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SOS I need your HELP…

Girls, the hour is upon us.

I meet Miss Underwood, err Mrs. Fisher TOMORROW. And I have no clue what to say to her.

You all know of my love for her, so I want to come across as the “cool girl she could totally be friends with” in hopes that she will remember me, invite me up onstage with her, and then hire me to be her personal assistant. But at the very least, think I am a normal gal and not a psycho crazed fan.

I have been drafting many a conversation starter… but have scraped them all. Everything I come up with sounds so cliché and stupid. Two things which I refuse to be in front of my idol.

So HELP! What should I say to her! I need a witty clever opening line, and then some key points to keep the convo going. My one shot at becoming her BFF hangs on about a minute and a half. This assignment is CRUCIAL and your most important one yet!

So I have decided that we are going to do a contest. Winner with the line/conversation piece/whatever etc. that I actually use in my convo with Carrie will win a very fun something from the concert 😉 I promise it will be a goody, and it might be signed… but I can’t promise anything.

Things that are not acceptable for me to say include:

“I just really love your music…”
“wow you are so pretty in person…”
“I am your BIGGEST fan…”
“I loved you on American Idol…”
“I tried to make my hair look like yours, see?SEE…?”
“I blog about you weekly… here is my card…”
“I am going to name my first born Carrie…”

You get the idea. We are trying to make me look cool, calm and collected and less “stalker-like”.

So girls gimme your best… tell me what you got… this is SERIOUS because if I become her BFF, that means lots of perks for YOU girls!

Hahaha. Love you all!

  1. Samantha says:

    How about
    "Im so excited to finally meet you! I'm "


  2. mFw says:

    Hmmm I don't know but you'll be great!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. Michaela says:

    Hahaha I'm sorry I'm off absolutely no help to you but this post made me laugh.

    Bless you, those what-not-to-says are hilarious!

    Best of luck tomorrow dearest, she will SO want to be your friend 🙂

  4. Laura says:


    If your going to be with that new boy toy of yours, I would start with someting like:

    Pinkloulou: "I'm so happy to meet you. This is (insert cute boys name here) He earned major points by scoring these me these meet-and-greet passes. Isn't that adorable?!"
    Carrie: "why, yes it is! What a speecial guy!"
    Pinkloulou: "I agree, let's chat about boys over martinis"
    Carrie: "Sounds great. here's my number. let's be BFFs"

    the end. or beginning of a beautiful friendship 🙂

  5. Christine says:

    If you ever need me to be your look alike decoy, call me.. and hand her a fabulous card with all your info!

  6. Kelsey says:

    Let me think on this but seriously you could be her twin once she sees you that should be enough!

  7. Katie says:

    I don't think just one line will set you above the rest but just how you come off to her in general by being down to earth and just bubbly and fun with her!! I would say something funny/humble like: "People tell me I resemble you but now I KNOW they were just being nice..but really it means a lot to me to finally be able to meet you" Then maybe you could bring something for her & tell her it's a belated wedding gift (something that you can make since obviously you are super creative, or something that has a little meaning that she will remember you by) then you could always add a cute card and put your information and a cute note in the card that way. This may be cheesy, but kinda cute at the same time. I've heard celebs always remember fans that give them something meaningful. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Kerr says:

    ok, so as the gal who was too star struck to talk to Andy Cohen or Julianne Moore in NYC earlier in the fall, I dont know if I am the best person to be commenting. BUT since I am trying to avoid work, lets see what I can think of. You should say, I am such a huge fan, I think you are a great role models for girls of all ages, your music is fantastic and if you havent noticed, you are my hair idol! ok so mabye kinda cheesy but I think the role model thing is good, no?
    Did I mention I was standing in line for food in the Cincy airport years ago and to make a long story short, was too star struck to speak to Tubby Smith and Teyshaun Prince! what a wimp I am….

  9. Sara L. says:

    Hahaha i love Laura's!

    Coming up with the right thing to say and not the same old stuff is tough.
    I would prolly go with: "Hi I'm (insert name.) I'm happy to get to meet you. I listen to your music all the time because you always seem to have a song to go along with any situation."

    She seems like a genuine person that won't judge you for what comes out of your mouth cheesy or not. lol.

  10. Jill says:

    "When you're in your next movie and need a stunt double, call me. I'm your girl. I even wear mah weave to enhance my Carrie look."

    Then u COULD give her something with the link to your blog story about her…a card that says "Funny story about being told I look like you…but I'm too embarrassed to tell you!" Because if you TELL her, she'll definitely remember you, but potentially not in a good way! But this way…Carrie Underwood could totally visit your blog! Just sayin 😉

  11. Katie Marie says:

    Ohhh I love Laura's! I vote for her!

    Maybe you should make her something fabulous – stars are always talking in interviews about a sweet gift they got from a fan.

    So So Jealous!!

  12. Lauren says:

    "Oh girl, this little Kentucky poof ain't got NOTHING on you!"

    Everyone loves a compliment with witty intentions! 🙂 SOOOO incredibly jealous but I hope you have SO much fun!

  13. Totally make her something lol, when ever I meet the celebrities that come into the station (Carrie Underwood included) I just say hi and ask them something pertaining to what they came there for that day.

  14. I am so excited for you! I agree about being yourself and impressing her with your personality. Also, you could suggest or mention your favorite cool and quiet place to drink/eat in town if she wanted to do something while she was here. 🙂 Good luck tomorrow!

  15. HRo says:

    Here we go….
    Hi I'm Pink Lou Lou… Its Great to meet you. This is going to sound so silly but I have a Friend that was a Sigma in North Carolina at ECU and she talks about that all the time. She always says she is so glad that you put her Sorority on the map and now people don't think she was in a "bad" sorority. She goes on and on about it. And since she does I wanted to make sure you knew that you were appreciated.

    … so Carrie was a Sigma Sigma Sigma at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.
    And I was a Sigma At East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

  16. Jess says:

    I still think you should ask her if she has a blog or has someone who runs a blog for her…websites are so 1995, Carrie needs a blog. Then you slip her your card….we have discussed haha.

    You forgot cornball line

    #8 So do you need like a dog walker for Ace?

  17. Um….er…..I got nothin'. I would be that girl who says something totally awkward and just hugs her and gets a picture and leaves. But I vote for Laura!

  18. Rach says:

    I'm no help since the few times I met someone famous I just stood there stuttered like an idiot (or had no clue they were famous and looked like an even bigger idiot). I agree with Laura, the boy would be a good little conversation starter since he'll be standing next to you and you are gonna have to introduce anyways. I mean what girl doesn't like to bond over cute boys? And let's be honest, she's gonna see how adorable you are and want to be your BFF. Don't think you have anything to worry about 🙂

  19. jayme says:

    I definitely cannot help you with this because when I met Nick Lachey (c'mon, I was like 10 and they were uber cool) … this is how the convo went…

    me: hi (extremely awkward)
    nick: hey! what's your name?
    me: thank you.

    so just don't do that and you'll be great! xoxo

  20. Mighty Burns says:

    Alright well I might be comming in under the wire here, but I have had some bad celeb meetings where I gush so I totally understand you wanting to avoid it.

    here are my tips:
    As excited as you are try and stay as calm as you can. no jumping, screetching at high volumes, and no jazz hands type waves.
    I find that the best conversations I have had are when I share with them the goodness they bring to my life. That way what you are saying to them is true to you, and is genuine.
    Keep in mind that it wasn't very long ago that little miss thang was just like you. Adorable and beautiful, now the world just sees it too.

    I think I would walk right up to her making great eye contact and smile and say "Hi I'm ___. I am so glad I'm able to meet you today. I actuaklly wanted to share with you that you ______. And I am somewhat of a crafty do it your selfer, and I made you this. Nothing creepy, just somewhat of a thank you."

    I am sure from there she'll thank you and see your fantastic! **Try and see what songs she has written or helped to write that you like that way you can connect more with her since she had more of a creative drive on those tracks.

    Good luck!

  21. Brittney says:

    okay let's see! i think A) be yourself. B) be glammed and dolled to the T! C) have her a sweet card talking about how much you respect and look up to her because of her faith and her classy-ness and D) give her something cute/meaningful that she will really appreciate and remember you by. Get lots of pictures with her, make her smile and laugh, and just be Y O U! and she will love you!

    xox. britt

  22. Haha, all of the above comments are cracking me up! I've tried to think of good things to say, but all that comes to mind are super creepy things that you should NOT do, things like giving her a paper mache mold of her own face, or a statue of her made of chewed up gum, hahaha, I'm so excited for you!! (mostly jealous, but a little excited 😉 )

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