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When I wake up in the mornin’…

So I would have to say my favorite part of every morning is watching Saved By The Bell re-runs on TBS. Luckily, they run from 7- I don’t even know, but I do know I have to leave my house by the commercial break of the second episode. If the show comes back on after the break I know…”uh-oh… no time for McD’s/Chic-fil-a diet coke today, bummer.” This morning I caught most of the episode when Tony Crane came to substitute for Mrs. Simpson (who is practically deaf) and the girls all go ga-ga over him. What I couldn’t fathom the most were the wedding dresses Lisa, Kelly, and Jesse wore in their little Tony Crane wedding fantasy. Were they serious, and did woman ACTUALLY wear wedding dresses with large bows on the butts and sleeves channeling Lady Ga-Ga? So bizarre. I really tried to find a pic from this exact episode, and if you have one please let me know, but the dresses looked something like this:

NOT OK. And I am not even going to comment on this headpiece. Or the ever classy double wedding.

To all the brides from the 80’s and 90’s I am sorry. I am sorry you had nothing better to chose from than dresses such as these. I have always wanted to have “bridal party from the 80’s/90’s” themed bachelorette party for one of my girlfriends. But for some reason, no one ever goes for it. I did run into a bachelorette party like this once in Tampa. Exhibit A: bridesmaid.


The bride was wearing a lovely number like one of the ones above. it was HYSTERICAL.


Inspired by my morning TV watching, I have been reminiscing with Maureen (Mo) from here and here etc. on all of the greatest SBTB moments. We all have our favorites, but here are some Mo sent me. She is pretty much one of the funniest people I know, and if you all know Mo, imagine her delivery on each of these statements below. I am still laughing out loud.


1. The one where Kelly falls for that dreamboat of a manager of the Maxx *JEFF* and they end up sharing a kiss late night after hours in the Maxx….(steamy! accompanied by the crowd’s “woooooo” sound effect in the background, to signify this is a HUGE moment.)….Kelly then breaks poor Zack’s heart at the Halloween dance, amidst Jessie (Cleopatra) and Slater (Roman Warrior) singing a cheesy love duet. Cue “How am I suppose to live without you”…


2. The one where Zack meets Danielle, an attractive USC undergrad equipped with a crop-top over sized USC maroon sweatshirt. They meet her at the Attic with their fake id’s…and see Jeff macking on this blonde chic in a floral spandex dress while sweet Kelly is home working on some Algebra II homework…Result? Kelly dumps Jeff!


3. 3 words. Hot. Fudge. Sundae. aka the powerhouse girl group consisting of Jessie, Lisa and Kelly. This is the all time classic episode where Jessie becomes addicted to caffeine pills bc she can’t keep up with the pressure of the band and their music video/live performance at the Maxx. -Insert amazing quote “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so….scared!!” – insert Zack (the band’s manager) to the rescue. He reminds Jessie of when they were skunks in some elementary school play or some something like that and she calms the eff down.


4.Any of the Malibu Sands Beach Club/summer in Hawaii at Kelly’s grandpa’s episodes. Zack falling for Stacy Corossi, Zack falling for a girl who was knocked up and had a kid, the luau, Mr. Corossi, ATV 4 wheeler race etc.!


Dear Saved by the Bell: Thank you for reminding me how great the 90’s were with your acid wash jeans, your neon colored bandeau bathing suit tops, your outfit matching scrunchies, your fabulous wedding dresses, and your moral filled episodes. That is all.
  1. Abby says:

    I now want to go Hulu the summer yacht club episodes! Too bad it's Teen Mom time right now while Beck's napping 😉

  2. mrs. darling says:

    oh. my. word. i watch this every morning when i get ready for work and saw the one with tony crane today! hilarious! this was my favorite show growing up. definately the malibu sands beach club ones are some of my faves. i hate when they show the ones with miss bliss.

  3. Angela says:

    I have to watch every morning as well, and I have to say, when I wake up and see that an episode from the "College Years" is on, it TOTALLY kills my morning! It is just not the same!!!

  4. Kerr says:

    I love love love saved by the bell! the episodes at the beach club are my favorite

  5. Ohhh my gosh I had almost forgotten about this show! I remember when it first started and my mom would always say it was too mature for me, and make me turn it! HAHA..ohh the memories!

  6. Mo says:

    Aww thank you for my shout-out!! 🙂 Zack Morris will always hold a place in my heart as "A Blonde Tom Cruise"…siiiigh! 😉

    PS. I don't know if i've ever hated a character on tv more that Tori..ugh! Those of you that know me know exactly why!!

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