feet and bounce herself, it is so cute. It collapses flat so it is easy to throw in the car and take anywhere.

This may be one of my favorite baby items so far. I was so anxious when we first brought Cameron home, I found it hard to sleep because I was so worried about her and if she was ok.

This oxygen and heart rate monitor gave me SO much peace of mind when she was a teeny tiny little thing, and allowed me to also sleep well. Right now you get a $50 Walmart gift card with purchase, and free 2 day shipping. Savings people!! This is a definite must have for any new momma. She still sleeps with it on because it just makes me feel better!

Cameron has this little playmat and loves it! It is currently on rollback and perfect for tummy time!

And who could forget diapers, right? They are not always the most fun things to buy, but its MUCH more fun when you get a $20 Walmart gift card with purchase!

Don’t miss out on this mini Black Friday type event mommas! It is going on through the end of the month, and you can shop the entire event here for additional savings on top name brand products!

This post is sponsored by Walmart

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