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Alright chics. I feel like I am channeling my inner Bargain Blonde here. Girlfriend tried to tell me about this hypershine lipgloss months ago, but I was stupid and still buying $25 glosses.
Here is the thing, I am a sucker for name brand makeup. Sephora is my playground. However, I am a single gal on a budget, ahem, so I also appreciate a bargain. 
There are certain things I don’t mind spending the extra dollars on, like foundation, powder, great eyeshadow palettes etc. But I have found that you really don’t need to buy the “it” brand of everything to look super fabulous! I absolutely love these elf products from Target. I have tried some elf stuff that I don’t care for, but these items, are must haves. 
1. elf eye makeup remover pen. Umm genius. I always get mascara all over myself, so I just carry this lil guy with me and erase my mistakes. $3. 
2. elf cream eyeliner pot. I use my own brush, just because the one that comes with this stuff is so small. But I love the control I get with this cream eyeliner. And it stays. $3
3. elf eyebrow lift and fill. I love this guy, it is two sided to highlight under your brow, and fill in where you need it. It also conveniently has a sharpener in the lid! $3
4. elf hypershine lip gloss. my FAVORITE. great consistency, great colors, and tastes smalls like a cupcake. ONE DOLLAR. 😉 I may have ordered every color, but my favorite is blossom. It is the perfect everyday pink.
5. elf eye makeup remover wipes. I have tried ALL of them out there, and these are my favorite. They remove makeup the easiest, so I don’t have to pull on my delicate skin. 😉 These are a MUST ladies, do NOT let me catch you sleeping in your makeup. HELLOOO I read somewhere that ages you 7 days people! $3 
So next time you are perusing Tarjay, grab these things and thank me later. Happy elf makeup-ing ladies! 
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  1. E.L.F. is all I buy now. I just can't get over the good quality for a low price!

  2. Michelle says:

    oooh I need to try all of these!

  3. Welp… you've persuaded me. I'm going to give Elf a try. I have always been a Sephora gal… and Revlon is as drug store as I go but if Elf products rock then I don't hate it!

  4. Hannah says:

    I stumbled upon e.l.f. the other day while I was in Target looking for some new glossies (mine have seem to gone missing). I picked a couple up not expecting to, but I love them! I also grabbed a tube of the eyelid primer.. Amazing!

  5. Katie says:

    I love the makeup remover wipes too. They are AWESOME. I'd have to agree with you on the best ones I've found Haven't tried those glosses yet but these lips will give them a shot next time we are at Tarjay (prob tomorrow) mwahh!

  6. Sasha says:

    If you haven't already tried their HD Powder, it's a dead-on dupe for MUFE's HD Powder. It's $6, so more expensive than other ELF stuff, but it's fabulous!

  7. Thanks so much for the recs! I want to try the brow filler and the makeup wipes! I have only ever bought their brushes, but I really need to try some of the makeup since so many others have raved about it.

  8. I love E.L.F. Our closest target is an hour away ( it should be illegal not to have a target in every town) and I drive there just for the makeup! The eye shadow pallets are good also!

    • The closest Target to me is also an hour away. I miss the days when I lived right down the street from it but I think I have saved money since I no longer randomly go in just to look and come out with a bunch of stuff I didn't really need.

    • Renata says:

      Three hours in every cardinal direction from ANY chain store. has been my lifeline!

  9. meghan says:

    I am going to jump on those makeup remover wipes. I use wipes all the time, and I don't like the price. $3 is such a great deal. And that makeup remover pen is genius! I mess up my eyeliner all the time and could totally use this. Thanks for the post!

    PS I was going to pin this to my makeup pinboard and noticed you stopped letting people pin things. Is it because of copying and stuff like that?

  10. Katie says:

    I love elf! I'm sure it doesn't help that I work @ Target Corp. so I am at their store daily, so I browse the makeup almost every day. I haven't tried the eyebrow pencil, but I will have to – my eyebrows are teeny, and need some love to plump those babies up.

    I agree about the lipgloss – And it lasts through multiple meetings, so I don't have to carry that little sucker with me.


  11. Sami says:

    I love ELF thanks to Miss Lindsey aka The Bargain Blonde! I've also heard great things about the Mineral Primer and I use the HD powder and it is amaze!! Will have to try the lipgloss 🙂

  12. ~BB~ says:

    SO happy you posted this!! I was going to go to Tarjay (on a budget myself!) to get more eyeliner today and I was pondering what brand to try! I'm going to give the cream liner a shot! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Caitlin says:

    Love ELF too! I just bought the face primer and I'm loving it! I've tried so many primers (most around $20+) and this is definitely my favorite so far! Looks like I will be giving the makeup remover wipes and the lipgloss a try next!

  14. Angie says:

    I need to try that elf eye makeup remover pen!

  15. Lindsey says:

    at least you admit you should have listened a long time ago.

  16. Like many of the other gals have said, the face primer is amazing! I bought one about a month ago — went back this past Monday and bought 2 more. And the first isn't even empty yet!

  17. Marjorie says:

    Same here, usually buy name brand with most makeup products. Going to give the brow kit a try though!

  18. Brittany says:

    Definitely going to give elf a try! I'm a sucker for Sephora too…do you think the brow kit works better than a powder? I'm nervous about trying a pencil formula.

  19. Annabelle says:

    Girlfrannn, try the Eye Primer….You will make that #6! I pwomise! 😉 Whatever happened with the Family Feud deal?

  20. I'm with you MAC is my all time fave but since using elf I have ditched a couple of my above $20 fave products for a few of ELFs! 🙂

  21. kristen says:

    Im trying this!! I already use the lip gloss and LOVE it!! Shizz is GREAT!

  22. Bri says:

    Their blush and eye liner is amazing too!

  23. Ciara says:

    I work at Kmart and the first time I restocked ELF was the first time I ever heard of it. I now LOVE it. Great bargain, and most of their stuff is pretty good!

  24. Lindsey says:

    I need to make a Target run soon…might as well add this stuff to my list! Thanks PLL!


  25. Sam says:

    Yep! Love that cream eyeliner in a pot. Works great!

  26. Lauren says:

    The makeup remove pen sounds so easy, and would be great to clean off your eyelid after applying mascara (I always end up getting it on my eyelid!). I've never used ELF make up. I'm also a sucker for name brand, but think I might be giving a couple of these items a try. And 7 days? Every time you sleep in makeup? No wonder my skin looks terrible w/o foundation! I need to change that ASAP! Ha!

  27. Hm…I've never tried these products. You've peaked my interest though! Oh…btw, I just received 2 nashville lashes from the brand you suggested! I'm excited to wear them out soon! This might be a gross question but do you ever rewear them? I feel like they're so pricey to just wear once.

  28. Hm…I've never tried these products. You've peaked my interest though! Oh…btw, I just received 2 nashville lashes from the brand you suggested! I'm excited to wear them out soon! This might be a gross question but do you ever rewear them? I feel like they're so pricey to just wear once.

  29. I adore the Eye Liner Pot – you're right it STAYS, which is my favorite quality in a makeup.

  30. Linnea says:

    I just bought some ELF stuff for the good ole target this weekend. It's great! Who would've thought for the great price?

  31. Thanks!! I just updated my profile with my email!! Had no idea that wasn't linked! And I've been reading your blog forever…you are hilarious and I love reading about all your exploits!

  32. Lovelove e.l.f products! My powder brush is actually from them and has been in great shape for almost a year now!!

  33. Myra says:

    Seriously, I need their freakin' eye liner now. I keep hearing amazeball things about it and I'm just about out of the expensive stuff I've got. GAH!

  34. I LOVE e.l.f.! 🙂

  35. E.L.F. is pretty great… I've heard their liquid liner is awesome and their eye shadows aren't bad either. For some reason the elf lip products break my lips out!?!? It's weird… but they do. But I do love the lip-gloss colors.. beautiful!
    Fun post, Hun!

  36. tara says:

    LOVE their eye liner and lip gloss!! those are the only elf products i've tried and loved so far!

  37. Megan G. says:

    I'm going to have to rush to Target soon to pick up all of these things. The lip gloss looks wonderful!

  38. Cori H. says:

    I need to try all of these ASAP! I'm a bit addicted to Sephora, but my bank account is not loving it.

  39. I am in love with E.L.F. They also have a Zit Zapper that I love. It is a roll on so you can pinpoint exactly where you need it.

    Great post!!

    xoxo Amber

  40. Clarissa says:

    I absolutely love elf lip glosses! They are my favorite for sure. I need new makeup remover wipes so I might just stop by target tomorrow to pick some up (and some other elf products too!)

    🙂 Clarissa

  41. So I've never tried any E.L.F products. But they sound amazing! Looks like I'll be checking them out!

  42. Tiffany says:

    I use the ELF high definition powder and LOVE it!


  43. I have heard so many fantastic reviews on e.l.f. but I have yet to buy it – what the heck is wrong with me?! I will definitely be checking them out asap! Thanks for sharing your faves 🙂

  44. I love elf products. I haven't see that eyebrow lift and fill. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  45. Brittany says:

    Ohhhhhh need to def try these!

  46. Renata says:

    I LOVE elf color stick – jump on that!

  47. Courtney says:

    no joke, i just bought elf for the first time based on lindsay's reviews and did a post earlier this week! the hypershine lip gloss was my fav also and after trying it i bought every single other color 🙂

  48. Aimee L says:

    Clearly I need to get my tail on the e.l.f. bandwagon…these products sound fabulous!!

    So…on an unrelated note, I for some strange reason get the Living Social deal of the day for Wichita {wtf, I'm in Richmond, VA??} but thought of you because the deal of the day there is a year-long subscription to The Bourbon Review!!

    When are you gonna start dating that one cutie? 😉

  49. The liquid eyeliner and the interchangeable eye shadows are fabulous too! Can't beat $2!

    …I need to try that eye makeup remover pin, because this blonde gets a little cray with the early morning mascara! 😉

  50. I have #3 on it's way to me right now!! I like plenty of their makeup, but will splurge for the expensive foundation and powder.

  51. I'm sorry I didn't have my email attached to my profile, hun… I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog anyway. 🙂 I actually just attached my email a couple days ago, so it should work now!
    Have a wonderful day!

  52. Lily says:

    I'll definitely have to give these a try! I use there tinted moisturizer for beach days/whenever I want just a bit of coverage but don't want to use the expensive stuff lol. I have yet to try any of their other stuff, so this will be at the top of the list!

  53. Kristen says:

    elf has been hit and miss for me, but they just came out w some baked blushes and i'm sold! you should def try their blushes, they've all been a hit for me.

  54. I don't really like their makeup wipes that much 🙁 When I used them, it made my skin feel tight and didn't remove that much makeup that well. I love the Neutrogena wipes. However, I love elf's cream eyeliner and lip glosses. If you haven't already, you should try their tinted moisturizer!

  55. Plain Jade says:

    Obsesse with that cream eyeliner! They also sell all of their makeup brushes for $1 & they really aren't bad! 🙂

  56. Amber says:

    I swear by the eyeliner and lipglosses… I am going to try the remover towels the next time I am in, hopefully it will remove my stubborn mascara!!!

  57. Anonymous A says:

    I went to my Taget fully prepared for getting #1, #2, and #4 and they don't sell e.l.f. They have the Sonia Kashuk, piki, and Jemma Kidd but of course not the cheap stuff. I might have to protest until the carry it!

  58. Kate says:

    Your blog is dangerous for my wallet…just ordered a TON of stuff from e.l.f. Thanks!

  59. I love the lip gloss! I bought every color at one time just because it was so cheap!

  60. I love the lip gloss! I bought every color at one time just because it was so cheap!

  61. Nikki says:

    I realize I am so late to this post but have you tried "MUA" make-up. It's super friendly to my wallet but I haven't really heard any reviews from people I can trust 🙂

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