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It’s like Christmas Morning…

I seriously am SO excited that the Carrie wedding has been revealed!!!! I am obsessed. Carrie looked gorgeous, and her wedding looked unbelievable. I feel like Carrie jumped in my head and pulled out my fairy tale wedding. I mean seriously, PINK everywhere {light pink to be exact} and did you see the crystals and vintage-y feel of the reception?? There was bling hanging from the centerpieces! I mean this wedding has PinkLouLou written ALL over it. Job well done Carrie. I am usually a ‘non-tiara’ girl, but I must admit your 40 carat diamond sparkling tiara is pretty much rockin. Also, super hot reception dress. I just want to be all up in that wedding! LOVE it. Here are pics!! Thanks Mo for sending me the link, you MADE my day!

PS- I did a blog redesign for Miss Molly! go check it out! i thought it turned out super cute! Love her!!

  1. Ashley says:

    Her wedding pics are gorgeous! So happy for her!

  2. Whitney says:

    Carrie looked sooo pretty! I especially love her dress for the reception.

  3. Angela says:

    She looks amazing!! That reception dress is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Her wedding was beautiful! I love the cocktail dress she changed into…too cute! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. Jennie says:

    LOVEEEE HER!!! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    Just stopping by to let you know I gave you the "Sugar Doll" award and love reading your blog 🙂

  7. SmartCookie says:

    Just found your blog and had to tell you that I LOVE it already 😉

  8. I thought of you and Mo the minute i saw that pics had surfaced…

  9. Catherine says:

    That is one gorgeous wedding!! I am running to CVS next door on my break to grab the issue today! It remind me so much of the look I am going for with my wedding…same colors, flower, and same soft, vintage feel and it just makes me Oh-so excited! Allie, it’s so funny how we have the same vintage tastes. I might need to get some fun ideas from you since you are so creative and can do aaaanything!! By the way, do you by any chance make flower headbands for flower girls? If so, lets talk 🙂

    Cat York

  10. Jules says:

    Thank for for posting where to find the pictures – I've been anxiously waiting. The wedding looks gorgeous (as we all expected it to be from her)! I agree with you that while normally I'm all for 'non-tiara' looks – I loved Carrie's tiara – it has such a unique look.

  11. melissa says:

    Okay, I may be alone on this and I hate to say it because I love Carrie but I did not love her wedding dress/look. The see through bodice on the wedding dress with huge tiara and piled up curls looked a little too princessy for my tastes. Almost like what a 12 year old girl with a $1 million dollars would wear if they let her get married. Sorry! I did love her reception dress and the wedding decor was very romantic and beautiful. Plus, let's get serious – when you're as gorgeous as Carrie, it doesn't matter what you wear!

  12. Okay I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about looking through these pictures. Carrie is gorgeous and looks incredible no matter where she is or what she's wearing. And her legs make me green with envy!

  13. Lauren says:

    She achieved my dream wedding! It was so beautiful! She is so blessed to have found the right person!

  14. Courtney says:

    Love the pictures!! I am so happy that you posted these because I have been dying to see them. On another note I am so jealous of their honeymoon to Bora Bora……I will go there someday that is for sure haha

  15. AbbyS. says:

    Love the dress!
    Quick question (I am sooo new at this) What do you use to be able to "write" on your pictures like that? Help needed!

  16. Just came by and had to comment. I went to the grocery store and drooled over all the pics for a long time! Love your blog and am going to keep reading! Have a great weekend!

  17. Morgan says:

    In the mag it said where she got her cupcakes, this place in Franklin, TN (and the owner was a bridesmaid). My hubby just happens to work in Franklin…so I may just have to stop by the cupcake shop and make bff w/her bff. I need to do that in the least creepy way possible. haha

  18. Tarryn says:

    OMG please make over our blog! I checked out the header you did -AMAZING! I'll offer free lodging in FL in exchange if you want a weekend away 😉 Although, my mom would BE SO EXCITED to see you we may never get to the beach – think about it! =)

  19. Laura says:

    those wedding pics of Carries are unreal. definite dream wedding ideas all put into one – wow :)i'm so glad you posted that link so i could see!

  20. star says:

    Her wedding was AMAZING! I love all the pink! I am already married, but if I weren't I'd want to have a wedding like hers! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I am now following!

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