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Confession Sessions: Collegiate Edition
Well girls, guess what this week was at good ole UK? RUSH WEEK. That is right. I was reminded by the chain of emails from my lovely Adpi sisters at work yesterday, that eight {yes you heard me} EIGHT years ago today we made the best decisions of our lives, and pledged Adpi! What happened next? Some more great decisions, and possibly a few bad decisions. Ha, don’t get me wrong, we had more fun in college than should be allowed, and I wish I had a darn video of all the shenanigans we pulled, but some of the funniest, memorable moments, were sometimes the result of some bad decisions. So today girls, let’s confess some college moments, maybe some one’s we aren’t the proudest of, or maybe some we are actually very proud of, whatever it is, confess! We are confessing after all, so the crazier the better!
*warning, I was in college,so no judgement. Ha.
Mom, G-ma, this post is not for you. Overt your eyes…
1. I had Mad Mushroom on speed dial. Don’t know what Mad Mushroom is? Only the best cheese stick establishment known to college kids. Luckily they delivered until wee hours of the morning and they offered an x-large option, so there was enough to share with those shacker boys who somehow always ended up in your living room at 3 am. Or maybe you and your roomies could eat an x-large without the boys help-just sayin’.
2. I instituted “Tequila Tuesday’s” one summer. It was a brilliant idea in theory, but it turns out drinking only, straight tequila, was not as fun as it sounds. 😉
3. Late at night, I sometimes had a hard time distinguishing the bathroom from well, anything else. I may have once tinkled on the floor, through my jammies, and smartly crawled in bed with Molly, instead of getting in my own bed, so as not to mess up my sheets. Bahaha. Molly and I were both very confused in the morning, especially since there was a large wet spot on the carpet. Sorry Molls. I love you!
4. I was very territorial about my late night meals. If you even tried to sneak a bite of my taco bell, McDonald’s, mad mushroom, lean cuisine I found in the fridge, adpi salad with fat free range dressing that I broke into the Adpi house kitchen to make, you might get smacked. This actually still holds true… so back off my crunch wrap supreme. {sidenote, girls that stuff was NOT fat free, have you SEEN our pics from sophomore year? chipmunk cheeks. I digress}
5. After the breakup of Reed and Allison vol.1 I was a little depressed. Luckily I took my friend Jim Beam with me to Keeneland and proceeded to drink the entire fifth. Also luckily, Vineyard Vines was having a sale at Keeneland that day, so what did I do? What any normal girl would do and bought my best friend Michael (as seen here!) a Vineyard Vines tie! It was about $100 but It was so cute, teal and blue with little whales on it. I lost it that same day. Someone at Keeneland got a really nice surprise. I still occasionally check all the guys out to see who ended up with that sweet present. My mom also came and got me from Keeneland that day, and I may have been napping in the grass. Mom was proud. The next day i got a letter on my door, asking if I had a problem. Here is a pic from the infamous day.

6. Once, late night, I took a ‘nap’ on the Adpi house floor. I was just tired, I was only gonna be there a minute. Well, I woke up on a very strange floral couch, surrounded by an illegal amount of doilies and 1992 glamour shots. Yes, I was in Momma Lee’s room. Geri Lee Jones was our curly mullet rockin’ house momma. Apparently we had a heart to heart that night?!
7. Chrissy and I would always get two bourbon and diets at a time. Now this was just smart, kept you from running to the bar every five minutes. PLUS it was all you can drink for $8 at Avio every Thursday. Gosh what I wouldn’t give to only take out a $10 bill one night again! Oh those were the days…

8. Spring Formal Senior Year. I somehow ripped the seam completely up the back of my dress, exposing my tail and my hot pink lace thong, and I didn’t even know it. My good friend Mark (I know you are reading, don’t lie) had to tell me at the bar. So I was assed out for everyone to see for gosh knows how long. How did I not feel a draft? How many people noticed but just laughed and didn’t say anything? Seriously one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. And if you are wondering, this is the dress, and this is the night. I ran out of the bar, and begged some poor college kid to take me home.

{sidenote: my favorite part of this pic? Billy and Mo in the background apparently experiencing a ‘time out’. From the looks of it, Maureen has probably lost an earring or something.}
9. At formal one year, I got kicked out of the Hyatt along with Courtney and our two dates. Why? Cupcake fight. We sadly watched as they threw away all of our cupcakes (funfetti to be exact), our jello shots, and poured every drop of any cocktail we had down the sink. We ended up spending the night at Brent’s (Courtney’s hubby!) parents house where I may have given a nudie fashion show to Brent’s momma by accident.
10. My alter ego in college was Alle’ Leyon. She spoke french, and she was pretty hysterical. If Alle’ Leyon was present, it was gonna be a good night. She enjoyed dancing, running around like an idiot, wearing her bra on the outside of her shirt (this only happened once…), getting rides home from police officers, going through upwards of 9 cell phones in three years, accidentally turning her phone settings into Spanish, and she always woke up the next day with the craziest hair I have ever seen. She was pretty wild. She still makes an appearance from time to time, but only at her sorority reunions. 😉
Oh college. You were so fun, and I loved you, but thank goodness you are over. I don’t think I could have survived much longer! I kept this pretty censored for the sheer fact that it is the Internet and this stuff is out there forever!
Ladies, I know you have some good confessions today. So grab my button, and be sure to link up at the bottom so I know that you are confessing! I cannot wait to read all of your collegiate confessions today! Clearly I am excited, because it is 6:23 am, and i am up blogging. haha.

PS if you are having problems grabbing my button, well, I have no idea how to fix it! Someone help! Some people can grab it just fine, and others can’t? You can always save the image as a jpg, and just link it that way : )
  1. Laura says:

    I am sooo freaking excited you posted this so early 🙂 hehe… i was hoping that when I got back from the salon, that it would be up and ready for me to read!!! OH the memories…. I def. won't forget Alle' Leyon.. I'm debating writing all the college confessions on my blog today, due to the sheer fact that my family and Joakim's family all read my blog. lol.. hmmmm…. 🙂

  2. Oh, Allie. I've never laughed so hard before 7AM on a Friday. You are a brave girl for sharing these!


  3. Amazing list ~ Mine would be just about the same, although I can't say I ever ripped the seam of my dress, at least not that I know of! But I was always a double fister at the bar… love it!

    PS… yes, Heidi's surgeon died after crashing his car on the PCH last week… so, so sad!

  4. This sounds amazingly similar to my college experiences. LOL Oh the memories… or lack of (sometimes)! 🙂

  5. Jillian says:

    I so miss college sometimes!!

  6. This is how you fix button problem:

    1. Copy the code
    2. post the code to the "Edit HTML" section of your post
    3. then switch to the Compose section and you will see the button
    4. Finished!

    Your Welcome!! 🙂

  7. Leah says:

    First of all, I am ROLLING and all of these just bring back such wonderful, hilarious memories. Gosh, we really did have a blast. My first side note is that the x-large cheese sticks couldn't fit through a normal door (it was simply tilted sideways). Listen peeps, if you can't fit a meal, let alone 4th meal, through the door, there must be a serious problem! HA and we ate every little bit. LOVE YOU! Leah

  8. JPO says:

    Hey Sassy!

    Thanks for coming to my blog! I think you are uber-fab too! I'm your new follower!

  9. Jess says:

    Yes I did know that about you ( I read your blog the other day when I first came across it!) There should be a club for us haha….but it has to be a perky one otherwise I'm out! haha

    LOVE your confessions, you were the life of the party child!! 🙂

    Hope your having a great day!

  10. Kerr says:

    this is hilarious!! I miss the good ole days of college!

  11. Abby says:

    Love it. Loved college, but I'm with you – glad it's over!!!

  12. melissa says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I love it. Thanks for your posts. I will be back for more!

  13. Natalie says:

    I adore you for the sheer fact that you just admitted "tinkling through your jammies" to the whole internet. Hilarioius!!

    This makes me want to make a list of collegiate shannigans as well, but I don't think my grandmother would have the same sense of humor that yours apparently does! Thanks for the laughs!!

  14. Jill says:

    You had me laughing yesterday and again today! Love your confessions and that you're a blogger! I have to ask though, why is Leah wearing the pink dress? Did you guys trade later and then you exposed your tail? hehe 🙂

  15. Hannah says:

    These are way too funny! I found your blog this morning, and I am so glad! It brought back some of my own fond college memories.

    I'll share one. Freshman year, Owl-O-Ween, I was Coca-Cola and my date was Crown Royal–our outfits were awesome! Somehow I got the bright idea to put a little red "washable" crayola marker in my hair, just to add a little oomph to the outfit which rocked already (have I said that yet??). As the night progressed and the crown and coke flowed, I thought my hair needed even more red. I mean, why the heck did I keep that marker in my purse? Needless to say, I don't remember much of the night, but I do remember trying to walk my back to my dorm and a stranger (who happened to be an angel) picking me up. The next morning I awoke to the most disgusting hair. After numerous tries at washing the "washable" marker out, I finally gave up. Headed home that weekend to have my hairdresser politely ask me, "Why the hell did you put marker in your hair?" Oh, those were the days!

  16. melissa says:

    Oh my goodness girl! I love this so much. Makes me miss college so much. So many similar memories of my times in the ADPi house. We used to break into the breakfast kitchen for cereal after getting home late night from the bars (if we didn't stop at Taco Bell that is… I wish I was brave enough to post all my college misadventures on the blog – but my mother would probably retroactively have a panic attack and fear for my life. I'm already worried I'll have a daughter and she'll follow in my footsteps.

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