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I love the Grand Ole Opry

My Carrie Underwood weekend was a definite success. I am so glad I got to see her Blown Away exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. All of her outfits from the tour were on display, it was so cool to see them up close. And they are TIIIIINY.



Remember this dress? She wore it to open the show!



I kid you not, tinniest pants I have ever seen.



I love this dress, she was wearing it when I swear she looked at me and waved 😉 haha
I loved every second of the Museum 🙂
After the Country Music Hall of Fame, we changed and got ready etc then had dinner at the cutest little place called Merchants. Best Mac and Cheese in the WORLD. I cannot wait to go back.
While we were eating dinner, the server told us Carrie was next door at Paradise Park earlier. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What are the odds that I would be right next to her, and miss her. Sad. oh well…
After dinner it was off to the Grand Ole Opry to see Miss Carrie!! I was SO excited.
The Grand Ole Opry was beyond cool, I cannot wait to go back. It was so fun seeing Carrie in such a small venue, it was just surreal. She sang Good Girl, Undo It, I Told You So, and Before He Cheats. I am trying to find the videos, but they don’t seem to be posted yet. I only took a few pics, it was pretty dark, and I didn’t want to waste time taking pics. But she looked precious as ever.

It’s been a Carrie filled few days, and her tour DVD comes out tomorrow! gonna have to go grab that!I am also watching the CMA Music Fest currently, and it was so cool just seeing Kellie Pickler take the Duck Dynasty people all over Nashville, I was just running around there! So fun, must go back stat.


  1. Molly says:

    Wait did I miss something? Is this a new boy in these pictures??

  2. Kelsea says:

    How exciting! I live right outside of Nashville- it's a great town, isn't it?! Glad you had a great time here!

  3. Jen Watts says:

    Looks like a great time.. And your legs in the picture?!?! Amazing!

  4. Lizzy says:

    Carrie would make an awesome news anchor!!

    I was watching Too Cute! Puppies on Animal Planet a few days ago when I was feeling down, and watching the puppies made things better! I wish I could get a dog!! My friend has a French bulldog and pug she's trying to mate and I told her I got dibs on one!

  5. I love Nashville and thankfully it's not too far from me. Looks like you had a great time! I'll have to check out that Carrie exhibit for sure!
    xo Crystal

  6. morganegrant says:

    I'm headed to Nashville at the end of the month! I too can't wait to see the exhibit and the Reba exhibit and the Nashville TV exhibit at the CMHOF! Where else did you eat.. looking for suggestions! 🙂

  7. Tiffany says:

    So glad you enjoyed your Carrie weekend!! You look so beautiful in the picture at the Opry! And is this boy in the pictures with you someone new?? 😉


  8. Perfect weekend!! So glad you had fun:)

  9. Must know where you got those boots!! So darn cute!!!


  10. So jealous… ever since I went to Nashville in February (or was it January?) I have been DYING to go back! That city is the BEST!! Glad you had such a fun trip! 🙂

  11. MaviDeniz says:

    Sounds like an amzing weekend. It's amazing how much you actually look like CU! That pic of you standing by the display, I swear I had to do a double take


  12. Carroll says:

    What a fun getaway! So glad you had such a good time. 🙂

  13. Meredith says:

    So glad you had a great weekend!

    And…boy info…spill it.

  14. Kelly says:

    We were in Nashville this past weekend. They had a charity event at Paradise Park Saturday afternoon called "Chicken and Jorts". I was there with a big group of people. We saw Deacon's neice from Nashville but no Carrie. 🙁 Hope you had fun!

  15. Looks like the perfect weekend and can I tell you how much I love seeing you so happy? 😉

  16. SHAYNA says:

    Looove it! Jealous that you got to go to Nashville! It's on my list!! Looks like y'all had soooo much fun! I can only imagine!!

  17. SHAYNA says:

    P.S. That was SOOO sweet of the man to take you to the Grand Ole Opry to see Carrie!! The Opry is on my list too! HAHA!

  18. Been reading awhile, don't comment much. 🙂 But … you looked great in your shorts and boots combo! So glad you got to have a Carrie-filled weekend! Looks amazing!

  19. Lauren says:

    How fun and I saw her yesterday on GMA and immediately thought of you 🙂

  20. Sarah Beebe says:

    Ah so jealous! I need to get down to Nashville! And the Carrie exhibit looks awesome OBVS 🙂 also, new boy is cute….!

  21. Day Old News says:

    I really need to see how tiny these are in person. I am fascinated. Carrie would be one amazing reporter. And GOLDIE IS SO CUTE!!!!!

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