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Happy Margarita Day!

’tis my favorite holiday of the year. Cinco de Mayo. As you can see, stay at home Sadie is already at the bar with her girls indulging in a frosty margarita and enjoying some chips and queso, while her single, working momma is slaving away at work to keep food on the table for her. I hope she knows how good she has it… geez. I will not be participating in margarita madness this year, as I don’t think it is wise coming off strep throat.

Also, in other news this morning, I dropped the iron on my foot getting ready. Holy I don’t even know what, but it hurt like a MFer. I immediately fell to the floor and started crying, in my panties, toothbrush in mouth, and crawled to my bedroom. I somehow hopped on my good foot to the sink and spit out my toothpaste and proceeded to lay in the floor crying for a good 10 minutes. I am currently icing the injury at work. Swollen. I am convinced it is broken. My dad is going to x ray later. It’s not my week girls…


  1. April says:

    I feel ya kn the bad week!

    Hope it is not broken! I bet it's so brused 🙁 I know how those days are. I had one a few months ago when I had just woke up to take my dogs out and fell down the 3 outside slippery/wet steps with a skirt on, which flew up. So ya, bare butt on wet wood steps down into mud, dogs in hand (didn't drop them, lol). I'll say DH was a little worried when I walked in bawling.

  2. Molly says:

    Bless your heart! Get to feeling better love! xoxo

  3. Mo says:

    Ok, I cannot stop laughing at the pics of Sadie boozin' it up!!! Hahaha!! She is such a partier!! (Does she get her love for Cinco de Mayo from her momma!?!?)

    So sorry about the foot honey!!! Hope you are feeling better and as previously discussed, we will for SURE bedazzle your 'boot' if needed!

    PS. I am soo sorry this post is so late! I check your blog everyday -don't you worry girl! Just didn't have time to post a comment! Know that I love ya!!



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