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How I quit my 9-5, and became a full time hair and makeup artist

(PC Claire and Barrett)

If you use to follow le blog back in the day (think vintage blogging circa 2010) then you know I have always loved hair and makeup. I remember being a junior in college and calling my mom crying telling her I wanted to quit school to go to Cosemotology school. Well I didn’t, I finished my communications degree and after several jobs nannying I finally got a big girl job in the corporate world working that 9-5. I started a blog, and began posting pics of my hair and makeup and my outfits for work and all the other kinds of silly things that we use to do back in the ol school blogging days (aka the BEST days!). I had fun with it, and did all kinds of different updo’s on myself, and people started to notice and comment. I will never forget the first email I got asking me if I could maybe do hair and makeup for a wedding. She asked me for a contract and I was like ummmm sure hold on one sec…. (whips up contract in indesign) and voila biz born. I am not even kidding, ha ha. I mean I had done hair and makeup for friends for years, sure, but this was the first time a non-friend asked me, and I was SO EXCITED. I quickly realized I needed help in the hair and makeup department if I wanted to take on weddings full time, so I called my friend and partner in hair and makeup crime Dana, and the rest is history. We started PinkLouLou Design Studio almost 6 years ago (which is just crazy!!) and have both been full time glamify-ing for almost 4 years.

(PC Claire and Barrett)

It did not happen overnight, by any means. We made a plan. We set goals. We did things other hair and makeup artists weren’t doing. We were professional. We showed up. And we always dreamed BIG. I spent months building our website (which I have vowed never to do again) and countless time curating our marketing pieces, that were distinct to our voice. It was a lot, but it was always fun and never felt like work. That is the dream right? To find what you love and to be able to DO that and earn a living?

It is still crazy to me, that we get to do this job together. We have built a six figure business from the ground up, and average about 100 weddings a year. Sometimes I have to stop, and really let that sink in. During wedding season we are moving at a mile a minute pace, and it is easy to overlook how far we have come. I remind myself on the hard LONG days what a blessing it is to be able to work for myself, and with one of my dearest friends! I truly love what I do, and I love being able to help my clients look and feel their absolute best.

Dana and I are taking some time this year to really focus on our business, and where we are going. You may see some changes coming your way! With the relaunch of my blog, we thought it was great time to really put some time into our marketing efforts, and hire some professionals to help us clearly distinguish the boundaries between our hair and makeup business, and my blog-because we know it has been confusing!!

“What the heck is a PinkLouLou?!” haha.

PinkLouLou has always been my blog, and will remain that way. I love that little PinkLouLou. So we are currently going through a little business rebrand with Seed and Harvest, that we are SO excited to announce in the coming months!! Go team! haha.

(PC The Malicote)

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