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Carrie Underwood ACM Awards 2012

Well, let’s just take a moment…
She is so gorgeous it is just a tad unreal at times. But does anyone think she has had something done? Maybe veneers? I was discussing this matter with DON, she seems to agree. 
Anyhoo, she looked awesome, per usual. Hair is lookin FINE. 
And this performance outfit, fierce! I LOVE! You rock that pink, Carrie girl. 
I love the song, but I just wasn’t wowed with the performance. But I still love her. She can do no wrong with those shiny bangin’ legs. 
In case you missed it, here is her show opening performance of Good Girl! 
xoxo, GO CATS! {UK update tomorrow, I have a feeling I’ll get some more blog worthy photo’s tonight!}
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  1. Monica says:

    She is so beautiful! That was the only performance i missed but I watched it this morning, I agree it was alright.

  2. Vicky says:

    I think she looked GORGEOUS, as usual. The girl can do no wrong in the Fashion/Beauty world.

    However, I was a little disappointed with the performance. She sounded winded through some parts of it. And I didn't quite get the half mic stand. Not sure what the technical name for that is. LOL.

  3. Katie says:

    I loved the performance! I thought she looked and sounded amazing. She did sound a little winded towards the end, but I would be too singing her little heart out, dancing around in those heels!!

    She does always look perfect.

  4. Katie says:

    I loved the performance! I thought she looked and sounded amazing. She did sound a little winded towards the end, but I would be too singing her little heart out, dancing around in those heels!!

    She does always look perfect.

  5. Ok, so I am not the only one that thought that she looked a little bit different last night! Still gorgeous, but yeah, something just seemed different. I love Carrie and she always looks so beautiful, but I'll admit, I wasn't as crazy about her dress last night as some other things she's worn in the past…she's so gorgeous she could honestly wear a paper bag and look great, just sometimes, I wish she would change it up a little and take more of a risk on the red carpet…oh well!

  6. J and A says:

    Totally agree. Hotness for sure. And those legs, man alive.

  7. Alyssa says:

    She is seriously perfect. The girl can do no wrong, I swear! Loved her performance outfit!

  8. Those LEGS!!! Damn, where can I get a pair of those! 😉

  9. Day Old News says:

    She really keeps getting prettier. Do I need to buy a flipper to keep up with her?

  10. Shes amazing…. And now that you said something her smile does look different. I also think the new song is great but as for the performance….at times she sounded like she was screaming.

  11. Holly says:

    I LOVE Carrie too! She is probaly the reason I love BIG BLONDE hair 🙂 And personally I think you and her look alike! Have a fab day!

  12. Shannon says:

    Girl, I don't know about the teeth. She has always been the poster babe for GREAT teeth! I think she just had them whitened. If you google pics of her from, say, 2007, her teeth look the same..just slightly less white.

    Girl has Got. It. Goin'. On. Au. Natuarale! 🙂

  13. She really is so gorgeous!! 🙂

  14. lori says:

    absolutely stunning. as always.

    not thrilled with the performance though.

  15. MeTheMama says:

    Oooooh, i figured it out. She had something done to her lips, that's why her teeth look different. Also her eyebrows are a bit thicker and darker. But it's the lips. If you compare any other pics of her, she went from having thin lips to having a little somethin' somethin' 😉
    Am I right?

  16. Did no one else notice that she looks JUST like Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta in that first performance pic? CRAZY!

  17. THANK YOU for posting this video! I was so busy moving and unpacking my stuff I forgot and caught the last 30 seconds of it! 🙁

  18. You're right, she does look a little bit different. I love to see her perform live though, her voice is a-mazinggg!

  19. I watched her performance last night and she looked and sounded awesome!

  20. Gosh, I love her! You are right, she can do no wrong!!

  21. Samantha says:

    Gotta love Carrie! She's gorgeous… If you get a chance, check out my latest post about cleansing and enter to win my giveaway! You don't want to miss it:)

  22. I'm shocked you didn't mention the half microphone!! haha What did you think about that… I couldn't stop looking at it and thinking it was a tish odd..

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