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Fall Photoshoot Stylings

I have had so much fun recently working with some hair and makeup clients who have had fall photoshoots scheduled. I assume this is a popular time of year because of the pretty leaves, and upcoming Christmas cards etc, but for whatever reason, I’ll take it! I love doing photoshoot stylings because they are usually fun and laid back, and I get to have girl talk and mimosas-so really it’s a win win!

AND it is so much fun when the pictures come back and I get to see my gorgeous clients!!

Lauren had engagement pictures done, and was pretty much the cutest little thing. She brought me a picture and said she wanted Carrie hair, and I said oh girl, I know Carrie hair. LOL. Isn’t she the cutest little thing? I love how her pics turned out.

(pics by the talented Kelsey Malicote)

Stop being so pretty Lauren, just stop 😉 hehe

My long time friend Laura called me to do hair and makeup for her family pics. Fun fact, Laura and I share the same birthday, and were hospital nursery buddies. Fun fact number two, she has the most ADORABLE twin babes. Hot momma, this one.

(Laura’s pics by another friend of mine, Patrice Burlew Photography)

 aren’t they adorable???  Look at little  man’s vest! Precious.

 Now that is a good looking family… and Laura has some pretty fab hair 😉 haha

 Speaking of hot momma’s, remember my little hottie friend Dana? No not PLL Design Studio partner Dana, but other Dana, ha! She also had family pictures done, and brought her girls over to get ready in my closet. Dana has the most magical hair in all the land, be envious…I am.

(Dana’s pics were also done by the talented Kelsey Malicote)

 I mean, how cute is this family?! I love them!!

Aww, the Mr. & Mrs. 🙂

And last but certainly not least, this little nugget Kandice asked me to do hair and makeup for her engagement pics. I don’t have any of her actual pics yet, but I just thought she was the prettiest little thing. How do I get such gorgey clients?? I have no clue.

I would LOVE to work with any of you other lovely local ladies!! Just let me know!!

Thank you to ALL of my wonderful clients, I feel so so blessed!!

  1. You have to be the girl to go to for some great Carrie hair. I have seen people try, yours is TRUE Carrie hair.

  2. LC says:

    No way is Dana old enough to have kids that old. Any idea where her gold headband is from? I need that in my stocking this year!

  3. coralhaze says:

    Dana needs to start blogging again like NOW. 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I hope I look as god as Dana when I have three children! 😉 Do any of your clients not have blond hair?! lol

  5. Jill says:

    I think Brooke and I will be coming over soon. You need some dark-headed girls to style!! 😛

  6. Babygirl says:

    Love Kelsey! her and Matt did our wedding pictures. I actually grew up with Matt and his sister Sara. We went to the same babysitter since we were itty bitty babies! Kelsey has the sweetest heart of anyone I know. and all these ladies look beautiful!!! If I ever get preggers, you are so getting me ready for maternity pictures!!

  7. Arielle says:

    Girl, loving your fall clients!! Making me want to go back blonde! haha

  8. These girls make me so jealous with their long thick perfect locks! grr. I am going to need you to come style me one day when I have family pictures made, mmmk?

  9. You need to be a celebrity stylist. I'm sure you hear that a lot but seriously, your work needs to be in magazines.

  10. Taylor Way says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Although you guys are right, those aren't Dana's kids, they are spitting imagines of their beautiful mother Jamie! Keep up the good work!!

  11. Do you travel for your fabulous hair and make up services? If i ever het married you HAVE to do my hair and make up, it's just too perfect for words!!!

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