Motherhood is hard, makeup doesn't have to be.
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Thoughts for Today

1. The office baby is coming tonight. I am SO excited! I heart Jim, and Pam. So I am super excited they are having a baby. I am sure the episode will be filled with tenderly touching moments, as well as some prime quality awkwardness if Michael, or Dwight are in any way shape or form involved. Episode is an HOUR so all you office lovers get excited. Kristy and I love to talk office gossip, and its especially fitting since we work in the same office, and she is preggo just like Pam! 2.I have discovered a new favorite lip gloss. I know, right? I am formerly an addict of these. Juicy Tubes.

Love ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. The problem therein lies that they are $18 a pop. Kinda pricey, especially when they seem to disappear in your purse, or on a night out with the girls… interesting. Anyhoo- I discovered that I very much love Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip gloss, in Life’s a Peach. It’s awesome! The color is great, and the consistency isn’t too sticky. Do you all remember the Victoria’s Secret Lip glosses from a few years ago, before this new generation of Beauty Rush lip glosses? (I wanna say circa Greek Sing 2k5 for all you pi ladies) Anyways they were like GLUE. I know all your boyfriends/hubby’s remember-because they hated kissing it. This is much better than that.

3. Also, my lovely roomie turns 26 this weekend! Leah you are getting OLD!!! He he. Here is the gorgeous birthday girl herself. Happy EARLY BIRTHDAY Leah Katherine! Loves you.

That is it, hope everyone has a great day! It’s finally sunny here in Lex, KY, maybe spring is on it’s way?? Hope so!

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