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When Bats Attack

I wanted to tell y’all this story last night but iphone was being whack and deleted all the pics. Bogus. But they reappeared so I am just gonna go with it. 
Meet Jami. 
She is just the cutest sweetest little thing. Her and her hubs Matt are pretty smokin’ hot if you ask me. Exhibit A. 
So Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, Jami was just minding her own business, waiting in line for the bathroom when all the sudden she heard a strange noise that sounded like a dog squeeky toy, and  felt something furry brush across her leg. And that is when she saw it. She looked down and a BAT was inappropriately touching her. Jami screamed “MICHAEL!!” at the top of her lungs and stomped on the bat with her perfectly dainty little shoe. It is still unknown why she yelled for the groom instead of her husband, perhaps Matt is scared of Bats as well? πŸ˜‰
Somehow in the madness the bat was kicked across the room, and yours truly decided this was definitely, a photo op. I am all for anti animal cruelty (I seriously take spiders outside as opposed to killing them!), but I mean what do you expect when 1. He didn’t even introduce himself before groping Jami, and b. he is a BAT for crying out loud. I am not sure of the bats fate, but I have a feeling it wasn’t good.  I am ruling this one an accidental casualty, and clearly self defense IMHO. 
Moral of the story- don’t have your rehearsal dinner in a historic home in downtown Lexington until you are sure it is flying rodent free. Or wear some sturdy heels for self-protection. 
Also, here are some other pics from the wedding. A friend of mine posted these on good ole facey and you can see my bargain dress color and detail SO much better. This not having a camera charger is getting REAL old. Must order stat. 
Also how much are we loving Bridey’s rehearsal dinner dress? Love it. Perhaps that beaut came from her Pageantina days? It was glorious. 
And last but not least, because I love it so much, her is a closer up shot of my custom little top for wedding day. Thanks Dana, I LOVE you!
Be careful this week girls, and watch out for flying creatures. I am paranoid now from said incident. 

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  1. Rachel says:

    Sick. I am terrified of bats! They are like MICE with WINGS!
    Girl you are looking all kindssss of prettah!

  2. erin says:

    I love your rehearsal dinner dress! The collar is adorable. Where's it from?

  3. Katie says:

    I would likely have reacted the very same way– I love that your friend screamed for the groom and not her husband hahah. Girlfriend was BRAVE to stomp on the thing and THEN get close enough to take a picture! And all in heels πŸ™‚

    You looked gorge! I'm loving the pink dress and even more so since you found it at Kohl's! Looks like a fab time was had by all πŸ™‚

  4. Holly says:

    That is an extremely crazy story…I would have been freaking out!! My brother had an infestation of bats in his apartment this year…the entire complex did! He had about 20 bats total in his apartment within a 2 week period and they couldn't figure out where they were coming from. The rental company finally got it fixed, but at one point they duct taped their furnace door shut because they saw them crawling out from there…yikes!! SO creepy! Glad your friend is alright, and I love your dress!!

  5. Kori Donahue says:

    OMG!!! That bat story had me cracking up! What are the chances? I love your dress for the wedding…and those shoes girl! Hope you're having a fantastic Monday. I have some great news on my blog today…I'd love for you to check it out! Have a wonderful day honey! Kori xoxo

  6. corrine says:

    Oh my gosh! I am from Southern California and have never seen a bat in my life! I think I would have passed out from being freaked out! I like the re-enactment! hahahaha

    Kohls dress is adorable! Definitely a great find!!!


  7. Raven says:

    so, did you just post a pic of you and the man and not even mention it? He is gorgeous!

    and thanks for that bat thing. I have had a few experiences with bats and they were both absolutely 100 percent so horrendous.

    you girls and all your dresses=way. too. cute.

  8. Jenn W says:

    wow! how does that even happen?? that is crazy that she was able to stomp it. i wouldn't been FREAKING out.
    everyone look so pretty in their dresses..i love the one you wore!

  9. ty says:

    In some random third world country, I bet that's good luck for a wedding.

  10. Katy says:

    bahahahah bats are SCARY! can not believe she stomped it, shes bad a**!

  11. Kendra says:

    That is absolutely crazy! I can not even imagine looking down and seeing a bat! Also I am totally in love with your dress! Gorgeous!

  12. I used to name the bats when they came out at night when I was little. Now I am terrified. Seriously. Mice with wings.

  13. we had a bat escape from our attic into our house once and FLY UP THE SKIRT OF MY DRESS! I jumped up and down and ran around the house until it came out and my amazing husband (boyfriend at the time) killed it with a tennis racket. it was marvelous.

  14. Kerr says:

    I am very impressed she killed the bat!

    also, the pic of her and her bf makes me excited for football season. and its only june….

  15. Christin says:

    love your pink dress!

  16. Marcy XOXO says:

    You pick up spiders and take them outside? OMG I don't like animal cruelty but I am so deathly afraid of them my first reaction is to turn into a ninja… Which results in an immediate assassination of said spider… OMG pictures are so hilarious and I am supa glad they came back to you! Your just beaut…

  17. French Lover says:

    Poor little lost bat. They're scary but it was probably more afraid than anything !
    You look so pretty in your pink dress ! And I love that group pictures, you all look so gorgeous πŸ™‚
    Bisous !!!

  18. Mateya says:

    Yuck! I've never seen a bat in real life but I would have freaked out for sure!

  19. Rachel says:

    P.S. Is that Sir Edwinning?
    Daggum girl- y'all are too cute!

  20. Erica says:

    Love Love that dress that you wore to the wedding. That bat was huge, even if i had never seen one before in my life.Xo

  21. β™‘ bAs says:

    Oh my! That is crazy! So strange I just heard there are bats in my town near the beach and they cannot be removed because they are endangered. Then I thought how uncommon is that… now I see, bats will surprise you! lol

  22. o my gosh that story is hysterical! I would freak out. You all look so pretty and colorful!

  23. English says:

    How traumatic! I don't think I could have gotten close enough to photograph a dead (dying?) bat! I actually think they're kinda cute (yes, I'm weird). Probably not in this situation, however.

  24. NehkohCat says:

    SeΓ±orita LouLou, I loooovvvveeeee your pink shoes! I don't know what I would've done had I seen a BAT! Eeeeekkkk!

  25. Jen Watts says:

    I would have stomped it also-bats are scary!! Side note-is that at Bodley Bullock? I got married there… Like 100 years ago!! You look so completely beautiful…as do all of the ladies! I love a good wedding and sadly am not invited to a single one this year. I guess thats a sign of getting old because I'm invited to all sorts of baby showers!

  26. dang what a brave girl for stomping on the bat and then getting close to it. I probably would have screamed my head off and ran and hid LOL Love your pictures!


  27. Jenny says:

    ughhhh sick. bats are one of my biggest fears I would have died!!! or at least been paranoid the rest of the night haha. You look great, love that dress… and who's the man?? No more, Sir Edwin??

  28. sherri lynn says:

    Oh bats are so gross! I am so afraid of them. Last year my husband was taking a walk and one flew into his head…how does that even happen?!

  29. Oh my gosh!!! That's so scary! Poor little guy, but I mean, it was totally in self-defense!
    All you girls look gorgeous btw!

  30. You have the cutest dresses on all the earth…where is that blue one from?? I can't believe that pink dress is from Kohl's…I must run there ASAP.

  31. Ashley says:

    You looked so cute at the wedding! I love your blog – always entertaining πŸ™‚ Do you always do your own hair? It always looked FAB!!

  32. Amanda says:

    That was hysterical! Everyone looks stunning in the pictures!

  33. JMB says:

    You look gorgeous as always in all of your pictures! LOVE your dress for the rehearsal dinner! The bat story — only in the K-Y.

  34. lilmoomoo says:

    Did this bat attack happen at the bodley bullock house???? The background of the pictures look just like it!
    If it was, that bathroom that she was waiting in line for is so SCARY! and I swear we heard bats before my friends wedding and reception at the bodley bullock house!!

    sorry to be a creeper! just curious πŸ™‚ I lived in Lexington, went to UK, where I met my fiance' and we now live in Oklahoma!

    Love your blog πŸ™‚ new follower!

    much love xoxo

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