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I went to lunch with my dad and sisters yesterday, here they are again:

(we do dad and daughters lunch every couple weeks!) and the main topic of the hour was spring break. Ohh spring break. I remember you. Spring break means only lean cuisines from January to March, buying 576 new bathing suits, and planning every outfit out before you go. My college spring breaks consisted of Florida, Acapulco, Bahamas, and Cabo San Lucas. Sigh. I miss that one week a year when all I had to worry about was being the tannest I could be. I was a good girl on Spring Break, and for some reason I did not worry about myself making poor decisions. I was in control, and I was a smart girl, and I was invincible (so I thought, ha). Now when it comes to my sweet baby sisters (18, and 22) I get complete and utter anxiety about them going on spring break. College spring break is filled with a raucous concoction of tequila, bikinis, late nights, hangovers, and ridiculous crazy behavior. I shutter at my sweet girls being on spring break without me to protect them! I can’t help but think, “Well I would never do that…” etc, but I worry myself sick thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong to my sweet girls. My inner mommy came out yesterday at lunch when I instructed the girls

“Don’t accept a drink from ANYONE!”
“Don’t be by yourself, have a buddy!”
“Wear sunscreen, you don’t want to get skin cancer!”
“Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want dad to know about!”
“Don’t drive fast on the way to the airport”
“Don’t be barefoot in yucky places!”
“Be aware of your surroundings, there are creepos everywhere!”
“Eat and take care of yourself, an apple does not count as food for the day!”

I can’t imagine what it will be like to have a child go on spring break- I flip out when it is my baby sisters! My sweet girls are good girls, and I am not worried about them doing anything wrong, I am worried about all of the other dumb kids that go on spring break, and all of the creepos out there that could take advantage of them. Hannah is going to Ft. Laudy and Becky is going to Jamaica. I am not as worried about Hannah because she is staying IN the country. Something about being out of the country just makes me sleep a little less soundly at night.

Ok- I totally feel like my mother right now. Stop it Allison. They will be fine. They are going to have a wonderful spring break just like you did every year. OK-breathe.

My favorite spring break was my senior year when we went to Cabo.


I fell in love with Cabo, and wish I could go back there with my 50 friends or so that went, and just lay in the sun and have a frozen margarita. Again, sigh. Here are some pics from my most favorite spring break. It was the best week ever, and I have so many many fun memories of this trip. And some pretty funny stories as well. We all look like such babies!So in conclusion, spring break is fun-but it is also scary for those who are left at home while their young impressionable family members are gallivanting out of the country, or to spring break central in Florida. Ladies, please say a little prayer for my sisters who will be traveling this week on spring break. I will be a little nervous until they both come home-most undeniably with awesome tans. Jealous. Until then, I will be here, not getting anymore tan, and at work-worrying about what they are up to. SIGH. Love you sissies-be careful and HAVE FUN!

  1. Molly says:

    What I wouldn't give to be going on Spring Break with 50 of our closest friends right now, ha! We always had so much fun, but I too think about how much our parents must have worried about us while we were galavanting through Mexico, FL, and the Bahamas! I'll say my prayers for your sisters safe return to you and I hope you have a great weekend!!

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