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Target Finds!

Girls, I am so excited to share my recent Target goodies with you. My friend Ashley showed me her little Jemma Kidd on location kit, and I immediately ran to Target. 
I have never used any of the JK line, but I fell in love. I have been trying to cut down the size of my purse makeup bag, to strictly necessities. This compact is PERFECT, as it has concealer, eyeshadows, highlighter, and a blush/lip combo color. Did you also just hear angels singing? 
It is super thin AND has a large mirror. It is pretty much genius and makes it super easy to have touch up essentials on the go. 
I went with the Dare to Bare color compact, because it was a bunch of pretty pinky neutrals which are right in my wheelhouse. I also picked up the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in pink whisper, which goes perfectly with the dare to bare set.
I am wearing the eyeshadows in these pics (also showed ya my half up dirty hair, which apparently I failed to notice resembles a  mullet, HA!)
Eyeshadows and gloss in this pic…
Seriously, this compact simplifies the whole travel makeup process. You just need this, some pressed powder, and lipgloss, and you are all set. 
Trust-you need. Thank me later. 
Does anyone else have a hard time finding shoes they like for winter? I really do. Yeah I have tons of boots for dresses and tights etc, and I have normal closed toed heels, but I always have a hard time finding casual, closed toed shoes, WITH a heel. I mean common, I have to have heels, all my favorite jeans are heels jeans. It’s just me, go with it. 
So anyway, whilst perusing Target with my makeup finds in tow, I found these little gems, but they were out of my size. Sad.
But luckily I remembered if I ordered online it was BOGO 50% off! So I hopped on the computer and  also picked these up at half price! 
So now I have two closed-toed-comfy-more-casual, little booties coming my way for fall and winter! 
Also, not only do you get buy one get one 50% off, but if you spend $50, you get an additional $5 off AND free shipping. This is so Bargain Blonde of me 😉 
If you need me, I’ll be stalking the mail  man for my deliveries, or touching up my eyeshadow with my new JK compact 😉 
  1. julia rose. says:

    You just saved my makeup life, thank you! I will definitely be trying out some JK! And those shoes- I die, so cute!

  2. Amazing finds! I was on the lookout for a skinny compact and you found it! I also have those 2nd pair of booties in black… adorbs!

  3. Sami says:

    Those eye shadows in that palette are gorg! May need to snag one of those beauties! Love your shoes too. Suede booties are my favorite! 🙂

  4. Jenn says:

    Those are some great finds. I love me some Target 🙂

  5. Crystaljk78 says:

    I swear Target always has way better stuff online than what's actually in the store. time 🙂

  6. Vicki says:

    That first pair of heels are gorgeous!

  7. Kimberly H says:

    Aaaaah, I wish I could wear high heels for those shoes ALONE! I can really only go up to 2 or 3 inches before I just look ridiculous attempting to walk. And the compact does look perfect – I think a Target trip is in order for me soon!

  8. Melanie says:

    I've missed your blogs, my dear. And I am in LOVE with those booties. I just don't think I can pull them off. I don't. I'll live vicariously through your shoe closet.

  9. Morgan Neal says:

    All my jeans are heel length too! So short! Hahaha and I can never find cute casual shoes! Thanks!!

  10. lori says:

    i will definitely be looking for this JK compact… i've been needing to try some new make up choices. thank you so much for posting!

  11. Oh my gosh, love Target finds! Those booties are freaking adorable. I wish I wasn't a Jolly Green Giant and could wear heels!

  12. Rhonda says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that makeup kit! I've only tried the JK mascara and hate it. Will have to try this!

  13. Kate says:

    Fantastic Target Finds… I'm loving those booties! Where did you get your earrings in the second picture? I'm loving them!

  14. Target is definitely my Happy Place lol. I will for sure look for this makeup!!! Both pairs of shoes = adorableee 🙂

    <3 Melissa

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Amazing find!

  16. Cotton says:

    The shadows are a great shade on you! Being fair skinned with light hair, I might have to pick up the same colors

  17. I have the second pair of booties you posted – so cute and actually comfy!!! Yay to that!!

  18. Ohhh, my likes that little compact… and those booties. Bye bye, paycheck.

  19. ty says:

    Girl, bye. I LOVE that little compact. Making a Tar-jay run right after work.

  20. Jess says:

    LOVE THE SHOES! I am so ordering some now!

  21. Jordan says:

    I have the second pair in black and they are amazing! I've received a lot of compliments on them. You're going to love them!

  22. Jessi Fuller says:

    I would love to find both of those shoes in a wedge…I am more of a wedge girl as heels always without a doubt kill my feet!

    I love the palette of colors your chose! 🙂

  23. melissa says:

    Loving that palette sister! Also, do tell where I can find those adorable clover shaped earrings. Love them!

  24. Day Old News says:

    Better stock up on it because Jemma Kidd just laid off their staff and filed for bankruptcy! You look beautiful as always.

  25. can you do a tutorial on your makeup? Or tell us what shadows you used together? Thanks!

  26. R says:

    I have a couple JK eyeshadows and LOVE them…got them on clearance of course! LOL! I need to go check out that compact though!! Thanks for the heads up!!

  27. Okay, off to research the Jemma Kidd compact thing right now! Also: so jealous that your "dirty hair" looks like that. I'd never know it was dirty! I feel like mine gets so piecey and oily and it drives me nuts. Although, I've recently discovered Suave's Keratin Infusion dry shampoo and love it! In any case . . .

    Those shoes! I always seem to find amazing shoes at Target but my size is sold out . . . will look online ASAP. I ordered some ADORABLE gray cowboy boots from Old Navy for $17 recently, and I've been wearing them like crazy!


  28. Pamela says:

    SUPER cute! I love those target booties too!!
    – Pam

  29. KatyK says:

    Why why why did you tell me there was a bogo sale at Target?!?!? Girl I'm moving this weekend I can't be spending money on shoes. Even though I totally need a pair of brown boots…and brown flats…ok so this is a necessary expense. Nvm then, thank you for passing on this clearly necessary knowledge.

  30. Jenna Rome says:

    Girrrrl, I JUST ordered those booties in black! I went to my Targs here in Dallas, and they of course were sold out of everything besides a size 11. So, RIGHT then and there (yes, I was still in Targs when I did this), I got online and ordered them PRONTO! I have been searching for some cute black booties and didn't want to spend a ton of moolah, so these are perfect! Can't wait to get them.


    P.S. Pi love!

  31. Kristi says:

    Your eyeshadow, scratch that makeup, always looks fabulous! Also I have to ask where you got the earring you are wearing the picture with the grey shirt. I love them!

  32. I just bought the first pair of shoes in black! I absolutely LOVE them. You will love them too! So glad to know there are people out there just as obsessed with makeup/shoes/hair/etc as I am!!!

  33. Megan G. says:

    Both of those shoes are adorable!! I love the little compact, seems perfect for the bag! I'm in love with the gloss too, it looks like a great pink with high gloss, which is awesome. 🙂

  34. Megan says:

    LOVE those second shoes! Might have to order myself a pair 🙂

  35. Thanks for sharing! Got to love Target 🙂

    Those shoes, are great!!!


  36. OMG those shoes are at target?! They're fab! I don't know why I thought you had long hair. I love your cut. So cute!

  37. Kristen says:

    that palette looks pretty legit, the shadows are gorgeous! i have the hardest time w fall/winter shoes too. i have great boots, but sometimes you need booties, and all i've found are ones that are too high or too low for my jeans. so frustrating!

  38. Theresa says:

    OMG….I <3 when you spend my $$ for me 🙂

  39. That makeup set looks like an amazing find! You always find such good girly gems.

  40. Ashley says:

    Just stumbled across your blog this evening… I love these makeup finds! I just might have to get myself to Target and pick up that Dare to Bare compact.

  41. Love the shoes, but how the heck do you walk in them?!?

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