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It’s a PinkLouLou Christmas!

Oh hai, there you are. 
Work has been cray cray, but I finally feel like I have my life  back to some degree. 
Are you excited about Christmas? Because I am. 
I thought we would do a series, It’s a PinkLouLou Christmas and feature some of my favorite gift ideas this season.
 Fun yes? I think so…
First on the agenda? 
Hair accessories. I have been so into them recently. I have always had quite the collection of fun girly headbands, but recently I haven’t left the house without a flower, bow, or some glittery object stuck in my hair. 
No bow, no go. 😉

A cute hair accessory and a sweet Christmas card makes the perfect little gift for all of your girlfriends. 
1. they are not expensive, and 
2. they are just too cute!
Here are some of my favorites, that I may or may not have ordered for myself. 
{I have this brown satin one in my bangs above!}
it’s no lie, I am allll girl aren’t I? ha. 
Happy hair accessory shopping!
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  1. mrs.mfc says:

    cute cute cute!!

  2. Simply Amy says:

    loving that small bow!

  3. Phoebe Jan says:

    They are all so cute! You're right…it makes the perfect little gift! I might add a little hair accessory to some of my girlfriends' gifts! Thanks for the idea! =)

    Definitely loving that small bow one!

  4. very pretty hair accessories!

  5. Rissy says:

    that really is a great idea for girl friends!

    I may wear a lot of black today but add some sass to my hair!


  6. Lindsey says:

    You need my green dollar spot bow for st. patty's day. I may or may not have 2 and may or may not be willing to send you one.

  7. Katie says:

    you can pull them off really well but I feel like it makes me look 10! they are a great xmas idea too 🙂 xoxo

  8. WHERE are these FROM!?!! I never leave the house without eyeliner or a hair accessory! I need to update my collection!

    PS – you NEED that pink xmas tree.

  9. Ashley says:

    So adorable!!! I love me some hair accessories 🙂

  10. Michelle P says:

    I love all of these!

  11. .hannah. says:

    I've always thought I would look ridiculous with a big flower in my hair, but after seeing the pics of you pulling it off and looking gorgeous, I must give it a try.

  12. KY says:

    These are so cute! Your hair cut is fabulous!! 🙂

  13. Marjorie says:

    you're so beautiful, you should seriously look into modeling! i love how you do your hair too.

  14. Torie says:

    Too cute! Ugh, I love headbands! Wish I had the courage to wear some of those bigger pieces. They look great on you!

  15. SO cute!! My little princess has a FISHBOWL filled with headbands and another one filled with little barettes and cute hair clips and she is ONLY 6 months old! lol I'll admit I sometimes borrow them! …Hey I bought most of them! haha

  16. Pink Glam says:

    I love all the hair accessories! so cute! and a great idea.

  17. Ashley says:

    These are so cute!! Where did you get the big white one in the first picture? I am IN LOVE! So so cute!

  18. Meredith says:

    You should definitely look at All of her bows and rosettes are 20% off for the Xmas season!

  19. Caroline says:

    You always have the best hair accessories!

  20. Which reminds me I have your address still I need to send you some of my goodies!

  21. Kara says:

    My friend makes the cutest hair accessories! Whimsies!

  22. Amanda says:

    I love all the hair accessories!

  23. that little teeny bow is so precious!

  24. Sole Matters says:

    ahh i love the little brown one!

  25. I love those headbands! I think I just found the perfect Christmas present for my roomies!

  26. Venassa says:

    Those are too cute! You look amazing in bows and headbands. I feel weird when I wear stuff like that.

  27. Megan says:

    I adore each and every one of these! They all look great on you 🙂

  28. Holly says:

    Those are so cute! I'm always afraid that with dark hair the accessories get lost in my locks. Weird problem to have? I think I just need to go with it because when I feel my hair is blah, then adding a cute accessory might give my hair the boost it needs! Thanks for the inspiration! They look so stinkin' cute in your hair!

  29. sgrana says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink flower!

    Ps. you have a super cute haircut! wish my curly hair would do that lol

  30. etta says:

    Your hair always looks so good! I just had a baby, so I always look like garbage. Could you come live with me and fix my hair every morning while I feed my adorable little boy?

  31. Adriana says:

    Hi Miss Pink Lou Lou! I'm interrupting my finals homework because I completely moved to tell you how much I look forward to your posts every week. I love and can totally relate (as I'm sure many other girls can)to how you think. I also love love love your ideas! I have been contemplating what to get my gfs for Christmas along w/their cards but with school stress haven't really been able to think clearly and come up with anything. I have also been loving some pretty hair accessories lately but never would have thought to get my friends some as a Christmas gifts especially ordering them from Forever 21! Cute but amazingly priced for my low budget this month. Thank you for the great idea and for continuing to blog:)

  32. lori says:

    all SOOOO cute. i need to get into hair accessories more… my hair is so boring!

  33. Jessica says:

    ooh i am in LOVE with that little bow in your hair- too cute!!
    I love headbands too but don't wear then nearly enough…maybe I will start after seeing all your pretty ones!!

  34. Maura says:

    yess! love all of these! i love throwing on cute hair accessories cause it's such an easy way to make your hair look cute in like .2 seconds!! i always get compliments every time i wear something in my hair!!

  35. I'm a bit in love with the whole retro thing so of course I love the idea of vintage hats, unfortunately the chapeau is not de rigueur right now. I'm thinking a giant flower/bow is the modern equivalent. Simply adore it!

  36. Traci says:

    So cute! Where did you order from?

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