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My Home-Updated

I wanted to share some pics of my home as of late, mainly the living room area, because there have been some changes! I closed on my house over a year ago now, and it is STILL a work in progress.

Everything I previously had in my living room (which you can see here!) was swiped from my parents basement, and was always temporary until I figured out what I wanted. {All of it is for sale… FYI!}

Well I wanted a big comfy couch, where Sadie and I could post up and watch hours of Scandal (so good!!) and I finally found the one I wanted, which came from of all places, Value City Furniture! I got it for a fantastic deal, so it was a no brainer.

{coffee table is still temporary, I want a big tufted ottoman}

Sadie literally doesn’t move from her spot on the corner. She is going to ruin it, but how ca you say no to a face like that?? {ps that pug pillow is from etsy}

Coffee table is filled with some pretties-mainly shiny things and flowers…

and some light reading 😉

I am also obsessed with my bar stools. I think I have posted some pics before but I am not sure. I got them at Marshall’s for $129 a piece, which is pretty good in the land of upholstered bar stools, lemme tell ya.

I love them!! Sadie somehow likes to hop up on them too, haven’t figured that one out yet.

It’s progress, people, progress. 😉 Maybe one day I will have everything finished and the way I want it, probably just in time to change it again!!

If you are looking for furniture, don’t count Value City Furniture out, they have some really nice stuff these days! I also scour the likes of Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Gotta love finding things for a deal!

  1. Kelly Jo says:

    I had a Pug and currently have a YorkiePoo and they lay in the exact same spot as Sadie!!! Not sure what it is but they both loved it!! And it will push the back cushion out!!! My couch is leather and the top of it is somewhat flattened from their little purches!! 😉

  2. P!nky says:

    I was so hoping you would post some more about your house. I love your style [even though Le Husband would never let me copy your beautiful style. he's such a dude].

    Love the couches and your coffee table is tres chic! Well done friend.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful living room!! I would so be interested in the 2 chairs in your former living room if you aren't incorporating them into your current decor.

  4. Carolyn says:

    SO CUTE!!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I've found a lot of great home decor on Overstock and Wayfair and couldn't agree more 🙂

    Great finds!

  6. Cara says:

    So pretty. I love the purples and greys.

  7. Morgan Rudy says:

    would you sell the rug in your old living room?

  8. Jen Watts says:

    Looking good! I love love love those barstools! So, when can I crash on your sofa and watch Scandal with y'all?

  9. zadenwalla says:

    I'm obsessed with your sequin pillows! Where can I get some?!

  10. I want some deets on that narrow white console table beneath the mirror 🙂 I like!

  11. Love the new couch!! We've been in our house almost a year & I have a feeling as soon as I get everything in place & organized just right, we'll be ready to sell it! HA! Everything looks great though!!

  12. Miss Pomme says:

    Gorgeous colours you have chosen LouLou!! Looking divine XXXX

  13. Your couch looks fabulous! I love the color and love the style! We are in search of a super comfy couch too, one where we can prop our legs up and lay on for hours…is this that couch?? I don't want to spend a fortune either lol

  14. Adit says:

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