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Hairspray: My Greatest Asset

It is no secret that I love big hair. It is also no secret that I am challenged in the “big hair” department. I have the hair of a 5 year old girl, no seriously, most of you that know me understand this is true. It is fine, thin, and does CRAZY things when I sleep on it. It is pretty much something I have come to terms with. Anyhoo, while I long for locks like Carrie Underwood, It’s never going to happen. (hence why I love playing with my JSimpson hair extensions.) My only hope is some pink rollers (not the Velcro ones but the plastic kind) my tool, a lot of teasing, and some really good hairspray- which leads me to the point of this discussion-hairspray. I have recently been addicted to Big Sexy Hair Play and Spray Harder-which is fabulous for my short blond bob. I am telling you what- not a hair moves which I love. Probably not the best hairspray for say Maureen’s long curls, but perfect for us short haired gals who are not so concerned with moveability (is this a word?). But I have been thinking about trying this new hairspray that I found while babysitting a few weeks ago (thanks Billie Jo!) It is Shu Uemura-Sheer Lacquer Micro Fine Finishing Spray. I tried it when I was putting the girls’ hair up in piggie tails, and I absolutely loved it! It smells fantastic, and it’s super fine delivery means that even the babiest of hairs are not moving when you apply! I have been meaning to stop and get some, but have not had time recently. Has anyone tried it before? Just wanted to share my new find with you lovelies! Have a great Thursday!

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