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photo dump.


Still here 🙂

This weekend I found {and took possession of} the most perfect bar stools a gal has ever seen. I had the hardest time finding bar stools I liked. That is until I was routinely trolling TJMaxx and my eyes landed on these beauties.

I knew immediately that they belonged in the PLL pad. Aren’t they glorious? And from TJMaxx! Gotta love it.

I also scored Sadie a new bed for the living room ($18!) on the same trip. She seems to approve.

Don’t mind those old black curtains, they are just space savers until my smoky plum silk dupioni curtains come in. Cannot wait!

They are going floor to ceiling, on some heavy curtain hardware. Oh how all-things-home excite me so. My how the times they change…

And yet, they stay the same…mimosa anyone?

I got to catch up at brunch with one of my favorite Chicago buddies this weekend. Love ya Rob!

Simply Flawless has also had a big week, contracts are coming in left and right, and I am booking up for 2013! I already have 19 weddings on the books, which should make for a busy wedding season! I am feeling really blessed and excited 🙂 I took time to catch up on thank you notes for contracts I have received, over wine, of course. 😉

{ps I got that candle this week at Home Goods, for (wait for it)…. 6 dollars. Boom.}

Also new this week, I give you my brand new favorite sweatshirt.

It comes in tons of colors, my personal favorites are the grey and pink. Get you one, you won’t regret it.

And last but not least, I am a full time mommy this week, through next Wednesday. Watching big sis’ babies. Wish me luck!


  1. BEST candle. TJ and Homegoods are amazing!

  2. P!nky says:

    YAY, thanks for the update. I love reading about all things PLL!

    Congrats on all your contracts, that's so exciting.

    I can't wait to get engaged so you can come do my hair and makeup :)!

    You do travel to DC right?!!?

    have fun with the babies, they are so big!


  3. Katie says:

    obsessed with those chairs, and might be heading over to purchase that Marley Lilly sweatshirt right now! 🙂 good for you booking all these wedding 2013 is your year!

  4. Arielle says:

    haha that last picture is hilarious:) good luck on mommy duty! & yay for the wedding bookings!!!

  5. Sami says:

    Oooh love the bar stools and at TJMAxx of all places? Great find! Love that rug in your living room next to Miss Sadie 🙂 Have a great Thursday girl!

  6. Alisha says:

    I love your bar stools! They are perfect, your living room is adorable too. Decorating is so much fun!

  7. Julie says:

    Those bar stools are insane! Ugh, LOVE T.J. Maxx. With a passion.

  8. I love your bar stools!! Could you tell us where you got your rug? I love it!! Xo

    My online beauty store:

  9. Sara Cate says:

    What a great score on those barstools!!! I love tehm.

    Where did you get the plum curtains? I'm looking for pink ones.

  10. Katie says:

    Yep you scored big time with those stools! I am OBSESSED with those. Gorgeous gorgeous like yourself! miss you woman!

  11. Ariane says:

    WAY TO GO on those stools! Loves them.

  12. Kenzie Smith says:

    Love those bar stools and the curtains! Wish I could find such crazy good deals.
    Hope you have a ton of fun with watching the kids!!

  13. Lauren says:

    i adore TJMaxx. Those bar stools are wonderful! Enjoy your babies. So sweet!

  14. Brandi says:

    Dying over those barstools! Lovelove

  15. Rachel says:

    Your place is coming along beautifully!
    Want that sweatshirt… Buying now.
    Playing mommy with those girls looks fun! I'm sure they ADORE you as an aunt!!
    I'm going on a furniture buying spree this weekend. It's my new 'grown up' favvv thing! 😉

  16. Rachel says:

    Your place is coming along beautifully!
    Want that sweatshirt… Buying now.
    Playing mommy with those girls looks fun! I'm sure they ADORE you as an aunt!!
    I'm going on a furniture buying spree this weekend. It's my new 'grown up' favvv thing! 😉

  17. julia rose. says:

    It's funny how as we get older our shopping changes. I LOVE some Home Goods/ TJ Maxx these days for my decor and I never thought I'd get so excited over curtains, rugs, and blenders!
    Have fun with your babies this week! Pretend mommy can be fun- especially when you get to send them home shortly after haha 😉

  18. Janna says:

    I've been looking for a cute desk chair and a chair for my room. I need to check out TJ Maxx- and I do love me some Home Goods!

    Wish you were closer and could do some hair and make-up for my brother's wedding coming up in May- trip to Florida anytime the first weekend? 🙂

  19. Jenna says:

    Love those chairs! I always find the best stuff at TJM!

  20. I cannot believe you got those at TJMAXX! SO jealous. They are absolutely gorgeous. I need to start browsing there more!

  21. Melissa says:

    LOVE those bar stools! I wish TJ Maxx was in Canada…

  22. Jodi D. says:

    I love your living room rug can you tell me where it is from?

  23. Brooke says:

    Loving the chair and the candle!



  24. Sophie P says:

    I love those curtains! Me and the boyf are moving into a shared house in London darling! However it is a bit on the grotty side which makes me sad :-(, it IS cheap rent though and in a very good location so hopefully I can beautify our room and forget the rest of the house! Hope you are well, looking lovely as always xxxx

  25. I'm going to hunt down that candle at HG/TJ's! I love those curtains! Your home is looking gorgy! xo

  26. LOVE those curtains! and you must tell us the origins of that rug, it would look fabulous in my bedroom!

  27. Madeline says:

    I have been reading your blg for about 3 years I think, and introduced all my girlfriends to it. You inspired me to want to create a blog from that moment on and I've finally done it 🙂 your open heart and honesty about life and love is really what made it different from any other blog, so thank you! Xoxox Madeline

  28. ABN says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bar stools. Can you please let us know who makes them? I saw those bar stools myself and didn't buy them. Now they are gone and I am trying to locate the designer. Thank you!!!!

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