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My name is Sadie…

and I am one expensive pup.

Little Sadie girl had her semi annual exam last week, in which they told me she needed her teeth cleaned.

Hmm. Ok. She is a DOG remember? Well they insisted, and I felt like a bad mom, so a-teeth-cleaning we went.

Well… a simple teeth cleaning turned into four teeth having to be PULLED and almost $500 later, here we are. The things we do for our pups I tell ya.

Poor thing was so tired yesterday, probably from all the drugs in her system, that she just laid on my chest almost like she was hugging me. Tell me this is not the cutest picture you have ever seen??

 And here is her wittle bandage from her IV 🙁

Poor little thing!!

I am happy to report that Sadie is back up and running like normal today, and her missing teeth do not seem to be hindering her ability to crush some food 😉

 I just love this dog 🙂

  1. She is so cute. I just got a new puppy and it is such a blast:) they are such sweet buddies!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Ugh! Dogs can be expensive, but they're worth it! 🙂

  3. P!nky says:

    So cute, love that last picture of you too!

    Get better sadie bells

  4. love love love. She reminds me of my brother' Pug; Tootie 🙂

  5. Stephanie says:

    Girl tell me about dogs being expensive!! I swear I make 2 weekly trips to Petsmart and never get out of there without spending $50! Toys, food, treats, water dispenser thingies, harnesses, leashes, etc! I've quickly learned how much we will do for our furchildren. Not to mention the 6 hour snake training course we're doing this weekend for my little sasserpants, Oakley…I don't even know who I am anymore. HAHA

    Glad Sadie is on the mend! Who knew a teeth cleaning could be so much drama? Gosh Sadie! 😉

  6. Bon Marché says:

    Poor little Sadie Belle… but I'm glad she is on the mend! I try to brush my dog, Rowdy's, teeth a few times a week. (I am fully aware that this might make me a crazy dog lady) Ha! Smaller dogs especially need to have their teeth brushed, per my vet, so I do it whenever I think about it. I just use a baby toothbrush and my dog's favorite flavored toothpaste, which is (wait for it)… chicken flavored.

  7. Awww poor Sadie! I'm glad it's all over and she's getting lots of snuggles 🙂

  8. awww I went through the same thing with my little poodle i used to have, she had to have really expensive tooth cleaning and removal that was almost a thousand dollars but she was worth it she was my baby. With my new dog I have been giving her dental bones and cleaning her teeth regularly so hopefully she wont have to have anything done, I have noticed she doesn't seem to have any breath issues either, she is a teddy bear dog, so i don't if its certain breeds that a prone to it or not. Hope Sadie feels better soon she is so precious 🙂

  9. Day Old News says:

    Pups be expensive!! My Dad is bewildered by all that I require him to do while watching the dogs, including cooking their meals. They are worth it. Get well Sadie!

  10. Natalie says:

    Took both my pups to the vet today. $472 later…

    Teachery Tidbits

  11. Kelly says:

    OMG they are so expensive, glad she's feeling better!!!

  12. Lauren says:

    Bless Sadie's heart! So glad she feels better.

  13. That is AWFUL!!! (I don't know which part is more awful – the teeth pulling of a dog or the $500 bill…) Yikes!

  14. Arielle says:

    Poor Sadie! My dog had to get his teeth cleaned too last year- the bill stinks! good thing we love them so so much! ha

  15. Crystaljk78 says:

    So, Did Sadie have cavities? We just got our first puppy, so I'm gonna make sure to keep an eye on her teeth 🙂

  16. BriBrooke says:

    Poor boo- what was their reasoning for pulling the teeth?

  17. Lauren says:

    Aw poor girl, my little guy had to get a tooth pulled recently and he was not a happy pup 🙁 Hope she feels better soon!

  18. Libby says:

    You should look into non anesthesia dog teeth cleaning! I have a place near me that does it for I think $150 and its no drugs, nothing at all and all natural! They do a great job too!

  19. Sounds like what we had to do with my pup in July. We spent about 500 as well, maybe more. Petsmart, we went to didn't brush his teeth a couple of times and we payed for it so that didn't help. They had to pull 2 or 3, I don't remember. Petsmart also forgot to do his nails, with him we know something was going because he goes crazy when I time for his nails to get done. We thought it was just he wanted to go outside, he was in pain. It was so red, and he had to be coned. This was before the teeth deal.

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