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Hair Talk: Easy Up-do’s.

In the spirit of loving my hair, and trying to get it to grow, I have really been taking some active steps to be nicer to my hair.

I have been washing it every other day… sometimes even every third. YIKES! I know I know, I said don’t do that-but I meant for brides…like don’t come to me with 3 day unwashed hair brides, because it will look like poop. 🙂

My routine includes round brushing my hair dry, setting my entire head with the pink plastic rollers for about thirty minutes, and then lightly touching the ends of my hair with my straightener on the lowest setting possible. The round brush and rollers help do a lot of the smoothing so you barely have to even use a straightener. I wouldn’t let Brittney (le hairdresser) cut my hair this past time, so I really need to be careful with the ends. (deets on rollers, and straightener can be found here)

I have also been wearing my hair up a lot lately. I will wear it down on day one, up on day two, and sometimes… sometimes, I will put it in a high bun on day three. Eeep!

{I swear I am showering, just not washing my hair.} Ha.

I find that creating easy updo’s is actually quicker than wearing my hair down. Plus I swear I look better with my hair up, anyone else feel like that??

Exhibits A-F:

{pretend you don’t see those roots. that was blonde appointment day}

You lovely ladies are so sweet about my hair all the time, and I really want to tell you how I do it, but the truth is-most of the time I have no idea what I even did!

What I can tell you, is my general method. I most always use pieces of my extensions when I wear it up. It really is SO easy. (if you need an extension refresher, here is some vintage PLL for ya)

I will take a few pieces of my extensions, clip them in, pull into a pony tail, wrap the hair around said pony tail, pin pin pin until it looks right, and voila!

The key, is just to do what your hair wants to do. I like a more messy soft look, just kind hair here and there, wherever. I generally do the front pieces last, I will leave them out of the pony tail, and just kinda pin them back where I think they look good. Just go with it, there is no wrong way!


I also think I told you all, but I had an epiphany last week, and realized I could also use my jsimps ponytail for updos, some of you may find that easier than messing with the clips from your extensions.

Surely you had one, and you probably never wore it cause it didn’t look right. I didn’t either. BUT I discovered all you have to do is treat it like any other updo, and pin away! I have this in in a few of the pics above, and regular extensions in the other ones.

Also, I change up my part a lot. Sometimes I will have a side part, or I’ll play with a middle part, or I’ll pull it straight back, sometimes leave it straight, sometimes add more texture by curling pieces. It really is all about just playing with it until it looks the way you want it.

I really do plan on doing some video tutorials in the poof parlor at some point… just haven’t gotten there yet.

Hopefully this will help a little bit! I will keep ya posted on operation hair growth. Wish me luck.

{PS I am still working on fixing all of my links since the URL disaster of last week, so just bare with me!}


  1. Have you ever tried Wen (sp?) shampoo? I think I heard that it is latherless, so it's supposed to be so much gentler on your hair, and allows you to go longer without washing, and leaves the hair just as thick at the ends as it is at the roots (aka truly healthy) … has anyone tried it?

  2. I love every single one of your up-dos! Youve got serious talent, chick!

  3. P!nky says:

    Love the hair, love love love it!

    I'm with you, hair down day 1, up days 2 and 3 [but with a shower haha]

    When I go for my wedding hair trial, i'm just going to bring your website :)!


  4. Natalie says:

    How do you keep your hair from looking too greasy? My hair is super thin and it always looks too greasy the next day if I don't wash it. I haven't had much luck with any of the dry shampoos I've use either. Any advice???

    Teachery Tidbits

  5. Your hair is always my inspiration! But I usually just end up looking homeless versus simple chic, ha!

  6. Peari Sofhy says:

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