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2Ge+her anyone?



PULEASSSSE tell me someone remembers the faux pop sensation known as 2Ge+her (yes that is spelled with a plus sign) made famous semi one minute wonder-y by those crazy folks at MTV? During the boy band craze MTV thought hey would jump on the trend and make a movie about this made up boy band and all its glory. Turns out, the songs were quite catchy, while being awesomely ridiculous all at the same time. I am embarrassed to admit that sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL I had some of these songs on a cd that I would listen to in my car. OMG. I didn’t get my license till I was a junior, that means I had this cd JUNIOR year. Pretend you heard none of that.


Anyway, some of their greatest hits included numbers such as


“I Know My Calculus” (U+Me=us)….


“Say it, Don’t Spray it”


“Before We Say Goodbye…” (favorite line of this song you ask? After breaking up… “Can I still have sex with you?” bahaha.


“Rub One Out”…. yeah that one was just not even right.


And one of my favorite’s “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up…is Getting Back Your Stuff”.


Why am I talking about ANY of this? Well, because for some reason, that I still don’t know, these boys were in my dream last night and I have had all of the 2Ge+her songs in my head ALL.DAY.LONG.


I have found myself singing things like….


“You plus me, it doesn’t equal us, you stole my heart now I gotta take the bus..”


“Girl I can’t understand you, you’re like reading a big fat book in Hebrew….say it, don’t spray it, I want the news, not the weather… woohoo….”


“You got my sweaters my hat, I can’t find my cat (meow) the hardest part of breaking up…is getting back your stuff…”


You get the idea. It was fun for a minute, but seriously WHY do I remember the lyrics to these ridiculous songs?!


Please someone save me from my humiliation and tell me you also somewhat enjoyed these songs too, probably whilst wearing sparkly eyeshadow, white eyeliner, tenderheart lipstick from Clinique, and covered in Victoria’s Secret ‘Love Spell’??


And for your enjoyment today, if you happened to blink and miss them back in 2000, here is a video. This seriously made me laugh out loud. But I won’t be surprised if I am the only one.


  1. Whitney says:

    I totally remember that! I had their cd too. Whatever happened to MTV making movies like that and Jail Bait? Did you remember that after that one came out that Q T died?

    I'm totally with you on the tenderheart Clinique lipstick and Love Spell from Victorias Secret. I loved that stuff!

  2. Laura says:

    Sadly the husband and I were talking about this just a few weeks ago. I don't remember why though??? lol

  3. Marian says:

    I totally remember this on MTV!! And don't feel bad, I was totally into them as well:)

  4. I LOVED THEM! LOL So hilarious. U + Me = US!

  5. Oh Allison…YOU ARE A TRIP!!

    Tenderheart lipstick & white eyeshadow.. Oh the memories!! TEAR!

  6. Just a Girl says:

    Hahaha, I'm going to embarrass myself even more than you… I was in AP calculus and we had shirts that said "U+me=US" on them.

  7. MissMay says:

    OMG! This is too funny because my parents were cleaning out their garage a couple weeks ago and my 2ge+her cd as well as my middle school diary were found in a box, so many memories!

  8. CMae says:

    Poor guys…never had a chance they came in as boy bands were fading out. Top 3 boy bands that have really only had any success….New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC.

  9. Whaaaatttt?!? How have I not heard of this boy band!! It is a travesty and if there is a pandora radio station devoted to them I will be catching up on what I have missed ASAP!!

    I am a friend of Krsiten's "All in My Twenties," I just started a blog for my jewlery…..check it out!!


  10. Allison says:

    oh i certainly remember them … i believe tarryn made me a cd with their songs … i'm so glad to go down memory lane with them!

  11. Morgan says:

    I still sometimes break into their songs. For real. I may or may not have said, "Say it, don't spray it. I want the news not the weather" last week to one of my students. hahaha

  12. Ashley says:

    Hahaha I remember them! I do still catch myself singing The Hardest Part of Breaking Up!

  13. Jillian says:

    I do NOT remember them but that was pretty hilarious!

  14. Abby says:

    totally a love spell wearer back-in-the-day! ha!

  15. Venassa says:

    I didn't listen to them much, oddly enough, even though they were completely my type of music back in the day.
    And yeah.. Rub One Out? Not right at all. They have some strange (and very dirty) songs.

  16. Laura says:

    hahahahaha. omg.. i didn't remember them at first, but then i started reading through some of the songs and what not.. and i DO remember them!! bahhhhahah. they were ridiculous. 🙂 so funny. Hows the sweden trip planning coming? hehe

  17. Miss Mancini says:

    hahaha I looooved 2GE+HER! I had both of their cds, and at one point, owned the movie on dvd. So don't feel bad that you've been singing their songs lately, they're cheesy but fabulous!

  18. HAAA!!! That is soooo funny that you dreamed about them! This is so crazy! I had completely forgotten about them!! Wow!!

  19. I JUST thought about this show the other day when "Alpha Dog" was playing on TBS. The character Bobby 911 looked crazy familiar so I looked up the actor's name (Alex Solowitz) and sure enough he played Mickey Parke in 2Ge+her

  20. Aww..This brings back memories…Ones I'd kind of like to forget, but memories, nonetheless.

    I loved QT and I have to be honest, I cried a little when he died.

  21. Jess says:

    OH. M. Gee. I remember that group! haha
    Especially the "I Know My Calculus."
    greaat stuff!

  22. Tarryn says:

    You know I remember them! =) haha!

  23. Edward says:

    There is a facebook petition for this show to get on DVD so join.

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