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I love football season!

Now, I know you are confused (especially you Carol) but just because I don’t LOOOOOVE watching football or hearing about your fantasy football league, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the season. There are many great things about football season that I DO love, like day drinking at tailgates, the weather getting cooler… oh and of course, this:

Well get ready to add one more thing to your football season favorites girlies, Gameday Bows.

Umm, hi-every football tailgating southern gal loves a bow. Am I right? RIGHT.

Well check out how cute these are? You can shop by your team to make sure you get the perfectly coordinating bow to accessorize your game day look.

How cute are these little ladies??

You can even accessorize with them for other activities non-gameday related, like a shower with your girlfriends…

to dress up your derby hat…

Or to be generally all around adorable like Miss Loren seen below, the owner of this lovely business! Isn’t she the cutest? She was an Adpi too, go figure 😉

I have a special place in my heart for the savvy gal making moves with a business of her own (hint hint) so I have to also share that her business was on the news in Orlando yesterday! So exciting! (here is a little more about how she got started)

Well back to the bows, specifically the ones that now reside in my closet!

I haven’t been to a tailgate yet, but am excited to wear these babies just the first chance I get.

And never fear-if the thought of bow tying makes you curse, then I have good news for you. On the Gameday Bows website, there are easy bow tying instructions!!

Right now coupon code PINKLOULOU will get you 25% off your order!! How great is that?

Also, here’s a thought-how cute would it be if a sorority on bid day all wore a variation of different colors of bows?? That would just be the cutest thing ever. I am talking to you UK Adpi’s!

Love love my new bows! Thinking about requesting a tiny one for Sadie to sport as well 😉 Maybe a new canine collection, Loren?


  1. Kate Milton says:

    STOP IT! I'm literally dying over the cuteness! I desperately need a Royal Blue one for Gator Games…and that Derby hat picture, that just makes me want to go to the Derby right now! 🙂

    Love these!

  2. Stephanie says:

    In love with these gorgeous bows! I bought a gold one that I can't wait to wear to my first home game of the season.

    Boys should be giving thanks to cute game day boutiques, such as Gameday Bows. Realistically, they would never hear the end of our complaining during football season if we didn't have a cute appropriately colored accessory to get excited about. That and tailgating, of course 🙂

  3. LOVE it! Such a cute idea to tie (pun intended) into football season! Now I'm excited to start planning my outfit for the first game!

  4. areelleaye says:

    Buying orange and white! V-O-L-S go Vols GO!
    ;P XO

  5. I, too, love the socially acceptable day drinking, socializing, dressing up and general tomfoolery of football season. I could take or leave the football part after the 1st quarter, but I can put on a good show.

    I do love a good bow!

  6. Adore that blue dress with the white bow <3

  7. Emily says:

    so cute ive literally been dying a bow like one of these to dress up a game day dress! i was gonna try to make on but im not that crafty. you always come through PLL

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