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Life Lately

The past 6 months have been crazy over here. First we found out we were expecting (yay!) then we decided to buy and sell houses simultaneously, all while working on the launch of a new brand and new website for the hair and makeup business (Blush + Glow), so to say I have been overwhelmed 99% of the time would be an understatement. I am *finally* starting to feel settled and like I am getting life back to an orderly state, I don’t do chaos very well.

We are loving our new home! This was the day we closed, we were SO excited and so happy to be officially in the new place! It was literally 20 degrees out when we moved, so so cold!

We have been here about a month, and are slowly getting settled, it just takes forever for me to make up my mind on decisions about home decor, I think it is so hard! Fun, but hard! I used this opportunity to get rid of all the junk that I had amassed during my single gal days, and am still working on helping my husband do the same, lol. So we basically need all new everything. So it shall be an ongoing labor of love!

We were very blessed to find the perfect home for us, that had already been super updated. I knew with a baby on the way I wouldn’t be an ideal DIY gal, so I am thankful we were able to find such a perfect fit.

I love all of the details that the previous owners put into the house, especially the entryway. And how cute is this little cubby area? I love it!

We also really love the open kitchen and living room, and think it will be great for “doing life”!

As you can see, there was no fridge here so we had to get a new one. And let me just tell you, we had to take that sucker APART to get it in here. I could have cried seeing the brand new fridge in 15 different pieces in the front yard. I had to just go upstairs while the boys figured it out. You will be happy to know we now have a fridge, that fits, INSIDE our house.

I really love the fireplace and built in cabinets, it makes the focal point of the room so easy for those of us who are decorating challenged. And *bonus* our kind sellers left the tv that was already mounted and wired for surround sound (husband was thrilled about this as it makes GOT watching that much better).

Can we talk about the natural light in here? This was a major selling point for me, it is just so open and airy. I may not have furniture, but I have the prettiest plantation shutters on the block!

Perhaps my favorite feature of our new house is the master shower. Let me just remind you that Tim and I were previously living in 1,050 sq feet, sharing one tiny bathroom (that I loved!!) so this new bathroom is like a chorus of angels singing. I don’t even know what to do in a bathroom where we aren’t stepping on each other to brush our teeth.

AAAANNND, how perfect is this vanity?! It’s like it was built for me, truly!

I have finally gotten almost all the boxes unpacked, but this is exactly what I have looked like for the past month. Athleisure, no makeup, and top knots for the win people.

We lived for two and half weeks without any couches, which was a lot harder than you think. We kinda walked around in circles not knowing what to do. We got some inexpensive ones from Ashley Furniture, and no sooner than they were delivered, I decided they weren’t exactly what I wanted, and decided we needed a different one. I mean what kind of crazy person does that? Like I said, they were super inexpensive, and my original thoughts were that we would use them for a few years while we had tiny humans and dogs afoot, and then get something with some longevity power. After some thought, we decided to go ahead order a new couch that we will keep for years to come. I just wanted something more comfortable and deep, that I could really get down and nap on (I was having a hard time curling up on the two that we got from Ashley). So, we got the NEW new couch from Burke Furniture (it was on sale, so made me feel less crazy) and we will put the two from Ashley in the basement. Really it’s a win/win for all, and my husband deserves some kind of award for never once saying a thing about it (thanks babe!!) New new couch should be in sometime in the next 6 weeks. I am so excited!

We decided to go with this sectional…

…using these fabrics for pillows. I am crossing my fingers it looks good, it is so stressful picking out fabrics without seeing it all together.

So what else has been going on? Oh just growing a human! I am 25 weeks and 3 days currently. I love feeling little girl move about, it is the coolest thing ever! I am working on a pregnancy thus far post for ya, including all of my “must haves”. Stay tuned!!

I finally feel at home when I come downstairs in the morning, not like I am in a strangers place. I loved our first house that we shared, and I am excited about our new home, and all the memories we are going to make here. I am trying to get it all together before the tiny human gets here and really turns our world upside down, in the best way!

  1. Vicky says:

    Beautiful house! Congratulations! I hope you post updates on decor progress because your previous house was so nicely decorated!!

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