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Sometimes, less is more, right?

Ello lovelies. 😉 
So listen, I love makeup. We know this. But it’s warmer weather outside, and for some reason that always makes me want to wear less. Also I have recently been having a transference issue?? I have been getting makeup on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. 😉 
So this is what I tried yesterday. 
1. my Olay tinted moisturizer (review here!)
2. Too Faced concealer (under the eyes)
3. Makeup Forever pressed powder (all over with large powder brush)
Add a little Nars orgasm, and that is all I did on the face. Then I used #4 above, (Mac paint pot in bare study) on my eyes as a primer/base (I have found I LOVE this instead of one of those expensive primers, makes my eye makeup stay all day, and it has a wonderful shimmer to it.
I got the Naked 2 palette a little while ago, and honestly I preferred the first one. But I have been using the 2nd one more and more. I use the following colors daily for my work/casual look. 
I use my paint pot all over, then booty call to highlight the brow bone, half baked on the lid, tease on the outer lid and crease, then busted to define lash line and crease. Line with brown liner, add mascara, and out you go.
Voila. My less is more, sans foundation look.
Do you all opt for no foundation when you can get away with it? I just think my skin needs to BREATHE sometimes! Plus I don’t get makeup all over my clothes, or anyone else’s! 
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  1. Girl.. I have some horrible scars.. I WISH I could get away with no foundation. You are so lucky. 🙁 I absolutely LOVE your make up posts.. I went and ordered the Make Up Forever Matte Powder because of you.. and the Urban Decay eye primer. 🙂 Keep 'em coming!

  2. Kaley says:

    Lately I have just been using a BB Cream and a little bronzer for my daytime face. It's nice to simplify, especially with the hot and humid summer around the corner!

  3. Domesticable says:

    Hi girly! Lookin' good. I usually only wear mascara. This weekend I got the Naked2 for my birthday. I'm nervous to try it but def will try those color combos. It looks great!


  4. 100% agree with you girl! I love my makeup, but the warmer and sunnier it gets, the less I want to cover my skin in layers of foundation, concealer, etc. I love your look! Still has the impact on the eyes, but the skin is fresh! Love!

    XO Lucy

  5. SSS says:

    Bare Study is a great base and you are so right, it's just as good as a primer. I have a weird confession, though… I kind of like foundation. I don't know why, but I do! I have some light coverage foundations, and really enjoy them. I seem to either be a makeup or no makeup person, there is little room for in between.

    This look is great for you, though! You look lovely!

  6. Pamela says:

    LOVE it girl! I need to try that look with my naked 2 palette, I always use it only at night! I tend to just use my benefit crease less creme shadow in RSVP and mac shadow in soft brown in my crease! Def going to try this out tomorrow! 🙂 I know u love makeup so I want to recommend a really good product – I recently got the tarina tarantino eye brightener and OMG – it is AMAZING! def try it next time you are in sephora – it will not disappoint!

  7. Tiffany says:

    looking gooood !
    I LOVE the NK2 palette! I use it -every- day!

  8. Jenn says:

    Yep! Typically during the summer I don't wear foundation. Usually I have more of a tan so I like that look. Def still concealor!

  9. I have the naked 1 & 2 palettes- love them both but I don't know how to use all of the colors! I will definitely have to try out what you do & watch some youtube videos LOL. Your makeup looks awesome!

  10. I think your face looks gorgeous! I HATE thick makeup. I CANNOT stand the way it feels. That's why I love BM … think I'm going to try Laura Mercier soon. Have a great weekend!

  11. Christy says:

    Hi PLL,

    Love the eye makeup. I have the Naked 1 palette and use it every day!

    I have a question – when you style your hair with the little bump in the front (for lack of a better word, LOL!) – what do you you use to fasten your hair? Bobby pins? A mini hair clip? I would love to rock a similar style but I can never figure out the apppropriate hair thingamjig to hold it.

    Thanks for your help – you are so fabulous!

  12. I love that palette! It's so versatile and sparkly! I want to try the Mac stuff on my lids fer sher since primer is so spencey! You look gorgy! xo

  13. I feel like I can wear less when I get a really good base tan. When I'm pale I just feel yucky and need to cover it all up! I need to try that Mac paint pot… I've heard a lot of good things!

  14. Kate says:

    I've never worn foundation in my life and never will. MAC studio fix powder is where it's at!

  15. lori says:

    i do like to go without foundation sometimes to let my skin "breathe" but honestly, the only time i ever feel comforterable doing it is during the summer when i have a tan!!

  16. Michelle P says:

    I don't wear a ton of makeup, mainly just Estee Lauder BB Cream!

  17. Vicki says:

    Your review convinced me to try the Olay tinted moisturizer, I just brought it today! And I already have the Makeup Forever powder and Naked 2 … so I'm very excited to try it all tomorrow! (also I love original Naked better then 2 but am also using 2 more now then I was) 🙂

  18. Girlfriend, you look superb! Yup, Im with ya – when the warmer months come, the make up becomes much less. Maybe cause when I get a nice tan, I don't feel like I need as much? When my moisturizer runs out, I'll be trying out some of that Olay 🙂

  19. Janna says:

    I started using the Garnier BB cream- I'm looking into getting the Clinique BB cream but got inpatient waiting for it! 🙂 I've been using just that with a little powder over it and done! Love your look too!

  20. You look great! I think thats a perfect warmer weather look!

  21. You look gorge & fresh faced! Lancome just released a new foundation called "Teint Idole 24 Hr" (or something along those lines). It took their scientists eight years to perfect the formula to make it long-lasting and TRANSFER FREE! I went to my counter and asked for a sample of it. They gave me enough to last about 10 days. The formula reminds me so much of Makeup Forever HD. They said they recommend it for brides 🙂 But I LOVE Olay's tinted moisturizer too!

  22. DrestiBlog says:

    Love this look! I just had a huge trip to ulta yesterday and was inspired by you to get a teasing brush! My hair is thick already, but I love the " mo po" you do and I am determined to master the look! I also got the first naked palette! Love your blog! I just posted about my ulta trip and I will post my improved pony tail once I perfect it! Thanks for always having awesome hair and makeup tips!

  23. Angie says:

    I never wear foundation in the summer months! It seems too heavy…if that makes sense. Love your beauty routine…mine is very similar except I use a different moisturizer and concealer 🙂

  24. Arielle says:

    I've been wanting to wear less makeup lately too!! thanks for the ideas on how to do it!:)

  25. mommyspice says:

    I never use foundation, always tinted mosturizer. It's the best!

  26. The only time I can get away with no foundation is on vacation and a little after while I have a good tan. Other than that my complexion is too blotchy/pale and shows too much redness. Nevermind the fact that my face still thinks I'm 14 and I've been breaking out pretty bad the past few years *sigh*

    Super jealous of your amazing skin!

  27. Oh! And I love both my Naked Palettes.. it took a me a little bit to warm up to the new one, but now I think I like it better than the original 😛

  28. Rachel says:

    Your skin is so pretty! And I seriously thought that picture of your eyes was Miss CU.
    I am looking forward to summer & tans so I can wear less and less makeup! 🙂

  29. Great post, girl! I know what you mean….when the weather is warm and the sun is shining you want to let your skin breathe! I try to opt for a tinted moisturizer in the summer…sadly its still cold and rainy in Boston:( We'll get there though! I need to try the Olay moisturizer – looks great!

  30. Caroline says:

    I'm with you..warmer weather for me = tinted mositurizer. I would love to see a tutorial sometime on where you place all that eye shadow. I am not sure I follow you or would be confident I am doing it correctly….

  31. Heather H says:

    I'm not much of a foundation girl…mostly because I'm so lazy about it…and partly because I'm just not good with it. I really want to check out Naked 2, but I've put myself on a sort of make-up probation because, as a recent bathroom organization taught me, I'm a beauty product hoarder. It's bad. Oh and this post has me wanting to head out to Sephora!

  32. Dayna Leigh says:

    You should do a make-up tutorial for how to apply eye shadow like that because yours looks FAB!

  33. Ashley says:

    I opt for very minimal foundation, if any on a daily basis! My face starts to rebel if I consistently wear something all over. I save it for the days with big events!!

  34. Miu says:

    I LOVE your earrings! They are adorable :]

  35. melissa says:

    Love the Naked2 tutorial! Would have loved it more on video with you and your sissies drinking wine but I'll take it. 😉 Looking gorgeous as always sister!

  36. Raquel says:

    I definitely let my skin breathe! I have been blessed with good skin, so I can go without foundation. Usually what I do though on hot days is, I use a BB cream instead of foundation. It feels MUCH better on my skin!

  37. Your make up looks amazing 🙂
    Any tips for how to clear up your skin and keep it clear?

  38. I love the less is more look! Is the Naked palette worth it? I looked at it the other day, and couldn't decide whether to buy it or not…

  39. Kristine says:

    Thanks for the make up tips. I'm always looking for new products. I have the Naked palette and I really want the 2nd myself.

  40. meghan says:

    So do you normally wear foundation and powder? What are the purposes of each? I think my powder is a MAC foundation powder. Is that even possible? I love these recommendations! Thanks!

  41. That's what I love about summer – definitely wearing less makeup. With a bit of a tan my face just doesn't need as much plus the sun helps clear up my breakouts. You look so pretty au natural!

  42. Gorgeous look! And I agree with you about the Naked palette. I have both and I prefer the first too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. And that mint dress you were asking about is from Princess Wardrobe

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  43. Lia Joy says:

    Your makeup looks so beautiful… As always 🙂 And fyi… That last photo, the upclose of just your eyes… Those eyes look just like Carrie's 🙂 Gorgeous!

  44. Stephanie says:

    I would do ANYTHING to have your skin. Why wasn't as I as blessed as you were in the skin department? What could I have done wrong? lol 🙂

  45. Rebecca says:

    It's been hot in VA so I've started just using a BB cream! you gotta try them out, they are so awesome =]

  46. Miss K says:

    i wear less makeup too in the summer, i also prefer the first palette over the second as well, although i do use both

  47. Love the less is more look! I always just wear tinted moisturizer and NARS blush!

  48. Ariane says:

    Your skin is flawless, girlfriend! I should try to get away with the no foundation look. I cannot tell you how many of my boyfriend's white t's I've wrecked…eesh.

  49. Brittany says:

    I want to see a tutorial on look! I love the color combo and lighter makeup

  50. Alyson ning says:

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