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Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) in dogs.

{warning: if you are not a pet owner, you will probably think that I am fit for a straight jacket kinda crazy}
Hey Ladies. 
If you noticed I have been MIA, you are quite observant. 
It has been a crazy few days. I haven’t blogged about it or tweeted anything because honestly I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. 
Miss Sadie Belle has been in doggy ICU since Tuesday evening. I came home from work to a normal spunky puppy. I put her food out and went on picking up the house, making dinner etc. when I noticed something wasn’t right. I dropped a piece of mac and cheese on the floor and Sadie just looked at it. Didn’t scarf it up like normal. OH NO, is what I thought. She has done this before, if she is not eating, something ain’t right. Girlfrand LIVES to eat, just like her momma. 
I immediately went over to her food bowl and noticed ALL of her food sitting there. Usually it is gone in 30 seconds, I kid you not. {I’ll video it next time}. I looked at sweet girl and asked her what was wrong, expecting her to obviously tell me. 
Then I noticed the couple piles of throw up, and some brown  liquid on the floor. I took her outside so she could go potty. I’ll spare you the details but she had some nasty poo. She just lay there. She wouldn’t move. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and was GREY, like white gray. I knew this was NOT good. 
I called the vet and immediately took her in. The whole time in the car she just lay there wrapped up in a towel, barely breathing, and NOT moving. 
Every now and then she must have gotten a sharp pain in her stomach because she would flinch really suddenly. I was so scared, and probably looked like a mad woman switchin’ lanes like woah, trying to get to the vet, terrified my dog was on her death bed. 
To make a long story short, she kind of was. 
We sat in the vet, and I just held her like a baby. She didn’t even protest. 
They kept her overnight to run blood test and start her on an IV. The doctor immediately said she thought it was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
Say wahtsie
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis  is the a sudden onset episode of diarrhea, often bloody in nature, also characterized by vomiting, not eating, and listlessness, all seen in a previously healthy dog. Shock can develop quickly, due to loss of blood in the intestines. The cause of the disease is unknown, but is believed to be caused by a bacterial infection , a toxin, or a parasite, but none of these are proven. It is mainly seen in miniature breeds of dogs, ages 2-4. Left untreated, it can be fatal. However with prompt medical care, and aggressive treatment, 90 % of dogs recover fully. 
So I am pretty much beside myself at this point. All I could do was trust that she was int he best place she could be at the time. They started her on antibiotics and IV fluids to help with the dehydration. Her grey tongue was evidence to the shock response her body was showing. Her temperature dropped to 90 degrees (normal should be about 100). They put her in an incubator, and wrapped her in warm towels. 
The vet called again at midnight, and I could tell in her voice she was worried. She said Sadie was not doing well, and even in the incubator, her body temperature was barely above 91. She called in a tech to monitor Sadie through the night, assuring me she would call if anything changed. Of course at this point I just LOST it. Puffy eyes, sobbing, snotty nose, ya. The epitome of ugly cry. I didn’t sleep all night and just stared at my phone, hoping no news, was good news. 
I called promptly at 8 am to check on her, and was transferred to like three different people. Of course I am crying again because I think they are passing me off because no one wants to tell me Sadie didn’t make it through the night. 
Finally the Dr. got on the phone, and told me she was doing a little better, her temp was up to 94, but she was still losing a lot of blood. Not good. The kept her again all day and night, and I finally got another call in the evening saying her temp was back up, and she was regulating it on her own. She was still being administered antibiotics through her IV, but she was doing a LOT better. Lifting up her head, watching other animals etc, and responding to voices. 
She made it through last night again, and is doing MUCH better today. They are checking her blood work again this morning, and if all goes well she can come home tonight. 
The point of this long winded dissertation, is to hopefully make all of you doggy owners AWARE of this disease. It can happen SO fast which is what is so scary. I literally noticed a change in Sadie in thirty minutes. I am so glad I noticed that something was really not right, and had the sense to take her to the vet immediately. So many times our dogs will get sick and we will pass it off as nothing. I think the key here is knowing your dog, and what is normal for your little pup. I tend to sit on the “you can’t be too careful” side of the fence, especially because Sadie can be dramatic. Remember the tummy tuck of this past spring anyone? Ya. Sister costs a lot of moolah Imjustsayin
I had such a sweet group of support through this whole thing. 
My roommates were just as upset and worried as I was. Brian loves Sadie, and was so cute just sitting outside with her before we left for the vet. Chrissy called me every couple hours from the hospital where she works to check on her, also calling her sister (who works for a vet) with updates and to get advice. 
My Dr. Daddy went over to the vet to check on Sadie as soon as I called him hysterical. I think he was less than impressed with my lack of medical speak, so he went to get the info himself. Haha.  
My co-workers checked in every couple of hours.
My bloggy friends were so sweet.

  Lady Tallulah Belle, and Sir Chauncy held a candlelight vigil for Sadie.

DON lit her animal candle and said prayers. <3

 Even Lucy the Diva showed her support,  refusing to come out of hiding until Sadie came home from hospital. 

I had tons of other friends call and text about Miss Sadie’s status. She is such a little part of all of our lives! That little snort face sure is loved! 
SO….. sorry for the LOONG post. But I just needed to make sure all of you pup momma’s out there were aware of this hemorrhagic gastroenteritis thingy-ma-jig. Scary stuff. 

I can’t wait to see the little baby girl. She is gonna be SO much more spoiled now than she already is! 
Thanks to everyone who was thinking and praying for my wittle piggy!

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  1. Bless her heart!! I hope Sadie gets well soon!!

  2. Michelle P says:

    Awww I would be so sad if my dogs got sick. Hope she gets better!

  3. Lyndse says:

    Oh goodness! I am so glad she is getting better and that she is going to be ok. Thank you for sharing this, I worry probably way to much about my sweet doggies,but it's better to be safe than sorry. Get well soon Sadie!!

  4. Erin says:

    I hope Sadie feels better soon, it's so awful when your puppy gets sick 🙁

  5. Caroline says:

    OMG! I hope Miss Sadie will get to come home tonight. I can't imagine the fear going on. Knox sends love and kisses to make her better.

  6. Aww…so glad she is improving! Hope she gets to come home today. The candlelight vigil Shasta set up is so cute, btw.

  7. Paige says:

    So glad your little Sadie friend is on the road to recovery! Obviously you are a fabulous dog-mother for noticing something was wrong and getting her to the vet ASAP!

  8. Megan says:

    I would be so panicked if this happened to my little Pug! They are like your children. Praying for both of you!

  9. Chelsie says:

    So glad that you noticed a change in Sadie early on so that you could get her to the vet. My shih tzu Elvis has all kinds of issues and I'm constantly monitoring him to make sure his poo looks…well, as normal as poo is supposed to look. Hope Sadie has a speedy recovery!!

  10. Katie says:

    Oh my goodness, I had no idea this was going on! I'm so sorry Allie 🙁 I'm so glad to hear Sadie is doing a little better. I hope she is OK and can come home tonight. So scary. I wonder what this means for the wknd? Totally understand if you can't make it anymore but will be sad 🙁

    hope Sadie gets better soon!!

  11. Kristen says:

    I'm SO glad Sadie is doing so much better. I can only imagine how scary that was for you…Sadie is so lucky to have such an attentive Momma. 🙂

  12. Brittany says:

    Oh I'm so sorry about Sadie, I hope she continues to get better. Thanks for the the HGE info. I will keep that in mind next time my pug starts feeling bad.

  13. Aimee L says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your precious pup, but I'm glad to hear she's doing better.

    I had a similar emergency with my baby kitty at the end of this past June (he had feline lower urinary tract disease, aka FLUTD), and unfortunately the outcome for him wasn't so good 🙁

    I will be sending prayers your way…I know exactly what you're going through.

    All the best. xoxo

  14. Ashley says:

    From one pup mom to another, I feel terrible for you! I hope she gets better VERY soon..I couldn't imagine going through that 🙁

  15. Anna says:

    Aw sweet Sadie!! So glad things are getting better – sorry about the traumatic two days!

  16. Chelsea says:

    Gosh 🙁 Well, I'm glad Sadie is doing better and I will be praying for a full recovery so that she can come home to her mama! I'm really glad you mentioned this and can hopefully help anyone whose pets might be going through something similar.

    I had a breast cancer scare with my cat earlier this year {who knew??} and it all happened very, very quickly. I agree with you about "you can't be too careful." I'm so glad you got little miss into the vet ASAP! It's pretty evident that you're an amazing fur mom 🙂

  17. Shannon says:

    i could not even imagine going through this with my pup. i am so happy to hear your little fur baby is ok!

  18. Ciara says:

    Just said a little prayer for Sadie. Hope she gets to come home very soon!

    And thank you for this post! I'm momma to a precious Boxer pup, so this kinda scared me! Hopefully I won't have to worry bout said sickness cause my little man is huuuuge already!

  19. simplysarah says:

    get well soon sadie! xo

  20. OMG, poor Sadie! I hate to hear this, but am thankful that you were there to notice her symptoms right away. Maybe this is why she had been keeping to herself a little in the recent past? Maybe she just wasn't feeling well? Aww, poor little girl! Glad she is in good care. Xo.

  21. Wow!!! I had no clue this existed. I'm glad she's doing better and I hope she makes a full recovery ASAP!

  22. P!nky says:

    How scary! Love and prayers for miss sadie and miss loulou!


  23. Lindsey says:

    ummmm what? No wonder you've been MIA. I had no idea this was even going on. HELLO, tell a sista next time. You know I live for da felines, but this is horrible! Poor Sadie. I'm glad she pulled through. Hugs Sadie.

  24. OMG galfriend!!! Had I known I would have been holding a little vigil in light of Sadie myself! Poor thing!
    This was not a funny post at all but your pics of the dogs and cat at the end made me chuckle! You are hilarious!!!
    Praying Sadie makes a full recovery sooner rather than later!


  25. K says:

    You are most definitely not crazy! I kind of look at it as babies. They can't speak for themselves so you have to notice if there is a difference. Glad to hear that she is doing better. NOTHING is worse than feeling helpless waiting to hear news. Hope she does better and she gets to come home tonight!

  26. JMB says:

    Love Sadie's little heart!! Hate that for the both of you! I swear we take them for granted until they scare us like this!! 🙁 I've never heard of HG before but then again anytime I take Daisy in in an emergency situation it's like K- now speak ENGLISH 🙂 They tell me this is great practice for the human babies {even though Sadie Belle and Daisy May ARE 110% human peeps} but I'm not sure I'm going to have nerves left for that bahahaha. Hope she's doing better Allie!!

    Daisy and I send our lovins and huggggins..are you still headin NORTH for the weekend!??? Today is my Friday! I'm headin' up tomorrow afternoon after a spray tan!


  27. Heather says:

    Poor Sadie Belle! I'm so glad she is doing better. I hate when my puppies are sick and so helpless. Its so pitiful.

  28. Beth says:

    so glad she's doing better. poor little things (you and sadie). hope she gets to come home with you tonight.

    i'm not a big dog person but i know how much you love yoru little one. glad she's doing better!

  29. Camille says:

    Sending you and your pup love and prayers! I'm so sorry you had to endure that kind of stress– once, my schnauzer ate a whole dark chocolate bunny and I thought he was going to die. 🙁 I can't imagine what I'd do if I didn't know why my baby was sick. I'm happy she's doing better!!

  30. Candace says:

    I'm so glad she is doing better. How scary. I love my dogs so much I would be a mess. You guys are in my prayers.

  31. Katie says:

    Poor girl and poor Mama!! I'll have my furbaby say his puppy prayers for her tonight.

    Thanks for posting, I never know when I'm being an oversensitive FurMom or when something is *wrong*… She's lucky you were paying attention!

  32. Megan says:

    I could not even begin to imagine what you were feeling! I know if anything happened to my Kolby baby I would be a hysteric mess! Glad she is doing much better!

  33. Mighty Burns says:

    oh my gosh!I had no idea! That is very scarey. You are not nuts at all girl! I would have done the same thing! We love our pets and our pets love us back.. gotta take care of them!

  34. jessica lynn says:

    i would have been a mess had something like that happened to my little pup, Sampson! sending get well soon thoughts her way!

  35. jessica says:

    omg i would have been scared to death! i am so so so so so glad that she is okay and doing much much better.


  36. JRW says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet pup. Being a dog owner and lover myself, thank you for sharing this. I will def be sure to be on the lookout if my dog starts acting in this manner. Sending warm wishes to you and Sadie!

  37. oh man, my baby xoe had this!! scary stuff! And she is more spoiled than she was before now due to me thinking she was gonna be a gonner! i would have diedddd! So she now answers to princess xoe 🙂

  38. Poor Sadie… glad she is doing better. I am like that with my baby dog, too. I literally take her to the vet if I think something little and minute is wrong with her. yes, I have rushed to the vet at 10 pm because she was coughing weird and wouldn't stop. I am going to keep this in mind. My girl has a sensitive stomach so she throws up often buuuut if I notice a grey tongue I will take that seriously. thanks for this!!!

  39. OH MY GOODNESS! Poor Sadie! Glad she is doing better. What great friends y'all have 🙂 And as a doggie owner…I am so glad you have made me aware of this!

  40. Oh no! Poor Sadie, and right after her birthday!
    My Stella monster was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency this summer, and I was a WRECK waiting to find out what was wrong with her all the way out here in Boston while she lives with my parents. She's a skinny minnie (45lb golden retriever?? Wha??), but is being treated and is back to her old self. It's so scary when the pups get sick, they can't tell you what's wrong 🙁
    Glad you'll keep us updated, and big hugs to Sadie!!


  41. praying for sweet Sadie, poor baby (and momma)!

  42. Raquel says:

    Oh my goodness so sorry to hear this 🙁 Poor little Sadie. Praying for you and for a speedy recovery!

  43. Kate says:

    I love reading your blog and especially love the updates on Sadie and the cute pics of her – she is such a darling pug! I really hope she gets better soon.

  44. oh allison I am SO SO SO sorry to hear about sadie but from the sound of it i think she is going to be A-OKAY.

    I mean, with all her support from real life people, blog peopel, bloggy DOGS, she's gonna do just fine 🙂

    saying prayers for both you and sadie because when it comes to dogs, I'm right there with you. I would run through highways and scary woods and sketchy cities to get to a vet for my pup.

    LOVE YOU BOTH keep your head up!

  45. Ali says:

    Oh wow I can only imagine how scared you were. Glad she is doing better and hope she is home with you soon.

  46. Shayna Embry says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad to hear that Sadie is doing better & hopefully will go home this evening! THese are important things that fur mommas need to know! Thanks again for sharing!


  47. Jaclyn Kaye says:

    Aww… poor Sadie baby! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully she will be home for Halloween!

    Prayers for Sadie! Have a wonderful weekend!
    A Day in the Life and Mind…

  48. J and A says:

    Oh no!!! I hope she is ok. Poor thing. I hope you are ok too, I know how scary it is to have a sick pup. They really are our babies. 🙂 Take care and keep us posted. Hugs.

  49. Carroll says:

    Oh my goodness! So glad to hear Sadie is on the mend!! I'm a recent follower. 🙂 Carroll

  50. M.C. says:

    Oh Sadie! You can never be too careful when a fur child ins't acting right. We once spent way too much money at the ER Vet because we thought Murphy (Murphy Lee when he's naughty) ate a pack of batteries. Turns out they just fell out of their package. Expensive evening. Many smooches and belly rubs to Sadie Belle from Murphy Lee and his parents in Minnesota.

  51. Pamela says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry about all of this!! Praying for you & your baby 🙂 Thank you for making us aware!!

  52. KAS says:

    I hope she recovers and is able to go home soon. You are so not crazy for your behavior. She is apart of your family.

  53. Holly says:

    I am on the list of people with a fur child. My heart brakes for Sadie. I hope she feels better soon!

  54. Christina says:

    I hope she is able to come home to you tonight! It's a good thing you're a very careful pet owner for sure!

  55. Kate says:

    I just cried reading this entire post, my heart is with you and Sadie Belle. I pray she can come home to you tonight. I don't know what I would do if my fur-baby ever had to be rushed to the vet. I hope she's back to normal today! xoxo

  56. Glad she is doing so much better! How scary!

    Did you know that Walmart has a line of pet outfits called Pink Lou Lou or Lou Lou Pink or some similar name?

  57. Shalyn says:

    Omgosh Allison! This happened to Piper last year too. It was HORRIBLE! I cried for days and he was in and out of the emergency clinic with IV's, overnight stays, everything. He had blood in his poo and couldnt keep anything down. It cost $$$$'s but I completely relate. He started feeling better after about 4 days, so I pray and pray your lil' guy feels much much better. Such a strange thing and you're right, it happens in an instant! I'm glad you shared this! Xoxoxo!

  58. MaviDeniz says:

    Im soo glad she is doing better. I remember when we had to rush my dog to the animal hospital b/c he wasn't eating and was throwing up. they gave him an iv and had to keep him over night. we were so scared for him so I can imagine how you felt :(. Im glad to hear she is doing well now. Thanks for posting this so dog owners can be aware of this.


  59. Ainslee says:

    OMG.. poor pup!!! I hope she makes a full recovery & I hope you are handling it all ok!

  60. shay says:

    omg, loulou, that is so crazy what happened! and to believe it all went downhill with her SO FAST! thank GOD you are such an observant mama and got her to the vet right away!

    i hope miss sadie makes a full recovery and is feeling better asap!

    soooo scary! and thank you for the psa on this crazy disease!

  61. sfitzg2 says:

    Poor puppy!!! Here's hoping she makes a full recovery. BTW the candlelight vigil pic is hilarious!!!!!

  62. Bless her little heart! I hope she gets to come home tonight! We went through somewhat of the same thing with our last dog, white tongue/gums/etc. But she was A LOT older and had cancer so it was a different situation. She went through multiple blood transfusions and it was so so sad.

    I'll say a little prayer for Sadie's speedy recovery!! 🙂

  63. etta says:

    Oh no! I hope Sadie is feeling better soon! My dog had a serious vaccine reaction once and went into anaphylactic shock while I was holding him. Fortunately we were still at the vet and they were able to save him. It's so scary when our fur babies are sick, though!

  64. Kelly says:

    Bless your heart! I can imagine how worried you must have been! So glad to hear things are looking up.

    Wishing Miss Sadie a very quick recovery- poor lil baby!

    Sending lots of love!

  65. ty says:

    Poor sweet baby girl!!

  66. Miranda says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this, but hope Sadie gets better soon! I have two boys (shih-tzus) that I love as much as my daughter so I can imagine what you are going through!!

  67. Jill says:

    oh my gosh!!!! I'm so sorry to hear this! 🙁 I love my babies like you love Sadie so I can imagine how frightened you must be feeling. I'm glad she seems to be coming out on the other side of it and doing a little better. One of my dogs chewed up a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser she found sitting on the bathtub while I was getting ready this morning and I'm just praying she's okay when I get home!

  68. Oh my godsh! I'm glad she's doing better and I hope she gets to come home with you tonight!! I don't have any dogs, but one day when I do..I will make sure I remember your story! 🙂

  69. L . Candy says:

    Stay strong she will need her Mumma's strength..
    Will say a little prayer x

  70. Heather says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so frightening! I've had a couple scares with my little furchild. I'm glad Sadie is going to be okay!

  71. O.M.G Sadie!! I wish I would have known before now I could have been praying for her!! When Frankie ate raisens and almost died, I literally thought I was going to be admitted into a psych ward ha. Thinking of you and Sadie Belle… Let me know if you need anything! Love ya! XO ~Frankie too!

  72. Ohhh I can't even imagine how worried you were for Miss Sadie Belle! That is so scary and so good to know!

    And our pets are a HUGE part of our lives. People just can't understand unless they have pets and love them as if they were children! My husband and I have a golden retrieve and he dug a hole and got out of the back yard 3 weeks ago. And we've heard nothing about him. It makes us both soo sad not knowing what has happened to him. He is soo missed right now!

    I hope Sadie Belle gets to come home tonight so you can love on her! 🙂

  73. Praying for your sweet dog! I know I'd be acting the same if it was mine. Hope she gets better soon!

  74. ~BB~ says:

    Oh dear! Poor Sadie – hoping she recovers quickly! Thanks for the warning – my tiny furbaby is one. Glad I'm aware of this!

  75. Mommy Webb says:

    Get better soon, Sadie Belle, and give mommy lots and lots of cuddles.

  76. MrsKinne says:

    Sending lots of love to you and your furbaby!

  77. Carrie says:

    So sorry you've been going through this all week! And so glad it looks like she'll be ok and maybe even come home tonight.

    I just about cried through this entire post becuase it made me think about my sweet dog who passed away two years ago. Not from the same thing (he had kidney stones and didn't make it through the surgery…worst day of my life!)

    Keeping sweet Sadie Belle in my thoughts!!

  78. x_coribeth_x says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about poor little Sadie, but so happy that she is doing so much better! I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my sweet furbaby. Thanks for the info about her illness.

  79. Cathy says:

    i was tearing up reading this because I have a fur baby too and can only imagine what you were going through 🙁
    So glad that she is doing better, and thanks so much for sharing this story because now i know if i see these symptoms in my dog to go to the vet right away

    Thinking of you and Sadie ! I'm sure she will be happy to be home with her mama!

  80. Brekke says:

    Oh my word!!! I'm glad Sadie's doing a little better. I'm praying for her to get better soon.

    I've been to the emergency vet before when one of my dogs got some chocolate and the other one we thought had a broken leg and it's just an awful experience. You know they're doing everything they can but you can't be there for them 🙁

    Get better soon Sadie!!

  81. Elizabeth says:

    OMG! I'm so glad she's ok! And as a dog owner I'm SUPER glad to know about this. Thanks for enlightening me!

  82. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear what Sadie went through.. poor doggy! Keep us updated on how she's doing..

  83. Lindsay says:

    OMG reading this was like living it all over again! My dog had HGE a few months ago! It comes on SO fast and they get so sick. They really can die within 12 hours. I was like you and was absolutely hysterical when the vet was telling us about HGE. Then I made the mistake of looking it up online. Talk about scary. Our dog just started throwing up nonstop in the middle of the night, we took her to the vet the next morning and she was in the hospital for 2 days! Lucikily we brought her there when we did! She's been fine ever since. Hang in there, Sadie's going to be ok soon!

  84. Kindra says:

    poor little girl….i hope she is doing better. I know what its like to be a dog momma!

  85. Lauren says:

    Oh know. Poor Sadie! That must have been so scary! I hope she feels better soon! Glad things are turning around!

  86. HOly Shiznatti! I'm glad she's okay. I had to give back a dog I had for THREE WEEKS and thought I would simply DIE. But, it's okay, in place of BrAdy, we got us a BrOdy the very next day. God works in mysterious ways! Anyway, glad she's better.

  87. Wanda says:

    Oh Emm Geez! Poor Sadie! And poor you!
    I know how scary that is. Praying for a quick recovery.

    Hugs to Sadie girl!

  88. Mrs. WASP says:

    Oh my stars. I just teared up reading this, I wasn't sure what the outcome of the post was going to be! I'm so glad Sadie made it and that you got her there in time. One of our labs when I was little had something similar, he had a twisted stomach. Unfortunately it was something that didn't show any signs, other the lethargy and he didn't make it to the vet. SO glad Sadie is home and better! XX

  89. KatyK says:

    Glad to hear that Sadie is going to pull through. I was a kitty momma, but when Frosty had kidney problems I was hysterical myself. I even called my pastor who prayed over my cat. (I was like 10 at the time)

  90. She Speaks says:

    Oh wow…I am so so sorry you are having to go through this, and poor Sadie pants. My fingers are crossed and am saying prayers for her quick recovery. xoxo

  91. Kelli says:

    I hope she's feeling much better really soon. I am about to get my first puppy on Nov. 12th, and I hope I don't have to endure the panic you have had recently!! Feel Better, Sadie!


  92. Phoebe Jan says:

    I'm sorry you had to go through that and that second photo just breaks my heart! Also, thank you for making everyone aware of this scary situation! It's heartbreaking that they can't speak up right away when they're not feeling well.

    Hope Sadie is feeling better!! <3

  93. Lauren says:

    Oh, so scary! Makes me dread things that COULD happen! Bless yoU! 🙂

  94. OMG girl. Histerical wouldn't have explained me. I would have completely lost it. My 2 pups are my babies. I love them like more than anything. I'm glad Sadie Belle is doing better.


  95. hannah. says:

    girl, I can't stop thinking about Miss. Thang! I was thinking about her while trying to pry my dogs apart as they did the deed tonight. I was so offing mad that they were "coming together" and then I thought about SB and all she is going through. Bless her poor little heart! Hope she feels better at home!

  96. Sandy says:

    oh my gosh how scary! I can't even imagine going through that with my Lola. She is the world to me! So glad to hear Sadie is doing better. Thinking of you two!

  97. Poor Sadie 🙁 My pup had that last year and it is SO scary!! We immediately signed up for pet insurance after that!! Sending her happy thoughts!!! xoxoxo

  98. Awww I hope Sadie is ok!! My thoughts go out to you, I'm obsessed with my pup too and know how terrified you must have been! Spoil away!! xoxo

  99. Dree says:

    Oh poor Sadie! She is such a sweetheart. I am so glad that she's getting better and hopefully she'll be back in your arms at home today. I had a scary incident with my pup just a few months back. Like you, I noticed something was wrong and asked him if he was okay – when I didn't get the "girl, of course I am look" he usually gives I knew it was bad news. Luckily he's all good now. Thinking of you both!!

  100. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Awww bless her little heart! I'm so sorry Miss Sadie is sick! Praying she gets better soon! She has one loving momma to help her feel better!

  101. Mindi says:

    OMG I had no idea this could happen. I'm so glad to hear that she is doing better tho. My baby Tucker (bichon-poo who is 2) scared the crap out of me back in june. He long story short managed to slip a disc in his back to the point that he couldn't move his hind legs. We still don't know how it happened and the vet said it could happen again. I'm happy to report he is 100% but it was very scary for a very long time. You are a good Pup mama. we are all thinking of you and Sadie girl 🙂

  102. Rebecca says:

    Glad she is doing better, poor baby!

  103. Hope Sadie is feeling better!


  104. Molly D says:

    Yikes! I am so glad you posted this because I tend to be a little crazy when it comes to my precious Bella, but from now on I can say "NO I heard about another dog who had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.." and it will be seriously justified. Hope Sadie is feeling better and is on her way home soon!

  105. Holly says:

    Oh my goodness, what a scary ordeal!!! I hope she is doing much better 🙂 Thanks for the warning!!!

  106. MrsMatched says:

    Oh, wow! So sorry I'm late in commenting, but I just wanted to say that I'm so glad this story had a happy ending! Thank the good Lord that you were home when this happened so you could get her to the vet so quickly. God bless, Sadie Belle!

  107. I have just recently found your blog, and I love seeing pictures of your Miss Sadie. I too have a little pug, who lives to eat and get into mischief! I am so sorry to hear about your sick puppy, hope you two are doing better now 🙂

  108. AVDH is a neighborhood vet with all the equipment and facilities of a specialty animal hospital. You get the very best veterinary medicine all in one location saving you time and money and sparing your pet the wait for diagnosis and treatment. Cancer in Dogs

  109. Courtney says:

    Just had to find this post and let you know that because you posted this years ago, my baby girl is alright! I noticed signs the other morning similar to what you had talked about in this post and remembered it! I rushed her to the vet, and now three days later with some IV fluids, antibotics, rest, and lots of loving.. She is back to her normal self! So THANK YOU! So people just don't understand how our pups are just like children to us!


  110. Courtney says:

    Just had to find this post and let you know that because you posted this years ago, my baby girl is alright! I noticed signs the other morning similar to what you had talked about in this post and remembered it! I rushed her to the vet, and now three days later with some IV fluids, antibotics, rest, and lots of loving.. She is back to her normal self! So THANK YOU! So people just don't understand how our pups are just like children to us!


  111. Courtney says:

    Just had to find this post and let you know that because you posted this years ago, my baby girl is alright! I noticed signs the other morning similar to what you had talked about in this post and remembered it! I rushed her to the vet, and now three days later with some IV fluids, antibotics, rest, and lots of loving.. She is back to her normal self! So THANK YOU! So people just don't understand how our pups are just like children to us!


  112. It's always a bittersweet thing when your dog (or even cat) lets you hold them like a baby. You always want to hold them like that (or at least I do), but they never let you, so when they do let you, it's great because it's what you always want to do, but you also know they must be having health problems because they're actually letting you hold them like that.

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