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But, WHO is going to do your hair and makeup?!

This was without a doubt the question I was asked most when planning my wedding. It was like everyone was very panicked about who would do my hair and makeup, it was so funny! Hellooo, my livelihood is beautifying brides people!

I totally get it, hair and makeup is HUGE on your wedding day. You are going to be looking at these pictures for years to come, so it is really important to pick styles that will remain timeless, and not make you question your sanity when you look back on pictures in 10 years. You want to feel beautiful, elegant and flawless.

I chose to do my own hair, which still always shocks people. I love doing my own hair.  I was always the bridesmaid that did her own hair and makeup in weddings, even before I was doing this professionally. I literally learned how to do updo’s by practicing on myself, so I knew there was just no one who knew my hair better. My hair is super hard to deal with, it is fine and thin (and always full of secrets). It was calming for me to do my own. I can’t do those messy textured styles, because they just accentuate how fine my hair is, I have much better results when I do smoother styles. I think I practiced twice, and it was different each time. I subscribe to the school of “let your hair do what it wants” for best results. I just kind of played with it and moved it around until I liked the end result, easy enough I say!

(thankfully I had a really great assistant holding my mirror)

I just wanted something soft, simple and elegant, that I wouldn’t have to worry about all night.

I even did my bridesmaids and flower girls hair, which took me about 45-1 hour total. It was an assembly line of sit down and hush, you get what I say you get. My flower girl told me later, “I didn’t want a high bun…but I got a high bun!” HAHA! Sweet precious angel you sure did.

So who did my makeup you ask? I have always admired and looked up to my friend and fellow makeup artist Amelia Evans. That decision was a no brainer, I wanted her to just work her magic and take that stress from me. She is incredibly talented, and I always love when she does my makeup. It was so special having her be a part of my wedding morning. She made sure all of my bridesmaids and my momma looked flawless as well.

I wanted a glowy fresh look, with warm tones (think pinks, champagnes, plums etc) on my eyes. I tend to look best in those with my hazel eyes. Amelia just waved her magic wand and turned me into a bridal goddess, it was great! I have not a clue what she used on my face, I was just enjoying the moment-it goes so fast! Maybe one day we can talk her into telling us her favorite go to bridal products. I can tell you that I wore LipSense in Sassy Z, with rose gloss over top. This was a must for me on wedding day, I had no time for getting lipstick all over my groom.

My bridesmaids all looked absolutely gorgeous, and I was really happy with how my hair and makeup came together. I felt beautiful and it was exactly what I had dreamed of! I realize that not everyone can do their own hair and/or makeup, so I am working on a separate post for you brides out there compiling all of my advice, knowledge and thoughts on choosing bridal hair and makeup for your big day.

  1. E Joseph says:

    Each and every pictures are looking so good! You guys seems so happy! <3 I absolutely love your look. Simple but so elegant dear! My bridal shower will be in this September. Thinking to wear a gown, along with some light jewelry and will do makeup by Lina Cameron, who trains best make-up lesson ! Pray for me hun. <3 I really love your hair style and makeup. Gorgeous !

  2. Adit says:

    Recently, I did makeup expert’s make-up lesson which helped me a lot to grow my skill and improved my level of work. This is I will do my makeup by my own and very soon will start my own blogging. Lina helped me a lot in this case. She helped me a lot to improve my skill and to create my own platform.

  3. smita says:

    That will be of great help actually. I am planning for taking a group day-night makeup lesson since learning in groups feels good. Lina Cameron has amazing skills in makeup transformation. So, I think I should ask for her appointment.

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