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It’s in the bag.

Hello ladies! I have been a busy busy girl inside and out of work recently. October-November is my busiest time and it has been crazy! So my apologies for the lack in quality posting, I vow to do better.

I thought today I would show you what I keep in my purse!
1. Because I am super nosy myself and want to know what you keep in
YOUR purses!
2. I have seen other people do this and I just thought it would be fun.

The only rules? NO pre-cleaning your purse out! This is a spur of the moment “what ya got in there” kinda post…

So today, we shall investigate just exactly what is inside, LouLou’s Louis.

How I love this bag. My dad got it for me for xmas a few years ago after very specific instruction. I don’t think I have carried anything else in three years, its just so functional and easy and goes with everything.

Sidenote: this actually happened. My dad was seeing one of his patients and she walked in with the same purse and he said “Oh my, is that the speedy 35?” and she looked at him like yeah you flamer it sure is…

OK back to purse contents…

A woman’s purse is a sacred place, one where men rarely dare to go.
(haha this pic makes me laugh… not sure what i was going for here…)

I am a bit nervous to come clean, and show you just what is going on in here.

Bam. Purse vomit.
All of this is legitimately, in my purse on a daily basis. I must note I am not a fan of a messy, unorganized purse. So I keep mine pretty clean, and reciept free.

I am a chronic organizer so everything is pretty compartmentalized. I hate having lose items rolling around in there. But here are the “lose items” if you will.

This would be ma drugs. Just the standard advil, claritin, BC, you get the drift. And my purse iphone charger lives in here as well, just keeps things more streamlined that way.

My Lilly planner. Love her! She keeps me organized.

My Hobo wallet. Tis the best, you must get yourself one. It’s so versatile. It can be a wallet, or you can grab and go and use as a clutch!

It has all sorts of sneaky little places to hide things, like lipgloss, or a flask of bourbon for football games. Ignore my glorious roots a la my licence pic.

This little pewter heart lives in my coin section of le wallet. I got it probably 6 years ago, and one for Chrissy too. Suppose to bring us love. I’ll keep holding on to that one 😉

And on to the most important things. I HATE not having something I need. I mean what do you do when you are enjoying a tailgate mid September and you realize, “oh no- I forgot to put on deodorant!” LouLou to the rescue. Or perhaps your curls are a little less full than desirable, oh wait, did someone say they needed hairspray? You can never be too prepared 😉

This is my little bag-inside-my-makeup-bag. It holds tiny things like lipgloss, concealer, tweezers etc- things I would definitely lose in said large makeup bag. My favorite lipgloss is by Lipfusion- Lipinfatuation, in La Lip Jolie. And rest easy it is not that pink in person.

And that is it! That’s all I got in there currently. It is pretty much my Marry Poppins bag, and I feel confident I could keep a small sorority in pristine condition for a week with the contents of this bag. Don’t forget the mini CHI comes along from time to time (sub curling iron when applicable).

Also-I just realized I don’t have my camera in there… I usually do but I have lost the charger so she is on the fritz currently. Bogus. Anybody with an extra SONY charger out there??

Happy Wednesday! Half way through chics!

  1. LivKit says:

    Our purses have a lot of the same items and everything mostly has their own bag. Make up. Meds. Wallet.. and then some little itmes that have no particular purpose! Loved seeing this! Too cute! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    we do this feature monthly on my blog! the next one is up on Friday! xoxo love the louis! i have that one in hte grafitti! holds everything!

  3. Kerr says:

    I am cracking up at the story about your Dad asking a patient about her speedy! too funny.

    I am def going to be doing this post soon!

  4. Michaela says:

    So cute! Love your louis 🙂

  5. Café Moka says:

    Love your purse!!!

  6. Sallie says:

    I love reading your posts! You are so funny and brighten most of my days!

  7. Amber says:

    Love it! I really need to take a tip from you and get mini storage bags within my purse so it's less cluttered. I'm changing purses from my summer Coach to my winter Louis this weekend so maybe it's a great time start! Thanks for sharing!

  8. BelleinBows says:

    So organized. My purse would hate me if it saw yours!

  9. Your purse is SOOO much more organized than mine. I am proud of you. 🙂

  10. i wish my purse was that organized! mine has receipts, lipglosses rolling around,gum wrappers..and etc! ugh! but love your organization!


  11. Ashley says:

    LOL! I LOVE it! Dang girl…You are so organized! Makes me wanna go home and get to cleaning out my purse! (Which I'm seriously going to do asap!)

  12. Jamie says:

    Love it! I just love my Louis and my Hobo wallet too 🙂 Hope you're having a great day!

  13. Ha I am totally the same I have about 4 little bags to hold all the random stuff rolling around in my purse it's so much easier! So this chi situation.. I'm thinking my flat iron needs to die because I need to finally break down and get a chi? Thoughts?

  14. Mrs. Bill says:

    So cute! I was just thinking of doing one of these myself!

  15. melissa says:

    Oh my gosh, I would be so embarrassed for you to see the mess inside my Speedy. So much junk! Receipts, a zillion lipglosses, change floating free, post its – it's a mess. I think I need to invest in more pouches.

  16. Loving the organization! I am very inspired to go and organize my purse! Your purse is amazing! It is on my wish list for any upcoming birthday!

  17. star says:

    You keep a lot of stuff in your purse! I am loving how organized it is! And of course, the purse is fabulous!

  18. Brittney says:

    love your louis! you are just the cutest!

  19. Jill says:

    Your purse is so organized, I am EMBARRASSED

  20. Jess says:

    I want your LOUIS!!! I love how you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your purse ( I am the same way) you never know when you are going to have an emergency! Your flask fits into that hobo wallet? IMPRESSIVE child! haha

  21. ahh you fit SO much more in your's then I ever could in mine! I am asking for the carry-all for christmas bc I can't fit everything haha! Love the lint roller, have one in mine too perfect for puppy!

  22. Cassie says:

    You're so organized! I consider myself pretty organized, but I do have loose things in my purse that drive me crazy. I think I'll some little pouches to hold everything!

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