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Baby Nursery: Under Construction

(Photos by Kelsey Malicote)

I feel very behind in the nursery department. I about had a mental breakdown this week because I realized I am 31 weeks pregnant, and we have not started on the nursery. I see all these perfectly put together nurseries from ladies also due in June on my pregnancy apps, and I am like oooh awesome, we have a room for the nursery, does that count?

Exhibit A: Pregnant lady in empty nursery

Everyone tells me it’s ok, they don’t even sleep in their rooms at first anyway, so it is ALL good! I don’t know why I have put it off so much, I think I just wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be like. I want it to be a classic, feminine space, that is calming and serene. Really the nursery is for you, ya know? A tiny babe doesn’t care what it looks like right?!

We are using the bedroom furniture that I had in college. It is all white, I think it was called Vintage Roses or something. I have always had a thing for shabby chic, and not much has changed honestly. I always knew this would be the perfect baby girl nursery furniture, so LOOK at me planning ahead.

The current color of the walls in her room are painted with Sherwin Williams Big Chill, which we love for the rest of the house, but I have decided to change to Nearly Peach for the nursery. It is a super light, barely pink creamy color.

We are also going to do wallpaper on one wall behind her crib. And heavens, that was the hardest decision. I kept finding BIG floral prints and peonies, which are beautiful, but just not what I wanted. I finally found this paper, and love it! Now let’s just hope we can figure it out, and that it looks GOOD!

We also already have her crib, do we get points for this? Never you mind that it is in a box in our dining room. It’s fine, everything’s fine.

We are doing this crib, I just think it is so sweet and cute. Reminds me of cribs when I was little!

I am SO excited about her bedding. We I have chosen this gorgeous bedding from New Arrivals Inc.

I just love the extra long crib skirt, and the feminine details. I have my eye on these curtains, and this rug, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I want to get the wallpaper and her crib and bedding put up first, and then take it from there.

I do want to add some modern touches to her room, since so much of it is floral and vintage, so I ordered this light fixture to add some flair.

It is slowly but surely coming together. I think once we get the paint and wallpaper up, it will feel so much more put together.

Here’s to hoping I can keep my sanity these last 9 weeks, with an entire nursery to do. Have I mentioned I haven’t bought one practical thing for this child? She has bows and some pretty cute outfits, that should do it right?

(For some reason my dress won’t link in the “shop the post” section, but I linked it HERE!)
  1. The Blush Magnolia says:

    This is going to be gorgeous! We have the bow curtains in my daughter’s room and love them! They are gorgeous and do a great job of keeping the light out for nap time.

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