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Revlon Colors Me Excited!

*All sample products reviewed were provided by Revlon

I have been noticing bright lips everywhere recently. Many a celeb has been spotted sporting a bright pink, orange, or red hue and me LIKES. Sidenote, how gorgeous are all these ladies?

I must admit that I am a creature of habit and tend to stick to more nude, natural pink looks (a la Miss Underwood, natch)

{Get a life Carrie, stop being so pretty.}
BUT, I have been secretly wanting to try out the bright lip that I am seeing all over the place, so color me excited when Revlon sent me some of their new looks to try out!
My little package of wonderful arrived with two shades of new Revlon ColorBurst™ Lacquer Balm and two shades of Revlon ColorBurst™ Matte Balm.

The Lacquer Balm is formulated for high shine, and a balm like moisture. It is super soft on your lips because it’s infused with a triple butter complex of shea, mango and coconut, so it smells great too! The Matte Balm has a velvety color coupled with the same triple butter complex as the Lacquer Balm as well. Both are retractable chubby crayons, so no hassle of sharpening, ladies.
I received the following colors:

A lovely little assortment if you ask me 😉 240 is a bright red, 245 a more coral hue, 120 is a bright pink and 105 a soft pink nude.

My first thoughts were how smoothly and richly the color went on. They did not feel dry at all like some long lasting color’s I have tried-so that is a HUGE bonus. They also don’t look cakey like you sometimes see with stains and opaque colors.
I don’t have much of a social life these days, so I decided to try out the 240 color at work one day last week. The result? Success! My friend Ellen came up to me and the first thing she said was that she loved my lip color, and asked what it was! Shew, maybe I can pull off the bright lip?
I loved this color so much! (240 from above)

I also LOOVE the 245, the more coral color. It’s great with browns!
What are some of your favorite beauty tips or secrets?? SPILL LADIES!! I am always in the market for new ideas and products, so would love to hear your must have products or application secrets! I mean just telling me about one of your secrets will get you entered to win a $50 Visa gift card, how easy is that? Good Luck!
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winner will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.


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This sweepstakes runs from 11/18/13-12/15/13.


Be sure to visit the Revlon Brand Page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts and find more chances to win!
  1. My beauty secret, which has taken me a LONG time to learn, is to never (ever) squeeze a pimple. As tempting as it may be, it only makes it worse!!!

  2. Kelly Jo says:

    I have just recently started using all brushes on my eye make-up instead of a few sponge brushes and love the look. I got my brushes at Target, they are Elf brand and I love them!!

  3. Angi Solle says:

    I use my foundation on my eye lids and it helps my eye shadow stay on much better, rather than getting creases and it all pilling up together 🙂 I also use a lighter shade of lip gloss in the center of my lips and a darker on the outside to make them appear larger!


  4. Andrea says:

    Girl! I just bought the cranberry colored lacquer balm from Revlon, and I've worn it almost every day since I got it! I love it. I do wish it was more if a stain, though. The staying power is my only complaint about it. I adore it otherwise! Can't wait to get my lippy-loving hands on 240!

  5. My most recent beauty secret is Milk of Magnesia! It is an absolute Godsend. Put a little on your t-zone before applying make-up and it is HANDS DOWN THE BEST EVER shine control. I have tried so, so many products to avoid the dreaded shine and this lasts the whole day (into the evening)and costs just pennies! ♥♥

  6. So one of my favorite (new to me) beauty tricks is lining my water line with a nude colored eyeliner, it makes you look so much more awake!

    Also, I am legit OBSESSED with these Relvon Balm Stains! I purchased a couple colors of the original formula (it's called Just Bitten Kissable I think?) and got super excited when I heard they were coming out with a Matte/Glossy version! I have been looking at my Target for weeks for them, and finally went to a different Target last night and found them! I personally LOVE the Matte red one I bought because it's such a great, easy way to do a really dramatic red lip for the holidays without having to go through the hassle of lipliner/lipstick. (Also the fact that you got these sent to you is awesome!)

    Love Revlon. Love Target. Love you.

    Too much? Haha 🙂

  7. faithspage says:

    My new friend is the stipple brush! Love to use that along with my beauty blender to apply my bb cream. But most of the time I just use one or the other both blends about the same (with bb cream) I use the Elf $3 stipple brush, and the beauty blender came in a Birchbox ages ago.
    Also, I use the Elf, daily brush cleaner, love the scent too.

  8. Ashley says:

    i like to use vasoline on my lips at night

  9. My favorite tip is to layer your mascaras! Put one on, curl your lashes and then when its dry put another formula on. Sometimes when i go out I'll even mix 3 mascaras. Works like a charm!

  10. samjane says:

    My beauty secret is USE eye cream. I just started when I was 26 and now I'm only 27 but still… never too early to start and keep it going!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    samjanerocks at

  11. Kait says:

    I put Vaseline on my feet at night and put socks on! It makes me feet feel like I just got a pedicure in the morning 🙂

  12. Ashley says:

    Always wear sunscreen.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  13. Crystaljk78 says:

    I put a small amount of Vaseline under my eyes at night (just as good as eye cream I think), and ALWAYS coat the top sides of my lashes with mascara. It makes a huge difference 🙂

  14. Natalie says:

    I love doing a little bit of champagne colored eyeshadow along my brow bone and then on the inner corner of my eyes…it brightens your whole face up!

  15. Paige says:

    Arbonne eye creme, is practically magic for my super sleepy eyes after my sleepless nights.
    To be honest I've loved reading everyone's opinions to pick up on new secrets, too.n

  16. Carrie says:

    My favorite beauty secret is to always, always, always curl my lashes! Makes a huge difference!

  17. Mami2jcn says:

    For years I've been using apricot scrub on my face to unclog pores.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  18. These are exactly what I've been searching for! I've wanted to branch out and try some color on my lips for once without spending way too much. These are perfect!

  19. amber says:

    my application secret is to blast eyelash curler w/ heat from dryer to add to curl

  20. Elena says:

    My tip is to use sunscreen every day

  21. Sarah says:

    My newest secret is NYX concealer. total godsend!

  22. I do not really have any magical tips apart from drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen and exfoliating/moisturizing daily! I particularly like cocoa butter as a skin smoother 🙂

  23. cw says:

    My biggest beauty secret is to moisturize and use shea butter on lips in winter

  24. Savannah says:

    My favorite beauty trick is putting on a few coats of mascara! I automatically look more alive when I have some on! Also, moisturizing my skin. I never ever go to bed sans moisturizer and I put it on after I wash my face in the morning.

  25. Alexandra says:

    My favorite beauty tip is to rub Vaseline on your eyelashes when you want to re-apply mascara before going out on the town!

    Alec @

  26. JC says:

    Apply Vaseline and wear socks overnight to keep my feet soft.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  27. JC says:


  28. Lisa Brown says:

    My beauty secret: Don’t stress. Stress will age you fast, so stay relaxed 🙂
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  29. susan1215 says:

    My beauty secrets are drink plenty of water, wear a moisturizer daily and exfoliate weekly.

    s2s2 at Comcast dot net

  30. My favorite beauty secret is to line your lips after applying lipstick to help contain the color.

  31. Skip the fancy exfoliators. A simple washcloth works just as well.
    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  32. Madeline B says:

    I have under-eye circles and my tip is to put concealer only on the sides of the eye, then blend inward (and down). It looks more natural than covering up the whole area.
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  33. Tina says:

    my secret is drink lots of water

  34. JAB says:

    Beauty Tip: Milk of Magnesia as a face primer. Seriously! I have the oiliest skin known to man; my face looks like an oil slick by mid-morning. Ever since I stated using MOM my face stays matte.

  35. Baby Reed says:

    My favorite beauty trick is to mix your concealer with a little bit of eye gel before you apply it, and it won't settle into fine lines/imperfections/creases.

  36. rachel says:

    If you have green eyes, try purple eyeliner to make them pop!

  37. Amanda Raye says:

    I always highlight and contour. Once you learn how to do it, it'll change your life! Just make sure you're using a bronzer that doesn't have orange under tones.

  38. Amy says:

    gorgeous color on you! love it. My beauty secret is don't drink water right before bed to avoid puffy eyes the next day. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  39. ms-texas says:

    my favorite beauty tip is to use my clarisonic to get my face super clean

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. I think the best beauty tip I could give is to wear a smile on your face and remember to be kind to others! thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  41. ms-texas says:

    i posted a tweet:

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. MCantu1019 says:

    Use moisturizer daily.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  43. Mabel Chan says:

    drinking gallons of water a day 🙂

  44. Betty C says:

    My best beauty tips are nothing new. Get plenty of rest and always moisturize

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  45. jakiesmom says:

    my only tip is to use eyecream around your eyes yrs before you get wrinkles to keep them away

  46. kellyr78 says:

    I like to combine concealer and moisturizer for a smoother and more even toned look to my skin.

  47. angie lilly says:

    In the winter, wash yourself and your hair less. Too much showering in the cold REALLY dries out your hair and skin. Every other day is plenty unless you have a condition or something. 😀
    14earth at gmail dot com

  48. Erica Best says:

    i am out of screat but i have learn so much from reading others

  49. Mari says:

    I use an eyebrow brush and line the inside of the eyelid, it makes my lash line look thicker and creates a “no makeup” look.
    runningmatey at Hotmail dot com

  50. Lisa Garner says:

    My beauty secret is using essential oil as part of my facial care.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  51. Francine says:

    I always use hand lotion

  52. Kerry says:

    My secret is to always wash your face before bed. I love using my clarisonic to do this!

  53. Gianna says:

    Wash face morning and night.

  54. I always use lash primer before applying mascara

    pokergrl8 at

  55. I moisturize daily.


  56. ewhatley says:

    Always remove makeup before going to bed.

  57. Tabathia says:

    I use facial moisturizer every morning

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  58. tara pittman says:

    I use chapstick on my finger cracks

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