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The Great Lash Debate

(Photos by Kelsey Malicote)

We have been talking a lot about my almost 34 week baby bump recently (which is so fun) but I wanted to bring it back to some OG PLL content over here, and talk beauty! More specifically, lashes!

I get asked often by clients about lash extensions vs. temporary false lashes. So let’s break it down shall we?

False strip lashes are probably what you are use to seeing when you get your makeup done. They adhere with a temporary glue, and last for the day. Now I have slept in them many times before, but I will tell ya there is no better feeling than taking those puppies off after wearing them for an entire day. They are pretty inexpensive, and disposable, making them really effective for bridal parties. They require no commitment as they can easily be taken off. They add drama and make your eyes pop, all in a matter of minutes. Their downside is they are temporary, and if not adhered correctly, can pop up in the corners. All false lashes are NOT created equal, I will share my tried and true favs later on.

Lash extensions on the other hand, are permeant eyelash fibers that adhere to your individual lashes with a medical grade adhesive, and last your natural lash cycle (typically 6-8 weeks). You can extend the life of your lash extensions but doing maintenance appointments where your lash stylist will fill in any lashes that have fallen out, etc (typically every 4 weeks). Maintaining extensions can be time consuming and expensive, but the up side is you have fabulous lashes without having to pop them on everyday, so you can be all doe-eyed even on the treadmill. I have lots of bridal clients that get them for their wedding and honeymoon.

So which are “better”? I hate to break it to ya but this is totally a personal opinion type situation. Each have their pros and cons. I personally prefer temporary false lashes. I had eyelash extensions about 4 years ago, and for me, I felt like they looked great for about a week, and then I started noticing lashes falling out, looking crazy, stuff like that. I also wear contacts so I feel like I rub my eyes a lot, and I didn’t like how careful I had to be. I also found taking my makeup off was a bit more complicated when I had them on. This is not a “bash lash extensions” post at all, I have several friends that have them and absolutely love them. I have seen some beautiful lash extensions, and I have seen some horrific lash extensions. My recommendation here would be just making sure you do your research on whoever is doing your lashes, and find someone you trust with an excellent portfolio. One time my sister got a Groupon for lash extensions in LA. Ask her about how that turned out… haha.

For my clients, I always tell them that whatever they choose is fine with me. I am totally comfortable working with lash extensions, and alternatively I can pop on strip lashes in about 2 minutes flat. The only thing I have to worry about with lash extensions is eyeshadow fallout getting in them, which is kind of annoying sometimes since I like my lashes black, black, black, and usually you don’t put mascara on lash extensions. With strip lashes I can pop them on at the very end, and they are crisp and clean.

So what are some of my favorite strip lashes? I am so glad you asked. I have found the Kiss brand lashes are pretty amazing across the board. They have several styles that I love, and their bands are amazing. They have clear bands that literally just pop right onto your lash line. They are really easy to work with whether I am placing on myself or on clients. I am wearing Kiss Pageboy in these pics.

I also love Kiss #01, #3, and #11. They are probably my favorites.

For clients with smaller eyes, or that want a super natural look, I like to use Andrea #53. They are fabulous. They also have a clear band, and give your eyes just the right amount of subtle pop.

And we can’t forget about Ardell Demi Wispies. If I had to choose one lash that was extremely versatile, and looks great on everyone, it would be this lash. It always delivers the right amount of drama, and fits almost all eye shapes.

Let’s talk lash application. I like to do lashes last, to keep them super clean and free from any powders. I always do liner and mascara first. I also always measure lashes, and trim up the ends of the band even if the size is right. Doing this helps to keep them from feeling like they are poking you. My favorite lash glue I order from Amazon, and have linked it here! It is latex free, and I have never had anyone react funny to it. I always let it dry for about 30 seconds before placing onto lash line. I prefer the clear to the black. I always have my clients look down, instead of closing their eyes as this changes the shape of their eye. After lash is applied, I ensure it is snug up to their lash line, and then I use a mascara wand to push the false lashes up into their natural lashes. If you are doing this on yourself, try looking down into a mirror, and placing the lash on top of your lashes, instead of trying to do it looking into a mirror straight on. It helps a lot!

I hope this post was helpful, I feel like I have so much lash knowledge to share, so if there is something I left out or something else you would like to know more about, please let me know!! Happy to help, and happy lashing ladies!

  1. Pam says:

    Thanks for the recommendations – what about magnetic lashes??!

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