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My Sweet Baby Sis- All Grown Up!

I cannot believe that my sweet baby sister is graduating high school today! Y’all know how close I am with my wonderful sisters, and to think that my little baby is graduating is just unbelievable! For those of you who don’t know, my sisters are fabulous. Becky is 21 and Hannah is barely 18. We have so much fun when we are all together, and I feel so blessed to have been given such amazing girls (young women!) as sisters. The bond that we share is so special.

I remember when Hannah came home from the hospital, no seriously, I totally remember every minute of it because I thought she was my toy to play with. My baby obsession set in early in life and I was all over the new baby that Mom and Dad brought home. I even gave her my blankie to sleep with (BIG deal for me). She was the cutest little baby, she had these massive curls and was often mistaken for Michelle from Full House. No joke, more than once. Anyway, I am just so proud of her. She is beautiful, talented, ambitious, selfless, super smart, and super sweet. She is president of like every club at her school, was a Governor’s scholar last summer, was Homecoming Queen, and she is a phenomenal dancer. She is starting Transy in the fall and I am so excited for her! I’m sorry, but I just had to brag on my little sis for a minute, she tells me all the time I am going to drive my kids crazy one day. And she is probably right ; ). Here are a few pics of my precious little sis.

Hannah taking Sadie Belle for a dip…Sadie worships Hannah and apparently decided to follow her everywhere, including the pool.

Beck and Han being goofy, 99% of the pics of Han look just like this.
Han and her BFF Kasey. I LOVE Kasey, she is my adoptive little sis. She is such a little gem.
Channeling Baby Spice I think… Funny because I was also Baby Spice for Halloween MANY years ago. ; )
At one of her prom’s this year. She looked beautiful!!
Thinking about sweet Hannah growing up and starting college makes me think about when I started UK years and years ago, and all of the priceless memories, and priceless friendships I formed throughout those amazing 4 (or-41/2) years. I wish for Hannah all the fun and happy times I had and more. I pray that she finds amazing girls like I did that will be there with her through all nighter’s, pizza at 3 am, incognito sorority house toilet paper-ing, sorority formals, breakup’s, first jobs, weddings, babies and all of life’s changes. I pray that she stays true to herself while finding out who she is and what she wants in life. Hannah, you are so special, never forget that! I am so proud that you are my sister, and I cannot wait to watch the turns that your life takes. I love you!And like my Grandfather told my Mother when he left her at Centre College…”Have fun, and get an education. In that order.” true words ; )

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