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Chrissy’s Bachelorette Party Recap!

I am so excited about this post. I finally had a second to sit down and work on my favorite little best friend’s bachelorette post! Chrissy means more to me than anything, she is the best friend a girl could ask for and I am honored to be her maid of honor!! I am incredibly happy for her–she is marrying such an amazing man! Who know when we moved in with Brian over two years ago, that she would end up marrying him!! I love them both so much, I literally cried when they moved out of my house this fall. No, but really, I did, for like a week…anyway, here goes nothing!!

Last weekend we headed to Nashville to celebrate little Chrissy! We tend to do bachelorette parties BIG, and this one was no different. 22 of us pushing-30-year-olds went, ha!

I am a busy lady, like insane busy, so bestill my heart when a friend told me about Bachelorette Nashville. This company is a busy gals dream because they literally plan everything for you, and make it SO easy!! I was in LA for a whole week during prime planning time, and it was so nice that I knew it was already taken care of. They do everything from hotel booking, to your day plans, to dinner reservations and more! Seriously, so helpful.

AND, when we got there was this massive basket of goodies waiting for us courtesy of Bachelorette Nashville, so sweet!!

 The sunglasses were such a hit, and have made some appearances back in Lexington, haha.

How cute is this little map of the downtown bars, with pink cowboy boots marking the bars to go to, how stinking cute is that?? I am just mad I didn’t think of it, lol!!

The bride loved her swag. Naturally.

I also had little goodie bags for each girl attending. I am semi obsessed with the mason jars, they are a PLL Design Studio item, I just need to get them up on the website (oy vey, email  me if you need ’em stat!). I also attempted to hang cute pom lantern things, but the popcorn ceilings thwarted my design plans. I think they stayed for about ten minutes…

Friday night before we went out, we had pizza and drinks in our room and played a fun little game. You know the typical “How well do you know the groom” games? Well, I we played that, but with a little twist.

Chrissy is marrying hands down the funniest, and most adorable guy I know, so I decided I was going to video tape his answers to the questions, and play them at the bachelorette party. I had WAY too  much fun with this project.

I wanted everyone to be involved in the game, so I decided to have each person ask Chrissy one of the questions. I found hilarious pictures of Brian, and wrote the question on the back, and passed them out to everyone. After a question was asked, and Chrissy gave her answer of what she thought Brian said, I played Brian’s answer. Get it? So fun!! {If you want to replicate, I can send you the link to the full video and the questions! Just email me}

After we laughed our tails off at Brian’s adorable video, we headed downtown!!

 Love this pic, love these ladies!

 We hit up the bars on Broadway…causing mischief of course. It was so good to get to see some of our friends that live out of town. Good for my heart!!

Saturday, we surprised the bridey with a Pedal Tavern tour!! Have you all seen these?? They are hilarious. You bike around town on your own little “bar” if you will. So stinking funny and SO fun. You bike around to different bars and hop off and go inside, dance, drinks, and then  hop back on to head to your next stop. I will warn you, it is a workout, I was seriously sore the next day, but at least you get to have cocktails while pedaling!  Bachelorette Nashville can set this up for ya, and Josh is a fantastic tour guide (…and easy on the eyes).

{ps that little board was suppose to be a chalkboard to write on, and capture “morning mugshots” of all the girls Saturday morning. I was going to write their “crime” from the  night before on the board and then take a pic, unannounced. However, the chalk wouldn’t write…so it become a hashtag board. Luckily I had a paint pen in my purse (who does that??) It worked. HA!)

Saturday night we had Chrissy’s lingerie shower. She looked SO pretty!! Seriously glowing.

The cookies were good, even though they got her monogram wrong. FAIL. haha.

 Apples soaked in fireball: In theory, good idea. In real life? Apples take a long time to chew, thus prolonging the shot. I give this pinterest attempt a 7.5

 I had everyone bring a pair of panties (in addition to their gift) and attach a funny story about Chrissy to them. She had to guess which panty was from whom, by the story they told, and that is the order in which she opened her gifts. It was sweet and fun 🙂

Why is Chrissy the cutest thing ever? I am just so glad she had so much fun!! I don’t think she was the only one 😉

 And of course, what bachelorette party post would be complete without a little bachey video recap?! Answer, none.

I think the reason I love making these videos so much is because I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing friendships that I have. These ladies are simply the best. We have all been friends for decades, and the fact that we still roll 25 deep to all events is just crazy! I love it, love it love it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

Chrissy, you were absolutely beautiful all weekend, and I am so happy you are so happy. Cannot wait to celebrate at your wedding in a MONTH!! Florida here we come!!


  1. You always have the best photo recaps! Looks like a fun time 🙂

  2. Natasha xoxo says:

    The monogram mason jars are too cute!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. What an awesome idea for a company & how fantastic for the planners!! Looks like y'all had an amazing time!!

  4. Allison, O M G! This looks like the best time. The gift basket is too awesome. You're going to be my MOH too, hahaha!

  5. P!nky says:

    That is so awesome, looks like you had a blast. Love the video you made miss loulou! I think the fact y'all are still all friends is so awesome and testament to how amazing friendship can be.

    Congrats Chrissy!

  6. Sarah says:

    So fun!! I have a bach party in August in Nashville, this is so perfect! I am going to look into that service, that is ideal!

  7. Those goodie bags are so cute!

  8. Heather says:

    Love that y'all had such an amazing weekend. I need to remember that Nashville company for the future 🙂

  9. ashley says:

    I'd love more info on "how well do you know the groom??" game! I tried the link to email you but I don't have microsoft outlook and couldn't find your email address otherwise. I'm hosting a bachelorette party in June and would love details on the game! My email address is if you have the time to send more info, thank you!

  10. Brooke says:

    That groom video and game are the cutest thing ever. You are so talented. : )

    And Chrissy is seriously gonna be Barbie bride. No doubt about it. She looks great. And so do you:)

  11. Tara.L says:

    I love love love the #hashtag board! that was such quick thinking to use the pen in your purse!


  12. Lauren says:

    Looks like such an amazing bachelorette party, all the details were amazing and you ladies look beautiful!!

  13. Samantha says:

    Holy moly. This looks like SO much fun. I can't get over how many girls came for the party. So awesome.

    And now I'm even more excited for my bachelorette in Nashville this Summer! Forwarding blog post to my MOH right this second 🙂

  14. Jes says:

    what a fabulous weekend! I'm doing the panty thing for my BFF's shower next month but I'm struggling with the wording. I know you're busy but if you could share how you included that in the invite, I would be very grateful!

  15. Kate says:

    Seriously, you always have the BEST Bachelorette Parties, games and pictures! I feel like all of your friends are models and you guys really know how to have fun (and make a gal feel special)

    Nashville was my dream Bachelorette destination (it's one of my fave city), but it just wasn't financially possible for all of us in Florida. We ended up at a gorgeous resort, but your Nashville pictures make me jelly 🙂

  16. Lindsay says:

    That looks like so much fun!! Can you help me with my bachelorette party 😉

  17. Your party looks amazing. All the arrangements look so good.

  18. Ashley Olson says:

    What a fun weekend!!! I would love to have the how well do you know the groom questions if you don't mind sending. Thanks so much!!!

  19. Fantastic weekend!! Your party looks amazing and all arrangements so good. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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