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Carrie and Steven on CMT Crossroads

Hey girls! 
So of course, I did NOT miss Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler’s 1 hour jamfest on CMT’s Crossroads last night. Girlfriend looked smokin’ hot as usual. She is sporting her long hair, and it looks fabulous. It appears I am gonna need to invest in some super long weave to keep up. Also, she must be drinking that leg shine juice, because her gams stole the show. 
I LOVED her outfit. I have been in the market for sequin shorts ever since new years, but this just made me want them ever more.  Holy hotness Carrie. 
Why is she the cutest thing I have ever seen? 
If you missed it, watch my favorite songs from last night below. Crying, and a Just a Dream/Dream On mashup. Perfection.
Did you all watch? What did you think??
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  1. Brittany says:

    I need to know what exerciaes she does for legs like those !!

  2. Brittany says:

    I need to know what exerciaes she does for legs like those !!

  3. Shannon says:

    Call me a dork but I rushed home from dinner and shopping to see this! My favorite performance was "Dude looks like a Lady" but then, that's always been a fave song of mine. She looked amazing as always and oh to be that talented!

  4. Love Lace says:

    I've watched it twice now! Loved it just as much the second time!

  5. Caitlin C. says:

    I loveee the sequin shorts!!

  6. Ally says:

    It seriously should be illegal to be that talented and beautiful. I think I'll put my snack down and go to the gym now, ha!

  7. Geeze she is so stinkin pretty and talented.

  8. Vicky says:

    Ugh. Makes me want to go jump on a treadmill and do sprints. Then bathe in a pool of sun tan lotion. *jealous* The girl is gorgeous, no doubt.

  9. Jenna says:

    I actually hadn't seen this. But, thanks to you, I was able to see parts of it.

    I love Steven Tyler. He has such an amazing voice and he's an amazing performer. I've seen Aerosmith in concert twice. Carrie is amazing. I love her music. She's gorgeous and that girl can sing!

    I watched the Just a Dream/Dream On mashup and I bawled. I cannot ever listen to Just a Dream without crying, because as an Army Wife she is singing about my worst fear. However, I do think its a beautiful song.

    I am envious of her legs. They are fab!

  10. Carly Ann says:

    the just a dream/dream on mash up gave me goosebumps! Two of my favorite songs put together = amazing.

  11. Ugh…I want her legs:( Why can't we all be so lucky?

  12. Love love LOVE those sequin shorts! Now if I could just have those shorts and those legs.. life would be oh so perfect :0)

    I seriously would like to know what type of workouts she does for those gams.. because I run outside, use the ellipitcal inside, do the 30 Day Shred and my legs look NOTHING like that! 😛

  13. Carries outfit is totally cute!! I want some sequin shorts now.

  14. Laney Ellen says:

    Gosh her legs are gorg! And tan. not fair.

  15. Emily says:

    I'm new to your blog, but I WAS AT THE SHOW! I love Carie, so I couldn't miss it! Love your cute blog!

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