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I feel like I am cheating on John Krasinski

Ok, let’s discuss something. 
We have a problem. And his name is Robert Pattinson. 
Yeah yeah, ok, enough already, I realize I am SUPER late to the party here, but I JUST this past week saw the twilight movies.
GASP SHOCK. I know. 
I just didn’t get into them at first, I just never had the desire to either read the books and or watch the movies. 
Well, that all changed last week when I saw all four in three days. WOOPS. 
I get it now. Holy hottness I am literally in love with Edward Cullen. Pretty sure he has been sneaking in my room at night.

Let’s just look at him for a second shall we? 
Ya. He is beyond gorgeously perfect.
And if you missed this on Ellen, it was hysterical.

ALSO, did you know he sings? Yeah, news to me. I am 100% positive he can do no wrong. 
Clearly, LouLou be team Edward. 
Watch out Bella Swan, I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you. 

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  1. Caroline says:

    He is so cute! And I love your Bella pic!

  2. Ashley says:

    I LOVE your Bella pic — you would have been a WAY better cast than Kristen Stewart 😉

    I have read the books twice and LOVED them. I watched the first movie and thought it was quite the train wreck…everyone keeps swearing that they get better but I can't get into ti =/

  3. Lindsey says:

    LOL IRL to that last pic. No you did not.

    Now, UMMM THE MOVIES EFFING SUCK!!! You neeeeeeddddddd like if you don't, I'm coming KY to slice you … you NEEED to READ THE DAMN BOOKS. one million gazillion times better the books. The beginning of the second book I cried so hard I couldn't breathe, I had to get up and take a break.

    Seriously. Best. Love. Story. Ever.


  4. Lindsey says:

    i meant the books are one million gazillion times better than the movies*

  5. I caught on super late too.. Edward is so hot, I was def missing out before! Love your bella pic too!!

  6. Katie says:

    I agree with Linds! YOU need to read the books!!!! The movies do no justice, except for the mere fact you can stare at him on the tv rather than fantasy about him on paper. Anywho…glad you are on Team Edward. LOVE that man. I will have his babies (I've cleared it with Billy..)

  7. P!nky says:

    Sorry LOULOU team JACOB!!!!!!

  8. Allison says:

    I literally just jumped onto the Twilight train like a week ago. I had seen Twilight and New Moon back when they were in theaters (forced by my friends) and didn't get it. Twilight was on FX last week and I got hooked. I even watched it again last night! Best Buy had the first 3 movies for $3.99 each so you better believe I snatched them all up. Can't wait to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. He's so yummy. I'm 100% Team Edward.

  9. Raquel says:

    Girl, the movies are NOTHING compared to the books!! The books are wayyyyy better!

  10. hahahahahaha ok that last picture literally I just died! so funny! and don't feel bad, I still have never had time to read one of the books or see any of the movies! LOL I feel like a total loser 🙁

  11. Sarah says:

    Well, if it's even possible, I'm further back on the Twilight train than you are! I've refused to watch it….because I know once I do I'll get hooked. But that Ellen skit was too funny! Gotta love her!! 🙂

  12. Jackie Sue says:

    omgggg ELLENNNNN is hilarious! thanks for sharing!

  13. Ashley says:

    Don't worry, I'll take care of John while you're hanging out with Rob 😉

  14. Mallory says:

    Team Edward all the way! 🙂

  15. sfitzg2 says:

    Welcome to the party! I love your photoshop pic 🙂 Rob is straight up sexy.

  16. You will be even more in love when you read the books, which you MUST!

  17. I'm a lot like you. Despite having a job in the book industry I've never had a desire to read the books OR see the movies. It's just… weird to me? But after seeing the previews on TV for the new Breaking Dawn movie I must admit I'm a little intrigued. He's beyond hot. They always play them on Showtime, so I might play catchup and MAYBE see the new one. That's a big maybe, haha.


  18. dottie says:

    Can I just say how good you look as a brunette?!?

  19. Oh, Robert… I am totes Team Edward.

  20. Carolyn says:

    OMG. That last pic… cracks me up. 🙂 I agree… Edward is attractive. Especially in the newest movie… YUM!!

  21. Chelsi Baird says:

    Best romance books! Robert Pattinson is amazingly hott!!! 🙂 Definitly read the books, they are amazing and pull you in so quick that you end up reading all 4 books in a week!

  22. teeny says:

    haha I was the same way the first time I seen Twilight a few years back! I immediately bought every book, read them all and became completely ROBsessed!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I never thought I would like Twilight until my college roommates drug me to the midnight premiere of the first movie – loved it! Robert Pattinson is definite eye candy. Love him as Edward!

    This is one instance where I didn't like the books as much as the movies – I could barely get through the first one because the grammar is so poor.

    So glad you enjoyed them!

  24. lilmoomoo says:

    1. Rob is sexy. indeed.

    2. Agreed that you MUST read the books.

    3. Agreed with Lindsey- the second book will make you major emotional. (It could cause you to feel as though you are having a breakup with ol' Edward yourself, which could result in copious amounts of wine drinking.)

    4. I almost peed my pants over your photoshopped pinkloulou instead of bella picture. holy. moly.

    5. Welcome to the Twilight dark side friend!


  25. Delaney says:

    its about time you get on the twilight band wagon 🙂 haha

  26. Meredith says:

    He's so cute. Love your Bella pic too cute.

  27. Virginia says:

    He is so gorg! When they cast him (having read the books) I don't know why but I was not happy-what was I thinking!! Yum!

  28. Jenny says:

    Haha!!! I just can't get over that look he does… I am definitely a Jacob fan! Love the pic of you two though! 🙂

    Life, Love, and Roses

  29. lori says:

    i havent read the books or seen the movies, either! but i just recorded the first one on my dvr this week, and im going to give it a shot myself!

  30. Tricia says:

    Ok, how did you do that with the Edward photo – LOVE IT. 🙂 I'm thrilled to hear you are on board. I'm also addicted. I can't wait for part 2, but will be sad knowing that is the last movie.

  31. Mandy says:

    haha I have a friend who looks sorta like Robert Patinson! He gets called out all the time. He's 21 and up in Cincinnati if you go for younger men 😉

    Also I saw this on some show on animal planet the other day and thought it was the cutest thing ever. I thought of you and Sadie right away!

  32. lauren says:

    he is such a dreamboat!! 😉
    def. read the books…so so much more love there. edward can do no wrong! :)*

  33. The Aly Way says:

    Gorgeous! In love with him! Honeymoon Scenes in 4th movie… LOVE! Great post 🙂

  34. Stephanie says:

    hahaha i love how you put your face in that last pic!

    and i agree, i love me some r-patz.


  35. OMG! The Bella picture is Hilarious! and Thanks for sharing Ellen's episode that made me laugh!!!) You are something special!!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I've got a new post where I experiment on my hair. It's a lot of fun!) Love to hear what you think. Xo


  36. Crystaljk78 says:

    Ok, so Breaking Dawn Part 1 was the best of the movies so far, but you MUST read the books! I just finished reading them for like the 15th time, and I swear I get all sad and depressed for at least 3 days afterwards cuz I get so into them. Maybe I want to be a vampire? lmao! Anyway, I hope you read them 🙂

  37. Holly says:

    Welcome to the world of Twi-hards! Now you know why we're all so crazy about those movies 😉

  38. KatyK says:

    Compared to the books, the movies are just lacking. I mean I like them, but the books are epic.

    Love the picture though. Its amazing.

  39. Domesticable says:

    The books are so much better than the movies! I am in love with Rob. I can't wait for the next movie! AHHH!


  40. hannah. says:

    so no lie, my children's godmother dated him. she would send me pics of him and just let me tell you…its a lot better on screen than it is off. he is SKINNY. like about to blow away skinny. he does have amazing hair though.

  41. Omg finally! You need to read the books them you'll fall deeper in love! 🙂 but I love Robert's personality he is soo funny.

  42. Tiffany says:

    I've never read the books or see the movies, but you're convincing me that I'm missing out and I need to! 🙂


  43. Leslie says:

    obsessed. If you haven't already… you need to google his vanity fair spread.. holy smokes. The magazine is beside my bed to this day, despite the fact that it's like 3 years old. #dontjudge
    He's even more attractive without the vampire make-up… definitely rent you some R-Patt movies this weekend 😉

  44. Caiti says:

    haha. LOVE edward cullen. he is GORGE-MOUS! mmmmmmmmmm.

  45. etta says:

    Pretty sure Bella Swan doesn't sleep anymore 🙂

    He's nice to look at (huge fan of sexy accents), but sometimes his hair is too awful and I just want to wash it for him.

  46. Carpe Diem says:

    You could totally be a brunette! 🙂

  47. Keri says:

    I have never seen a Twilight movie and didn't get all the hype until I saw him in "Water for Elephants" SWOON!!!!!!

  48. Jessica says:

    Hahaha! I think Jacob is better looking, but his voice irks me a little bit. I'm definitely Team Edward as well! 🙂

  49. Lacey says:

    I haven't seen the movie yet – and I'm dying to get to the theater.

    Love John Krasinski, love R.Patz and lately I reallllly love Jason Segel. He has been on TV so much lately promoting the Muppets…and I don't hate it!!

  50. The first twilight soundtrack had two of his songs on it. Both are amazing. Helps that he is adorable, playing a fantastic romantic, and he can play instruments and sing. Definitely a dream 🙂

  51. Ky says:

    The first twilight soundtrack had two of his songs on it. Both are amazing. Helps that he is adorable, playing a fantastic romantic, and he can play instruments and sing. Definitely a dream 🙂

  52. I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon quite late. I understand the R. Pat craze.. He seems almost southern gentlemanly and I love it! But I have yet to see Breaking Dawn yet! I have heard it is the best so far!

  53. Stephanie says:

    Welcome to the world of Edward Cullen. I read the books a few years ago and have been obsessed with him every since, I mean I dream about the guy weekly.

    & I LOVE the edited photo 🙂

  54. ms.composure says:

    LOL!!! loving the last pic and the ellen video!!! loving this post

  55. Rebecca says:

    He actually does have a really good voice! and he plays guitar =]

  56. Ashley says:

    I have got to go see the newest movie!! The Ellen clip is hysterical!

  57. CurlaBella says:

    I agree completely! It's a weird obsession I would probably not have if he wasn't in those movies. But for realz, there's a slight chance I'd choose RP over my fiance if I had the choice. 🙂

  58. Mighty Burns says:

    Bahaha that picture is so creeper!!
    Yeah Ive loved him for a long. time. fun fact, he is in the harry potter movie as cedric too..
    oh so cute. welcome. welcome to the world of thinking vampires MUST be real because Edward Cullen just HAS to exists..

  59. Description: says:

    I have never read a single one and I'm not about to start… BTW where on earth did you get that adorbs Christmas Tree?!

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