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My Favorite Kisses…

*warning, apparently I am in sap mode??*

Let’s talk one of my favorite topics: kissing. I use to get in trouble at recess in kindergarten for chasing and kissing the boys behind trees on the playground. Yes, that is right, at the age of 5 I was hopelessly in love with Chad Moore (if anyone knows him I will DIE laughing) and decided he was my boyfriend. I would run up kiss him, and then run away giggling, only to repeat offense five minutes later. Once my sneaky behavior was discovered I was forced to sit next to my teacher while she lectured me on proper school etiquette. “Allie, it is not ok for little girls to be running around school kissing little boys”. True story. So I guess you could say I have been a kissing… a hopeless romantic from the beginning.My first real kiss did not happen until much, much later. I am slightly embarrassed to tell you when it was. But for full disclosure’s sake, it was in high school. On my front porch, after a date, and was quite possibly the most awkward moment of my life. And we will leave it at that. But I made up for lost time, and have to say, darn it, I know how to kiss! Haha.I have found out that there are definitely good kissers and bad kissers, and you can usually tell beforehand, but there is nothing more amazing than finding someone that you truly connect with kissing. *sigh* I just get all butterfly feeling when I think about some of these moments I have had. That perfect date, when he drops you off and walks you to your door, and sweetly, passionately kisses you, leaving you with that flurry of excitement that makes you RUN in and tell your girlfriends all about it! There is hands down one person that I have amazing kissing chemistry with, and have kissed in 2005, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and that I miss kissing. There is just something phenomenal about an amazing kiss, when the chemistry is right, and everything seriously feels like a dream. Sweet kisses, passionate kisses, first kisses, steamy kisses, airport I haven’t seen you in a while kisses, all just make me melt!I love nothing more than a fantastic movie/tv kiss that just makes you feel all romantical (I realize this isn’t a word) and hot and bothered. HA. So for your enjoyment today here are some of my favorite’s. These are in no particular order…

The Charlie St. Cloud Kiss…

warning. This scene will set your loins a blaze… (that was for you Erin!)The Spider man kiss.

Classic, we have all seen it, but these two really shed light on how fun it is to kiss in the rain. Upside down of course.The Dear John kiss

Again, what have we learned about rain kissing girls? It. Is. Hot.

The Disturbia Kiss

Not exactly an obvious choice, but watch this and tell me you don’t want to make a man out of that cutie Shia LeBeouf?The Derrick and Meredith Kiss

While us Grey’s gals know there are many to choose from here, I chose this scene because they both just look so happy, and what better way to say I love you, than after a bottle of tequila?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find video’s for these following kisses, but they are FANTASTIC and if anyone can get ahold of a video for me, well then you win.The Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken kiss
I watched this movie religiously when I was little. On Senora, Senora Webster, how did you get that fine, fine man.

The Romeo and Juliet kiss
Classic, but shant be overlooked. Leo was quite mesmerizing in this movie, especially to my little 7th grade heart. The Last Song kiss
Fantastic. I just saw this last night and I can tell you it is the first time I have ever been jealous of Miley Cyrus. That is one beautiful Aussie she has found there!
And my most favorite EVER, which I am so bummed I couldn’t find the clip of, my FAVORITE,

The Jim and Pam kiss
*sigh* this kiss takes place after Casino night when Pam is calling her mom from the office, when lo and behold, studly Jim walks in and without saying a word turns her around, and kisses her. Post kiss, they just look at each other, ad the episode ends. Oh Jim… you make me feel 16 again, with your boyish good looks and your tall dark and handsome physique. I bet you kiss like a dream.

Well I hope this brought some enjoyment to your day and ladies, try to focus on work some, k? {he he} I would love to hear some of your favorite tv/movie kissing moments!

  1. The Notebook! & then, of course, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams re-creation of it at the award show!

  2. Andrea says:

    I haven't seen Charlie St. Cloud yet, but I really want to! I would have to say my favorite movie kiss was probably from the Notebook. Love that movie! Have a great day girl ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  3. Jess says:

    Charlie St. Cloud takes the cake on all the kisses! I need to see that movie!

  4. Laura says:

    Wild Hearts can't be broken, was one of my favorites growing up. I watched that movie a thousand times over. I haven't come accross too many people who have seen it or know it at all.

    Now I will need to go home and watch it tonight 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    ok, Jim and Pam go down as my all time favorite kiss. that was such an amazing moment.

    secondly, the Spiderman kiss, do you remember when Seth & summer did it on the OC? also amazing!

    and thank you for your sweet comment yesterday, I was "having a day" but am feeling better today! I really appreciate the encouragement 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post but it makes me want to leave work right now and find someone to kiss, ha! I've always thought that people either have kissing chemistry or they don't–not sure if I've ever kissed a "bad" kisser, but definitely people with whom I just don't mesh! One of the worst things I miss about my ex-boyfriend is the amazing way we kissed together . . . haven't found an equal since! Here's hoping it's still coming . . .

  7. OMG Allie!! You are a trip!! I LOVE this post and I have a feeling this little blonde will be finding Roberto tonight!!

    And I love that you picked THAT Greys kiss because it is SO the one I wouldve picked. You know I just watched ALL the seasons!

    I would add Pretty Woman – last scene when he climbs her fire escape!!

    Love it and YOU!!

  8. E. Lacy says:

    1. Thank you for my "shot out" ; )
    2. I now have a cougar-crush on sweet Shia. And here, I thought of him as his Even Stevens-self.
    3. Ross and Rachel. When she sees the home movie for the first time of him stepping up to take her to the prom when she thinks her date ditched her. CLASSIC.

  9. Awww kissing is the best 🙂

    Love all the scenes you picked!

  10. Michaela says:

    O my goodness i LOVE this post!!!

    Love it love it love it

    Loved the dear john kiss!!

  11. hahah This is awesome! What a fun post! The kissing scene from Disturbia made me really like Shia in a not Disney channel appropriate way…oopsie. 🙂

  12. Missy Salsa says:

    How about the kiss from ghost? Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? Definitely noteworthy 🙂

  13. Abby says:

    Looooove The Notebook kiss. I can always go for a good chic flick with the perfect kissing scene. Swoon 🙂

  14. CMae says:

    I upgraded my wild hearts can't be broken VHS to DVD recently. I LOVE Gabriella Anwar (who is now famous again for being in that TV show called BURN NOTICE) Sadly, Michael Schoeffling, hasn't been in anything in ages..:( Great post!!!! I really enjoyed watching all the kissy vids haha I'm such a sap! but you gotta ad the Sweet home Alabama kiss in the rain that one is always good 🙂

  15. Sophie P says:

    I am SUCH a sook for 'Romeo and Juliet'… Aw shucks… I LOVE kissing. My Aussie boyf is THE best kisser ever! English boys quite literally suck at kissing! XX

  16. Laura says:

    ohhhh you crack me up with the kindergarden story.. because I was definitely one of those in 1st grade!! Jason Buckmaster.. we chased ALL over the playground.. and funny enough, I think little boys HATED being kissed at that age.. oh well! I'd add the notebook kisses to this list too 🙂 ooooooh the love. can not wait for your post today. xoxo

  17. Mighty Burns says:

    lol So many things I love about this post, where oh where to start!? First of all you are adorable! I spent most of the summer gorwing up playing spin the bottle with the boys next door, I know what ya mean :)Also, I actually own Wild Hearts Can't be Broken. I used to love that movie when I was little,but it is hard to watch now lol. And lastly, I love your comment about Shia lol I think we alll would love that lol

  18. Ahh! Just found your blog through Babbling Abby and I freaking love you already. Your college confessions had me laughing OUT LOUD and all of your favorite kisses are mine too!! I just watched all the videos and I think I need to turn the fan on because I'm feeling a little flushed! YOWZAS. Oh and of course The Notebook kiss should have been on the list. It's just a classic. And you watch The Office? And you've always liked the upside-down kiss?? We should seriously be best friends. (PS – I've read Charlie St. Cloud, Dear John, and Last Song and I can't wait to finally see the movies!)

  19. Whitney says:

    I didn't have my first kiss, until high school either. I was 15. I made up for lost time too lol

  20. Cassie says:

    I love this post! I would have ranked The Notebook on there though. Those two kissing in the rain = swoon!

  21. Erin says:

    girl i LOVE wild hearts can't be broken 🙂

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