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PLL…gluten FREE?

Yup. Six weeks in. And feelin’ good.

You see, this all started with a diagnosis of eosiniphilic esophagitis. You can wikipedia that if ya like, but basically I was randomly throwing up after i would eat. Post-EGD, the gastroenterologist said it was the highest eoseniphil count she had seen, yikes! It was TUUURIBLE. She sent me to an allergist to figure out what the heck was going on.

I was also having horrendous allergies that just decided to surface randomly around 26. I was convinced the allergist would give me a pill to cure all and life would be better.


Not that simple you see. I had every test you can imagine done…twice. And I did not really test allergic to anything! My mom has said for awhile that I should a. try cutting out dairy or b. eliminate gluten. The allergist agreed.

Well neither of these sounding like very much fun, so I put them off. I finally got super fed up with the the constant allergic issues, so I decided to give it a go and SEE if it would help-and I love cheese…so gluten free it would Β be.

I did my research (there are a ton of resources out there!) and found that it actually didn’t sound that hard for me, considering I like to eat whole, natural foods anyway. The main struggle would be bread, for sure. But you’d be surprised, I don’t really miss it! Gluten Free Girl was great at explaining everything πŸ™‚

So what DO I eat? A lot of fruit, veggies, chicken, hummus, cottage cheese, almonds (and rice when I make myself!)

Here is a little sample of my day to day…

Other things I am obsessed with include:

If you have never tried those Nut thins- I command you to run to the store and get them. Cheddar and Pepper Jack are the best. They are made with rice and nuts, and are the best little gluten free snack cracker.

AND…. that is not all. I decided since I was eating better, I should also cut out the diet coke. I know it’s bad for you, you know it’s bad for you, so gone it is.

I think I am finally on the other side of the DC hangover.Β I have switched to a lot of water, and green tea. And an occasional vitamin water zero- which is sweetened with stevia, not aspartame.

AAAANNNND… I am down 9 pounds. Bonus!

While gluten free doesn’t always mean weight loss, it does make sense that if you are making smarter choices with the foods you eat, that you will see results. It is still calories in/calories out, people.Β I found a really good articleΒ hereΒ that explained some common mistakes people make if you are ontemplating gluten free.

I realize gluten free is not for everyone, and I make no promises I will forever be gluten free, but right now it works for me. While I don’t have celiac, I am definitely convinced that I have a gluten intolerance. Six weeks in to gluten free, I feel better, I have not thrown up ONCE, and my allergies are 500 times better-weird how it all works together. I am also less tired, and I have even noticed that my skin is brighter and more clear!! SWEAR!Β 

It’s a novel idea, this real foods thing πŸ˜‰ hehe

OH- and you can totally still have wine.Β {I knew you were concerned.}

Happier, and feeling better PLL.

  1. michelle says:

    i started getting sick after eating and turns out i am now lactose intolerant. cheese is my favorite food. it is so hard and every time i see someone eat pizza i swear i'm going to have a meltdown.

  2. Ivy + Molly says:

    You need to read a book called Wheat Belly! It actually explains how everyone should be gluten free because our bodies aren't made to digest it anyways. I'm trying to be gluten free, but it's so difficult… and I love pasta.

    I gave up diet coke about a year or two ago.. never felt better.


    • Amanda says:

      There is a brand of brown rice Pasta that is wonderful! I ate pasta several times a week and this tastes exactly the same to me! I get mine at Target. It's called Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. Try it, I promise you will love it!

    • Amanda says:

      There is a brand of brown rice Pasta that is wonderful! I ate pasta several times a week and this tastes exactly the same to me! I get mine at Target. It's called Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. Try it, I promise you will love it!

  3. Ivy + Molly says:

    Oh, and try Rice Chips! Delicious.

  4. Cayla says:

    Super excited to hear this girl. My allergist says the same thing. And it just seemed sooo overwhelming. I've been trying to slowly work towards gluten free but those bread nights…hard to resist πŸ˜‰

  5. Kelly says:

    Good for you! That's amazing! I've always kind of wanted to go gluten free, but haven't really been sure. I think I'll try to slowly phase things out and let you know how it goes!

  6. Kait says:

    Oh PLL, this post speaks right to my heart! Maybe we are long lost soul sisters?! I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance almost a year ago now. It seemed like the end of the world at first, but honestly, it has done wonders for my body, my health, and my skin. No lie! Have you ever heard of the book Wheat Belly? It's actually really, really interesting. I am by no means a health nut (but I wish I was), but it is a good book. If you ever have any questions, definitely let me know! XO

  7. Emily says:

    Pinky!!! I literally have been wanting to try those pepper jackz since i saw them at the store, then when you gave them a shout out the other day I snapped them up at whole foods! I'm not gulten intolerant but I do have insulin intolerant which means that i can't eat carbs. wahhh. but my ideal diet they call it ' the Mediterranean diet' looks ALOT like the PLL diet!! (only less fruit). I'm not so great at this so far BUT I is working on it.

  8. dang girlfran! you look smoking hott!! not that you needed to loose an ounce, but seriously…dang! you go girl! proud of you πŸ™‚ and i miss that pretty face and i hope i gets to see it soon.

  9. Amanda says:

    I eat gluten free. It's so much healthier for you. I did it partly because I have a slight allergy and partly to keep the extra pounds and tummy chub off. I'm 4 months in πŸ™‚ It will get easier.

  10. Ashley says:

    Great to hear you are feeling better!! You look awesome – maybe I need to jump on this gluten-free train!!

  11. SHAYNA says:

    I thought you were looking a little thinner in some of your previous pictures but, didn't want to say anything – you look great!!! & Congrats! That must be such a relief to not feel bad anymore & to be feeling better all the way around! Congrats again!

  12. awesome post! i have been wanting to try gluten free out for a long time, but haven't done enough research to plan out meals and snacks – that seems to be the hardest part for me. i will be sure to check out the links you provided. thanks, lady!

  13. awesome post! i have been wanting to try gluten free out for a long time, but haven't done enough research to plan out meals and snacks – that seems to be the hardest part for me. i will be sure to check out the links you provided. thanks, lady!

  14. Lauren says:

    What kind of allergy problems were you having? My throat is constantly sore and I'm tired of it! πŸ™

  15. Jaclyn Kaye says:

    You look girl great!! What kind of allergies were you having? I've been battling allergies ever since I moved to DC and am desperate to figure out what it is!

  16. This resonates so much with me!

    I have spells of throwing up after I eat . . . for a long time, I've assumed it was severe acid reflux (which I definitely have), and while my doctor has suggested I get an endoscopy, I haven't done it yet . . .

    It comes and goes, and certain foods are more likely to make me throw up than others. When I eat too much, it's definitely worst.

    But now I'm wondering if maybe I have something along these lines?? I also developed allergies around 26!

    Moral of the story: I need to get that endoscopy.

    SO GLAD you're feeling so much better and not throwing up anymore!!

  17. My husband has been gluten free for over two years now and it gets so much easier as you go along. We substitute food like pros and eat out all the time with no problem. It's been a while since I talked about it on my blog but you can email me if you have any questions! Good for you on the DC! I'm pregnant so I cut it out and sometimes I have the teeny tiny can after my dr told me that it would cure my headaches (the caffeine not the DC.. it's just the smallest quickest source of caffeine!)

  18. So glad to hear you are feeling better! My best friend had to go gluten free a year ago for the same problem but she has felt so much better ever since! Whenever I am over her house I am always snacking on her yummy Nut Thins. I do not have a gluten allergy and don't really eat a whole lot of bread and have often thought about trying it out, we'll see! Have a great week!

  19. Brooke says:

    You look AMAZING! And happy : ) I'm proud of you for giving up Diet Coke. I know it's really, really hard. I kicked the habit for a while, but haven't been able to fully again. Diet Rite (which I know sounds so hillbilly) is great for that flavor – but it doesn't have any caffeine or anything in it. It helps. Also, if you like guacamole – look up Stephanie's guac salsa, you will LOVE it.

  20. I had to go gluten free earlier this year for my autoimmune disease. It's made an amazing difference for me as well! I've noticed a lot of the same changes as well (less tired, skin, allergies). It's awesome to hear some other ideas on foods I can eat. You look amazing by the way!

  21. Good for you girl! I started gfree a couple of months ago and I feel SO much better! I definitely am bad about cheating on it and can feel it when I do! It is hard but worth it! I read Wheat Belly before hand too which was super eye opening!

  22. you look great girl! 9 lbs is huge! And you are one strong woman for cutting out diet coke…I'm not sure I could do that, even though I know I need to!

  23. As everyone else has said, you look AMAZING…but that's all the time! You are super strong to cut out the Diet Coke. That's one of my few vices. I try to drink less of it from time to time, but would never cut it out.

  24. I've cut out and Coke/Soda if I'm dying for a carbonated drink I pick up a Le Crox, they have wonderful flavors. My Favorite is Cranberry/ Raspberry

  25. Sami says:

    Go PLL Go! I don't think I have a gluten intolerance or anything but I have recently tried to be way healthier.. I'm working out and on a meal plan. Trying to cut out most caffeine and carbs and other bad things πŸ˜‰ I tried those Almond Thins on your suggestion and they are delish! You look gorg as always but even prettier! Congrats love πŸ™‚

  26. Katie says:

    My sweet 2 year old nephew has EE plus dairy/wheat/soy/nut allergies so I'm all in the loop about how stressful and frustrating it can be. I've heard that GF really does make you feel so much healthier since it cleans your diet up so much– so glad you're feeling better!

    And I'm with you on the Nut Thins– they're a part of my daily snack rotation as well!

  27. I have Celiac disease so I eat gluten-free pretty strictly. Lemme tell ya, it becomes super easy and there are more food choices than you'll believe. Glad you are feeling better already!

  28. WOW! you look gorgeous! [even more so then you already were!] and now only have you inspired me to do le poof this weekend for a wedding, but also to clean up my diet and eat better! i seem to have the same problem as you do with gluten, so let the challenge begin! πŸ™‚

  29. Sarah says:

    I had to go GF because of allergies/headaches and I've been so much better. I can still have it every now and then, but I usually save exceptions for special occasions when I know I don't have anything the next day in case I'm out for the count! ;)Fyi,Udi's GF blueberry muffins are really good. You're lucky to have found out now because there are 5,826 more gluten free options than when I had to start this kind of diet!

  30. Carolyn says:

    So glad that you found a way to fix your issues!! πŸ™‚

  31. Nessa says:

    Ouch, no fun that you're having allergy issues, but that's great that giving up gluten is helping you. We thought my step-daughter was gluten and dairy free and THAT was brutal. Turns out she's fine to have both, but if I had a choice, I'd definitely give up gluten before dairy.

  32. Rhonda says:

    I disagree that it's calories in/out. Not all calories are created equal.

    HOWEVER, everyone would feel better and be healthier without gluten! I second the Wheat Belly recommendation.

  33. Kristine says:

    People voluntarily going gluten free seems to be a huge craze these days… I wouldn't be able to do it unless I knew I did have a gluten intolerance like you might possibly have πŸ™ but it looks and sounds like its working out for you! Keep up the good work!

  34. Ariane says:

    Thanks for sharing, Allison! I definitely eat kind of different than the norm (four years meatless, holla), so I know that it can be tough, but it's just so worth it for me. I'm glad that this change has made such a positive difference for you and your health! Plus, nine pounds doesn't hurt πŸ˜‰

  35. I'm 3 months in GF and dairy free. It has made me feel like a new person! I have hardly had any migraines, lost 25 lbs, and no joint pain. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what to eat, but so worth it!

  36. Emily says:

    I've been gluten free since June 2012. I've never felt better, but boy was it a process figuring it out! After numerous doctors appointments, tests and bloodwork, a biopsy finally confirmed it!!! I'm in a group for gf people in Lexington and it helps you learn which restaurants to avoid and which ones are safe. I'll send you an invite πŸ™‚

  37. Lindsey says:

    I am OBSESSED with Nut Thins. I have some in the drawer of my desk right now. I had my dad try them and he is hooked too. The best little snack ever!
    I bought a Camelbak water bottle with a filter and now I'm addicted to drinking water. No more vending machine runs! I'm trying to get bikini ready and I have the dreaded 30th birthday on the horizon. So, saving some calories by avoiding the soda is plus in my book!

  38. Shana says:

    Where are those heels from? I love them!

  39. Cate says:

    this post actually inspired me to get off my lazy butt, go to the store, and start the process of going low-dairy (I can't cut it out entirely, love me some greek yogurt!) and gluten-free. I picked up some of the Nut-thins in Smokehouse flavor (along with some other GF snacks), and now I'm OBSESSED with them. 16 crackers in a serving? Heck yes!!! I really hope I can stick with this…I've noticed less bloating in less than a week and already find that I have more energy throughout the day.

    Thank you for insipiring me!


  40. One of my gfs was throwing up after eating and she had no idea what was wrong with her. She finally went to the dr. and same thing, they told her she was allergic to gluten as well.
    I've been trying to show some support bc I know it must be a hard change for her so I chose to be gluten free with her for the time being. I am surprised that there are SOOO many GF options out there! They even make GF bread…

  41. ibeeflower says:

    My boss was GF for almost a year. When she and her now ex-husband divorced she started to feel better and she could consume gluten again. He was such an awful person and we both think that he made her physically sick with his negativity. Some people stay GF all of their lives, and some don't. So if down the road you can handle gluten again that is A-Ok. πŸ˜‰

  42. Brenna Boyd says:

    I think I need to try this! I have some issues with my skin that I read could be from having a gluten intolerance πŸ™

  43. I hope that you continue to feel better and better with the diet changes. It gets much easier with time! I cut out gluten a few years ago, and had to cut out dairy, egg, yeast, sugar blah blah blah…about 8 mos ago.
    Somedays are frustrating, but when I think of how much better I feel now, it helps! Good luck! xo Amber

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