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Hey Good Girl

Aaaaand Carrie Underwood has done it again. 
The video for Good Girl looks like my bedroom. The roses, the soft feminine elements. Also how freaking hot is she in her black number and straight hair? A little reminiscent of Kate Hudson no? 
I LOVE her hair, specifically in the silver dress. It’s big. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It ROCKS. Time for LouLou to get a new LONG weave, DON has been telling me this for weeks. 
Here ya go. we LOVE. 
Also, here is a little behind the scenes vid of the making of Good Girl, thanks for sending Lizzy!

You know. I don’t hate those bangs anymore. She is workin them in this video.

Her hair is full of secrets, and I love it. 
Also, whoever can find me the blingtastic stilettos wins big time

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  1. Michelle P says:

    Her bangs are super cute!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Such a rockin' video!

  3. Beth says:

    Damnit Carrie! How dare you hog those bangin legs and hot hair all to yourself! Share girlfriend! Seriously!

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  4. I agree, didn't love the bangs before but do in the video! xo

  5. Jackie says:

    Carrie Carrie Carrie!!!! She has done it AGAIN!!! I'm loving her hair in that fringe number… gorgeous per usual :]

  6. Brooke Odom says:

    I'm loving all her looks in this video 🙂 Also, after hearing about your room, I'm so envious!! I want to do something similar for my room in my new apartment next year!

  7. Chelsie says:

    wait…. carrie's a vegan-ish? sorry i'm so late to the party….

  8. Day Old News says:

    I SO AGREE on the reevaluation of the bangs. Much better now. I love the long straight with the bangs. You get you that weave stat! I am seriously considering buying myself some weave, but it is $$$ and I need you to walk me through it. When you get here for Fam Feud.

  9. The google gods were not kind to me as I cannot seem to figure out where those gorgeous stilettos are from! *sigh*

    Definitely let us know if you can find them ;0)

  10. Jenny says:

    lol! Love you and your obsession with Carrie. I wouldn't have you any other way!

    Because I like you so dang much I tagged you over on my blog. 🙂 Something fun…I swear!

  11. since i'm a bang carrying woman myself, i happen to love them. i wish i could lengthen these thin, short tresses myself. le sigh.

    i LOVE the floral dress she rocks in the video.

    is it acceptable to wear fake eyelashes everyday? i want to.

  12. Kelly says:

    love the bangs!

    And two for you glen coco for the mean girls reference!

  13. Ashleigh says:

    You resemble her so much in most of her looks, I love it!! So beautiful.


  14. Monica says:

    love the video! I am horrendously jealous of all the hairstyles she pulled off though!

  15. Rissy says:

    oh how I love her…

    and I have to confess I told a whole room of people that I hear I look like her "a lot" today
    they were probably all like uhh who is this delusional chick?

  16. Jessica says:

    Pink LouLou, do you watch the Bachelor? it seems like something that you would be into and I was curious when I was watching the finale last night if you watch it and what you thought of it.

    love your blog!

  17. Ashley says:

    I love this, and I love that our posts today were pretty the same! Great minds think alike! 🙂

  18. Anna says:

    I love Carrie! She is so pretty and amazing!

  19. Love Carrie! Omg! Bangs are a yes.

  20. I heart Carrie, well obviously not as much as you do, but I love her, ha. and I am so glad to see her doing some different stuff with her hair! She used to ALWAYS wear it the same way to everything!!! Like swooped side bangs, curled, so I love that she is switching it up. Yay Carrie!

  21. Whoa, she really does look like Kate in the one pic! But I kind of find Kate annoying… do you hate me now? Will you still maybe come follow my blog? 🙂 I still think you are fabulous (and Carrie too!)

  22. Caroline says:

    I'm honestly afraid Kev's head will explode if he sees these pictures. Carrie with a Kate Hudson look? His 2 fav ladies? Cheryl stands no chance. Meow

  23. Tiffany says:

    love carrie! fun blog. 🙂


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