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T3 Micro Curling Iron Review

(all photos by Kelsey Malicote)

If you had seen the curling iron I had been using up until a month ago, you would have never trusted anything I had to say again. I truly can’t believe that I–a professional hair stylist and makeup artist–was using the curling iron that I was using. I think it was about ten years old, and should have been retired before I was in college. Don’t get me wrong, I always buy the best of the best for my professional kit, but why I was letting myself use garbage, I will never know.

You will be happy to learn, that with the recent move came a big ol junk purge, and the ancient aforementioned curling iron found a new home in the trash.

So color me excited when T3 micro sent me the singlepass curling iron to try out. I have seen several reviews of this bad boy all over the place, and had played with my friend Maddie’s, so I was really excited to try this one for myself (and equally as excited that it found it’s way to my new house, even with the move).

So what makes this curling iron blog-worthy? Many things friends.

Here’s what the website has to say:
The SinglePass Curl creates sensational spirals, waves and curls with just one pass. Powered by Digital T3 SinglePass® technology and T3 Tourmaline + Ceramic, the iron maintains a consistent temperature, offers smooth gliding and delivers lustrous, long-lasting curls every time. It’s the effortless and flawless way to add bends.”

I mean I like all of those words.

But here is why I personally have fallen in love with this curling iron:

1. It is incredibly smooth, like butta. I was really impressed with how it glides through my hair so smoothly, I never feel like it is pulling or damaging my hair or my NBR extensions.

2. I like the cool tip on the end, making it far less likely I will burn myself. And yes, I have burned myself several times in the past. How? I have never burned a client, so how do I have scars from burning myself?

3. It has a long swivel cord so it doesn’t get all tangled up and twisted, aka my biggest pet peeve ever.

4. It auto shuts off after an hour. Now usually in my professional life this would annoy me, but in my personal life I am so thankful for it. How many times have I made my husband turn around in the past to see if {insert hot thing} was unplugged? A.LOT.

5. It has five different heat settings (260°F – 410°F) and gets super hot, providing me with curls that last for days. And I mean DAYS.

6. It is just pretty, I mean look at it! I also saw it comes in a limited edition rose pink (be-still my heart).

So how do I use it you ask? I like to start at the top, run the curling iron quickly down the full length of my hair to kinda smooth it all out, and then begin curling. I start at the top and and twist hair around a little at a time. I keep the curling iron vertical, and leave about an inch and a half out at the ends, to give it a more lived-in, messy look. I usually run my fingers through it after it cools for a few seconds. I use this oil for finishing smoothing touches after I curl (and sometimes before if I feel like it is dry!)

I am SO thrilled to have gotten right with my curling iron game. I think I am going to get another one for my professional kit, I love it that much!

This was day 3 hair, and I just touched up a few pieces with curling iron, and voila, great hair day.

I also saw that T3 Micro is currently having a MEGA sale (ends TODAY) and some of their most popular items are 50% off, like this blowdryer and these hot rollers (I can’t help it, I was born in the 80s, I love hot rollers).

Happy curling ladies!

  1. Dahian says:

    Great review but I prefer my Karmin curler I love.

  2. aliaparker3 says:

    I cherish the way you type in and share your specialty! Exceptionally curiously and distinctive! Keep it coming! Best fitness supplies

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