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SOS- Hair Emergency.

We have a problem. 
As I was getting ready this morning I saw it. 
Ummm scuse, but that piece of hair looks to be about an inch long, and I know Brit Brit ain’t cutting my layers that short. 
WHY is my hair breaking?? This is not acceptable. I realize I have what’s the word… sensitive hair. 
It is thin. 
It is fine. 
And yes I highlight the shizz out of it, but it has never done this… this breaking thing…this is outta control. 

Now call me crazy, but KNOW I am extremely careful with my hair. I only wash it every other day, I am super gentle with brushing it…I even spend big bucks on the good products. 
My theory? Since I cut it short, I have had to round brush it every time to give ma hairs more body etc. I think it is the heat from the hair dryer, and the round brushing. Also the damn CHI. When I wore my extensions and curled it, I swear it didn’t break as much. 
I don’t know what else to do, except to stop using heat products, or stop highlighting it. In which case I’d quit reading this blog immediately because its gonna get real scary up in huuuur. 
Seriously though, any tips. HEEEELP. 
a balding sister.

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  1. "In which case stop reading the blog immediately" made me laugh – I'm sure it'll be OK! Did you ask your hair dresser for tips? I bet it is the hair drying/round brushing combo as well, that makes sense. I'm not much in the area of hair advice/tips but I think that your hairdresser has prob seen it all and could help ya out.

  2. Ashley says:

    Could it be new growth?

    Try Morocan Oil! And take vitamins!

  3. Lindsey says:

    um. Woah. I would suggest getting a good blow dryer like my Chi that I got for Xmas. And in all honestly, if I were you I'd try to let it air dry as much as possible before touching it with any heat so you don't have to use as much. Personally I don't put heat on my hair during the week, but I can get away with wearing my hair wavy or in a bun. I guess the only solution here is to lay off the heat. And you need a good heat protector before you blow dry. I use biosilk.

  4. Lindsey says:

    And who is that little girl creepin in on the pic? Kinda reminds me of a scary movie. Is that one of the bebe's??? You may need to point her out.

  5. take vitamins! Your hair doesnt look dead at all so I think it may just be a shorter peice or new hairs! don't worry!

  6. MelanieLiane says:

    Hey girl, I've been having the same issue with my hair falling out & getting really thin. I heard of some products called 'Ovation Hair' and it's supposed to help your hair grow longer, stronger, & thicker. I will be trying it soon because I've heard great things about it. They also have styling products to help with moisturizing, etc. πŸ™‚ Hope this can help ya!

  7. I would give your stylist a call and ask her opinion. Maybe lay off the heat for a few days? I agree with the heat protector.

    ps – love your hair tho! mine is super fine and i can't ever get it to do anything!

  8. LOL love the little girl in the background giggling atcha! Too cute! I have no advice as my hair takes a beating and I still somehow manage to keep a headfull of it! Wish I could give you some of mine haha! Hope you find something that works but if you don't already I would say take vitamins like Biotin, etc.

  9. Kate says:

    From what I understand, teasing can break your hair off also. And if you think about it, that is where you tease. And that combined with the round brush and heat from hair dryer/flat iron. Yeah, bound to happen… Good luck repairing it!! If you find anything good, please share πŸ™‚

  10. French Lover says:

    Are you 100% sure this is due to breakage? Like Ashley I'd recommend Morrocan Oil & supplements/vitamins that target hair growth.

  11. Kristen says:

    Maybe try taking Biotin vitamins if you aren't already. They're for hair and nails. I noticed a huge difference in mine since I started taking them. Even my skin is better.

    Also maybe give your hair rest days do you don't use the Chi or curling iron? I have thick hair so I haven't experienced this but my hair does dry out if I don't give it a break every now and then.

  12. Day Old News says:

    I have a piece like that too. Mine is from the color sitting on there too long. Feel it when it is wet and see if the texture is either slimey or extra rough, like something is stuck in your hair. Then it's not your fault. πŸ™‚ Otherwise, I'm down with the Morrocan oil and avocado hair masques.

  13. Day Old News says:

    And tell that kid with the rich full locks behind you to stop laughing.

  14. Sad day! I don't know what to tell you πŸ™ Maybe try not to use a lot of heat on it.

    Sorry, girl!

  15. Emily says:

    My hair has been falling out and breaking like crazy so I've started using Kerastarse and it's been working!

    xx Emily @

  16. Rachel says:

    My hair did this exact same thing and my hair dresser said it was just due to years and years of highlighting…so I bit the bullet and went darker and haven't highlighted in over a year now. I had a lot more breakage than what you have but it is finally now back to healthy and no more breakage πŸ™‚ I also have been using a product called Dieci which is amazing. It's a leave in as well and I noticed a huge difference after using it for a while.

  17. I think you should always wash your hair the night before let it dry overnight (if you can handle a wet pillow) and then just dry whats left in the morning.. only straighten the ends if possible.. and even clip in extensions will break ur hair off..You should get backcomb in a bottle from big and sexy it will give you lift before you tease.. (it works)and if you can the next day just use baby powder or big and sexy dry shampoo on the poof just a little and just "fluff" the poof back to shape this will eliminate reteasing..the powder will attach the the hair and make it less work to be done! I done hair before nursing and those are my stick too for teasing!! also kpak has a really good deep conditioning treatment u could use to make ur hair stronger!!!

  18. Courtney says:

    I started taking biotin this week!! $7 at wal mart

  19. jessica says:

    lawd girl i wish i had some tips for you! my sis is the hairdresser in the family..she gave me some kind of spray that you put on your hair before blow drying/straightening it..trying to remember what it's called. obvi i never use it..maybe i should.
    unfortunately i know house problems not hair problems πŸ™

  20. Karleen says:

    My hair has been really dry too! I'm going to try sleeping with a humidifier in your room. I also started using Macadamia deep repair masque and that seems to help.

  21. Karleen says:

    haha, a humidifier in "my" room, not your room. That's creepy!

  22. Kate says:

    Who's the little kid creepin on your tragedy in the background? Haha..

    I'm sorry this happened! I'd be horrified too, but honestly your hair doesn't look unhealthy at all, and you take much better care of your mane than I do. I have to wash mine every day or else it gets way too limp and greasy. I've tried dry shampoo, powder, etc.. and it's just not the same *sigh*.

    I like the comment that suggested taking vitamins, and talk to your hairdresser and see what type of fixes she has in mind. GL!

  23. You can go bald with me. All of my hair is falling out since I had the baby. I'm a mess. πŸ˜›

  24. Caroline says:

    Take prenatal vitamins. Get the ones at Target. They're fairly inexpensive and they make your hair grow.

  25. Kelly says:

    Oh lordy- I saw a comment that said backcombing can cause breakage….. However true this may be- I know a true Kentucky girl will never stop "poofing" πŸ™‚

    Your hair looks really healthy so I am going to use the power of positive thinking for ya and tell ya it's just new hair!

  26. Sarah says:

    Haha I totally agree with Lindsey. I couldn't stop looking at the little girl in the background! I'm not sure what to tell you about your hair but I'm sure you'll figure it out. It always looks great! πŸ™‚

  27. Tell the little lady behind you to hold the giggles – it's going to happen to her someday too! I dyed the business out of my hair for years and then out of nowhere it started breaking when I hit 28. I started taking prenatal vitamins every day which really helped and tried not to heat style the top as much as possible. It's probably just random and will disappear soon πŸ™‚

  28. im a burnette, i personally never use the blow dryer during the week, i usually let my hair just have a natural wave..maybe u should start using ur "weave" again and less heat? just a thought, i always loved ur hair long. reminds me more of Carrie Underwood. πŸ™‚

  29. This happened to me! I went to my hair lady in tears! anyway I ended up having to lay off the blonde, i didn't go brown (i would never! ekk!) but a bit darker blonde and no more bleach. It grew back after awhile, but mine was literally in the front- which was pretty mortifying!! good luck!

  30. Girl my hair has been falling out for months and thinning big time.. what is the deal? It's tragic I know! I use a CHI blowdyer which I love, got rid of the CHI flatiron and use a Croc now which I like better and you can control the heat so not make it real hot around your face and "sensitive" areas… and also Kerestase (sp?) shampoo and conditioner which is ridiculously expensive but I think it does help. I am going to try the Biotin vitamins this week too I think!! XO

  31. I'm a big proponent of not only doing stuff that's good for your hair on the outside (i.e. exactly what you're doing… deep conditioning, laying off the heat, etc) but I also think what you eat can make a big difference, too! Try eating salmon and/or tuna once a week plus other healthy fats like avocado – just a little on a sandwich tastes le yumz. Also try cutting back on the DC's (diet Coke) and drinking lotsa water. I love Diet Coke like any other girl but its not exactly beauty elixir. Know what I'm sayin? And bonus! If you do all these things, your skin and nails will be healthier, too. πŸ™‚

  32. I've never tried it, but have heard good things about Viviscal…it's popular among celebs (like Reese) ,models,etc.

  33. megan says:

    I really hate to tell you this, but I have a broken piece/spike/unicorn horn right in the same place. It happened when I got my hair done for my brother's wedding & girlfriend teased the crap out of it. πŸ™ Time for a bump-it! Jk…I know that's blasphemy!

  34. don't panic right away! It could just be a freak piece of hair. If more start breaking, I would first talk to your hair dresser and then even dermatologist for suggestions. One product I really love is the Fekkai intensive anti-aging hair treatment. It really does help protect and treat the hair!

  35. Miss Lindsay says:

    I have been using Redkin Anti-Snap and my stylist noticed a difference on my front pieces that are always breaking… she also recommended Peter Coppola Keratin Rx Serum. I used it for the first time this week and loved how my hair felt. It's supposedly packed with protein so we'll see if that helps the breakage.

  36. JJ says:

    start taking Biotin immed. Get the Instyler. I don't know if you have it or have ever used it. It doesn't break your hair like the Chi.promise. I was Chi obsessed then I got some hair breakage and I was dunzo with the Chi. INSTYLER is amazing!

  37. rut roh. my friend, you need my hair growth kit. i take a million things and they make your hair grow like a weed. also, i would let it air dry from now on. i love nioxin scalp treatment.

  38. oh, also, joico k pak deep reconstructor is the most amazing thing ever for damaged hair.

  39. 3 words: pre-natal vitamins. Maybe that's only 2 words? Anywho, pre-natals have lots of protein building compounds (think vitamin B6, B12) that will strengthen your hair (as well as help it grow faster).

  40. Ok, I tell all my clients with this problem the same thing. Lay off the heat for a little bit. Wear it "curly" as much as possible. When you have to use the flat iron go get you Smooth and Seal from Sexy Hair. It helps protect the hair from heat and works amazingly without weighing it down. ALSO for everyday use go get Agadir Oil (the real stuff not the knock off from Sally's) and Trauma Treatment from Lanza. Both are incredibly important to damaged hair. They will save your ass/hair!

    If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me!


  41. Ashley says:

    HAHA! Sorry, the fact that your hair is breaking it NOT funny but the way you tell it definitely is!

    Maybe just try to dry your hair on low heat and use the CHI as little as possible for a while. I tend to get breakage right at the front near my bang area but I think it just comes from being heated and brushed etc daily. Don't panic just yet! πŸ™‚

  42. Katy M says:

    I had a similar sitch with my hair, had been highlighting the crap out of it for years upon years.. finally I decided to take a HUGE risk and dye it dark and I shockingly love it. I can't even explain how much healthier, shinier, ect my hair is! Maybe you should go dark for a lil bit, and then come summer the sun will naturally lighten it up again!?

  43. Major Gal says:

    first off, start taking biotin. it's good for hair and nails. the breakage is likely from heat styling combined with the lightening treatments. us blondies go through a lot for these locks. get a strengthening treatment if you can find a good one and maybe see if you can rock a scrunched wavy look without drying your hair every few days. it's the heat that dries it out and then causes the breakage. and you still look gorge, so don't worry!

  44. I agree with the biotin! It's great for hair and nails. Basically I just take a prenatal vitamin and it does the trick. Lol and Im not prego, so it's funny. But I just started highlighting my hair, so ah this post makes me nervous! I am glad I found your blog, I am enjoying reading it too! Glad I followed you!

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary


  45. Okay Lou Lou… here are some tips. I am a hair stylist and these tips usually seem to help.

    If you wash your hair everyday you may want to stop for a while and try every other. Washing everyday can you leave your hair very dry. Use a dry shampoo for the days between!

    Are you using a boar bristle round brush or metal? Boar is significantly better for your hair and can add some shine, so if you aren't using one switch now!

    When you blow dry your hair you should make sure it's about 70%-80% dry before you put your brush through it. Brushing wet hair can really cause some damage.

    You are using awesome products… I did see that some suggested Moroccan Oil which is a great product that you might want to try!

    I hope this helps…if it makes you feel better having shorter pieces underneath can help add volume! Try to look at the bright side! πŸ™‚

  46. Holly says:

    I have baby fine hair, and not much of it.

    I started taking prenatal pills last fall, and using the NIOXIN line – world of a difference!

    My hair feels thicker from the root!

  47. that girl creepin in from the corner is scurry. She one of the bebes? Anyway, try taking omega 3 oils and vitamin E … or prenatal vitamins.

  48. Erin says:

    Yea… where did the little peanut come from?
    Take Biotin!! I swear by the shiz.

  49. Stephanie says:

    Mine does the same thing when I apply too much heat. My hair girl basically made me SWEAR to hear that I would only use the flat iron 1-2 times per week. She also told me that the curling iron is SO much "better" (per se) for your hair than the flat iron because the flat iron is so hot and squeezes the ba-Jesus outta your hair, therefore, frying it. (Not that your hair is fried…these were her words.) I've stopped using a straightener, wash my hair every other day and curl it maybe 3 times per week and have noticed a huge difference. Color lasts longer, hair is SO much healthier. Just my two cents. πŸ™‚

    Oh-and what kind of shampoo/conditioner are you using? I'm sure it's good but you want to make sure it has protein in it since your hair seems a lot like mine…fine/thin/breaks easily. (Paul Mitchell "Super Strong" is my fave) That can play a huge factor in it too.:)

    Hope some of this rambling of mine helps. WHY do us women have to be so damn complicated??

  50. Oh no! Maybe your hair is trying to tell you it misses the weave… ?! Maybe?? I use Redken Anti-Snap on my hair to help reduce breakage. I also take Biotin supplements and use either Moroccan oil or Macadamia Oil. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  51. Lia Joy says:

    I have very similar hair to yours. So very fine baby hair. My hair did that to me back in college. Except my hair broke off at my hairline… On my forehead. It was awful. My cousin is a hairdresser and she suggested I start taking Biotin vitamins and lay off the straightener. Now, I can't lay off the straightener everyday, but I did cut down on it a lot and it's really helped. And the Biotin vitamins seriously make my hair so much stronger {my nails and eyelashes too!} She also told me if I have to take a hot tool to my hair a curling iron is much better than a straightener as they don't get nearly as hot.

    And when it comes to drying my hair, she suggested I keep my hair dryer off the hottest setting and keep it at least 8 or so inches away from my hair. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  52. Perhaps you could stop dying your hair and embrace the beautiful color God gave you naturally! You are a pretty girl and don't HAVE to be blonde for that.

  53. Jenn W says:

    i have the SAME problem with my hair breaking…and i have NO clue what to do about it. i did start lettin it air dry and then just straightening it but i still haven't been able to see a difference.
    if you get any good tips, pass them along!!

  54. Shannon says:

    Along w/ the whole world of ladies, mine did this too. But it was my baby fine hairs around my face. YUCK.

    I had to donate my CHI to my lucky 17 year old cousin who has perfectly un-highlighted, thick, hair. And I bought a new BedHead flat iron w/ temp control. I still get great styling on the low/med setting, and not as much heat damage.

    I also was pointed to Moroccan Oil, and it smells and works GREAT! For yourself, you would only need PEA-SIZED amount, so the little bottle lasts forevvvv.

    Don't fret – hair grows, yo!


  55. Erica says:

    Oh my gosh, I just went and had my hair cut shorter (actually inspired by you when you cut yours shorter!)and my hair dresser found the same thing, not sure when it happened or why b/c I'm not doing much different to my hair and like you…going brunette is just not an option, I adore it on everyone with it but I'm SO used to this color I literally can't go darker. She told me to moisturize like crazy and to ONLY color my roots (I color my own hair). Call your hair stylist and ask her opinion STAT.

  56. Michelle says:

    It could be from your hair tie. Mine was doing that ( I have fine thin hair like you) and Kathy ( my hair lady) said it was from sleeping in my hair tie. Don't worry bb your hair still looks fab!

  57. Amanda S. says:

    Culprit = Chi… trade that super-hot sucker for an iron that allows you to lower the heat settings – your fine, blonde hair doesn't need 450-degree heat! Eeek! Been there tho – good luck Lou Lou!

  58. I already commented once, but I just thought of this. I too have the 3 year old hair that's super limp and fine and thin. I started applying Aussie Instant Freeze Mousse to just the roots of my hair before drying. It 1) helps to protect against heat damage and 2) gives it more texture/grab. Then, on the second day, when I don't wash I can apply baby powder/dry shampoo and it looks a lot thicker from the root. πŸ™‚

  59. ms.composure says:

    yea i had this problem over a year ago!! so i just stopped putting so much heat on my hair…i know our hair types are totally diff but i def feel your pain girl!!

  60. lori says:

    i feel your pain… but I'm sorry i don't have much advice for you. i have major breakage around my ears where the hair is real sensitive. i would love it if you post any tips when you figure it out! i just try to limit the heat and not straighten it if i don't need to. (and move really quick over that area)

  61. Elizabeth says:

    One of the things I love most about your blog is that I also have fine, fairly thin blonde hair that likes to be..umm difficult. And you're hairstyles inspire me. πŸ™‚

    I'm getting married in August and want my hair at its healthiest. Here's the regimen my hairstylist and I came up with: I use the Macadamia Natural Oil masque twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays). Its expensive but no more than Fekkai and I think it works so so much better. Find it at Ulta.

    I am also taking Biotin twice a day – in the morning with breakfast and before I go to bed. It helps strengthen your hair and nails and hails from Wal-Mart or Target for under $5.00. (It also makes your hair grow noticeably faster so that short piece can catch up.) And I try to give my hair one day "off" – where I don't heat style to protect my ends and don't tease to protect my roots.

    Hope a couple of these are helpful to you! You can't be losing inches of your hair!!!

    xo Life with Elizabeth

  62. Jen says:

    There is nothing you could do to make me stop reading this blog!

    Def start taking a vitamin, I've heard great things about Biotin.

    Personally I've been taking prenatal vitamins for about three years. They are amazing for your hair and nails!

    I have fine hair that I grew out from a cut like yours to about three inches past my shoulders. Trust me, I know all about sensitive hair!

    Keep washing every other day, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, use a weekly deep conditioning mask – Frederic Fekkai makes an AMAZING Shea Butter hair mask and lay off the heat!

    I wrap my hair in a towel for about 20 minutes after I wash it to absorb excess water and blow dry only until its just barely dry.

    For curls with no heat damage I sleep in sponge rollers. I look ridiculous but I don't fry my hair!

    You have made me a firm believer in the "Kentucky poof" I tease with a brush instead of a comb. It's much looser but still has good height.

    I'm a brunette so I can't offer any tips about color, sorry!

    I hope some of this helps. I love your hair!

  63. LL550 says:

    I used to have the exact same problem as you! I too was accidentally born unblessed with with thin boring brown hair (clearly I was supposed to be blonde). I've been taking Biotin pills for the past few months and it has REALLY helped! Only downside is that it does take some time to work, since you have to wait till the new Biotin strengthened hair grows in. Best of luck!!

  64. esl828 says:

    I swear – I used to have hair as short as you did now, and it broke constantly from the round brush. Now it's as long as yours was before your cut – and it is much healthier.

  65. Veronika says:

    switch to a wooden round brush—the middle doesn't heat up like the ones with the metal middle so it won't add additional heat to your sensitive strands.

  66. Adriana says:

    I'm so glad you posted about this! Lately, when I've put my hair up in a pony tail I have noticed that one side looks thinner. Aaah, don't ever want to go bald, so I'm going to try some of the suggestions that were given to you. Best wishes finding something that works. And when you do, please consider posting about it-I would love to know what helped:)

  67. Fitzi says:

    I have super fine hair too! No random short pieces, but then again I rarely do anything to it except dry and round-brush it (I'm challenged in the doing hair department). One day they'll invent a pill we can take for thicker hair. One day…
    In other news, I finally blogged about the pimp cups I made for my friend's wedding, thought you'd enjoy seeing them!

  68. SS says:

    I think you're using too much "protein" based hair product daily. This happened to me after I overused a Redken leave-in. I would recommend switching to the Morrocan Oil conditioner and maybe mask and taking biotin daily to encourage growth.

  69. Savy Girl says:

    I would take your vitamins like the other girls suggested. Buuuut have you had your thyroid checked? I remember tweeting you after you cut your hair, talking about how my hair was falling out/breaking. Turns out, my thyroid was low. Sometimes your hair shows symptoms of your body needing something else. Good luck!

  70. Kels says:

    I use to have this same problem! I started using morroccan oil and that helped a lot but nanoworks by pureology is really what saved my hair! It's rather pricey but it really does help! If not nano works a good mending shampoo will help like mending complex from bumble and bumble or essential repair by pureology is well!

  71. Kayla says:

    Try Morrocan oil!! It did wonders for my heat sensitive hair!

  72. 'Dee says:

    I am also "blessed" with thin, superfine hair and found that flat irons (used for curling for me – my hair is stick straight) were just TOO hot for my hair to handle. The combination of that plus blow-drying most days plus the occasional poofing πŸ™‚ created havoc.

    I'd give up on the flat iron and go back to curling irons first. And a couple of times a week, wash and let air dry, then use your velcro rollers & poofing in the morning to give it volume & shape.

    After a few months of a little babying, I bet you'll see improvement. I definitely did, now I'm sticking to this routine like glue!

  73. caitlin says:

    I would recommend either redken anti-snap or bed head's small talk to put in your hair before you blow it dry πŸ™‚

  74. Jaclyn Kaye says:

    Loving the little girl with the long locks in the back laughing at you! That's crazy girl, air dry??

  75. lexilives says:

    Who IS that lil bebe in the background. And snaps for the "I <3 Horses" shirt. Lil cutie.

    And don't freak on the hair… my stylist kindly pointed out one single solitary grey hair the other day. Thanks, bish.

  76. Miss Morgan says:

    I had this same exact problem and I FREAKED (my hair is like yours-fine and thin)! As much as I wanted these hairs to be baby or new hairs, it was hair that had broken πŸ™ And mine was in the same spot, right around the crown. I also highlight the heck out of my hair with straight bleach. To stop the breakage I had to change the way I highlighted. My stylist went from using only bleach to using bleach and the lightest blonde color available. Then she would foil one bleach, one blonde color, one bleach, one blonde color, and so on. This made a HUGE difference. It's a 10 also works MIRACLES. I use the leave in spray everytime I wash my hair. I also started combing my hair with a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner was in my hair instead of wrapping my hair in a towel after I washed it and then combing it out. And of course, lay off the heat IF possible!

  77. I have no tips, but, mine started doing that in the front–like, in my bangs–WTF?! It looks like I'm a damn kid who went all happy with a pair of scissors. Not hot.

  78. shellybell says:

    I used to color my hair all the time too and slowly went to low lights and now I am back to my true, original color! The low lighting helped get me used to it. SO…I would recommend trying that. I know it sounds crazy b/c you're so used to being blonde, but it will save you mucho $$$ in the future AND save your hair by making it so much healthier. Of course, I am a 40 year old mom of 5…not a fun, vivacious 20 year old like you! Just words of advice from a somewhat cool mom…I think I'd better ask my kids first, but I am, really!!!

  79. Margaret says:

    THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! EXCEPT ALL OVER. the reason was b/c the hairdresser that I went to used too high of a volume on top of the bleach.( she used a 40 volume- its what processes the color- on top of bleach and put me under the dryer.


    if using bleach to highlight use a volume higher than 20

    – put you under a dryer- this speeds up the process but DAMAGES your hair a lot more

    – ANOTHER OPTION is to use : ULTRA PALE BLONDE COLOR INSTEAD OF BLEACH- that can be used with the highest volume – 40- without nearly as much damage as using BLEACH ( it's the bleach + high volume that is bad) but SERIOUSLY- maybe try staying away from the bleach for a few months. the ultra pale blonde will give you light blonde – promise


    heating tools- find new ways of doing your hair with the least amount of heating tools possible-
    for ex- if you are blowdryer that day – don't use a flat iron or curling iron,
    try to stay away from heat for a while until your hair get's healthier : use headbands, mousse- scrunch your hair, sleep w sponge rollers,braiding, anything you can to achieve great hair without using heat tools.


    BIOTIN- 4X a day

    PRENATALS- WITHOUT IRON: there are gummy ones available at target that are delish. and work great


    ^^^^ My hair was fried off worse than yours and it took me about a year and a half for my hair to fully recover but trust me if you follow these steps you will begin to see results after a month.

    Also : using hair masks is great- condition condition condition

    PUREOLOGY hydrating shampoo plus condition is wonderful.
    Moroccan oil
    and REDKEN( which I usually am not the biggest fan of but these few products rock) EXTREME ANTI SNAP- works amazing- just apply to damp hair after you shower.

    Find a hairdresser that does deep conditioning treatments : a great one is redken chemical shots- leaves your hair smooth, detangled, and healthy for 40 washes.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  80. Same thing happened to me in July! I have your same hair and highlight with bleach. I tried everything (not exaggerating) and the best thing EVER is Avedas damage remedy shampoo and conditioner and I use the mask 1 to 2 times a week and I noticed improvement immediately and now my hair is healthier than ever! Run, don't walk and get this!!!

  81. I'm your newest follower, but I've been reading for a while. Teasing will make your hair do that!!

  82. sugar says:

    I've had that happen. So now I use Chem Shots, Its a professional product.You'll love it!

  83. That happened to me – but it was hormone related (stress or estrogen/progesterone). If it is all throughout your hair, it may have been a hormone drop/surge (can't remember which one). I guess (according to my hair lady) you have a portion of your hair throughout your head that will fall out if you get too stressed or due to hormones. Luckily, if it is growing back – that's a good thing!!!

  84. Holly says:

    I have short hairs like that in my hair, but the stylist said it was too give it more volume…not sure if thats helpful or not :-/

    new follower here!

  85. Amber says:

    Tons of great comments here!!! Your hair is so gorgeous, I would be freaking out too! Hopefully you find something that works and fixes the problem!

  86. I've had the same thing happen to my hair and the hair dryer was to blame. Make sure your vent cover is on straight! I hope this helps, you have great hair girl! πŸ™‚

  87. MeTheMama says:

    You have to ease up on the bleaching. That is likely the result of overlapping bleach processes which weaken the hair and then your major heat styling. It's a pretty big deal for hair to break off that short! Imagine how much breakage you have on the ends that you don't notice.
    If this happens 1 more time, i recommend finding a new stylist who does your hilites more carefully. And getting a new blowdryer.
    Also, don't use oil in your hair, it isn't meant for fine hair. Look at what happens to oil when you cook with it. You can fry potatoes in it!!

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