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CMA Carrie!

Sooo who watched the CMA’s this past Thursday??
I actually missed them (GASP) due to some unfortunate TV circumstances haha. BUT, never fear, I have done some internet research, and am also popping over to sissies tonight to watch the DVR’d verison. I feel like such a fake. A Carrie fan FAKE. 😉
From what I can tell, Carrie looked GORG per usual. Stunning on the red carpet to start off the night in this sassy number… 
Her lip color here is a little deeper than usual, me likes. Nice to see her changing it up a bit… but not too much, classic Carrie is spot on. 
She wore 12 dresses in all, including her red carpet look. 
Carrie ROCKED her performance of Blown Away. I think her performance look was my favorite, it just went so well with the song. Don’t get me wrong, I love her classic sparkly looks too. Just loved this one so much for some reason?!
Here it is if you missed it 🙂 
She also killed it with Brad Paisley, again. I just love them together. So stinking cute and hilarious. 
SEE guys, chivalry is not dead… Brad sent C girl flowers pre-show, to celebrate their fifth year hosting together. 
Their opening segment was hilarious. Here is that part… in case you need some laughs on this Monday morning.
Can we just discuss how amazing her legs are? I mean, stop it. 
I also hear Blake and Miranda were super cute, excited to watch the whole thing tonight, even though I am like half a week behind. WOOPS. 😉
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  1. Sasha says:

    You can also watch it on the ABC app! It was GREAT! I love Blake and Miranda, and not just because I went to high school with him- they are amazing!

  2. Kenj says:

    She is just so gorg..which mean you are gorg because I swear you are her twin. I loved her gold sparkly top with white bottom dress. SO cute! But she can totally rock anything!

  3. Amanda says:

    I must say, her performance of Blown Away literally blew me away. She is amazing!

  4. Their opening skit was hilarious! I loved her arrival dress and the red dress the best. Blake and Miranda were adorable and I'm so happy he won entertainer of the year!

  5. The opening skit was hilar and she killed with her dresses. I would like to get my hands on each of them once I find an award show or two to attend. Have fun watching! xo ~ Lindsay

  6. xx BHB says:

    The fact that she and Brad threw a little shade at Tay Swift was pretty much my favorite part of the opener

  7. Kelsey says:

    I just watched them last night. DVR is amazing! Miranda and blake are adorable their my favorite! I just wish Miranda would have chosen a better dress. I feel like her dress was too plain and homecomingey? (I just made that up)

  8. KatyK says:

    Oh I've been waiting for your Carrie recap…this just warms my heart.

  9. Morgan Neal says:

    Omg! Love Carrie & brad! Adorbs!

  10. Caroline says:

    Love that you know how many outfit changes she went through. So funny. But ummm. Huge oversight on your part-it seems as though you forgot to mention a certain MVP friend who sent you pics during the shows of Carrie. I'll look for my acknowledgement in your correction section on your next post. Love you!

  11. love me some Carrie! I have to give the girl some MAJ props for doing gangnam style in! and of course she looked flawless per usual!

  12. Lindsay says:

    I don't wanna spoil it for you but Blake and Miranda were so adorable…made me tear up! lol. And yes, Carrie looked amazing as always. I loved the blingy gloves she wore for "Blown Away". But I think the red number was my fave!

  13. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I totally agree with everything on this post-her dresses were uh-mazing! Newest follower and can't wait to read more! I'd love for you to check out my fashion blog, too! xo.

  14. I'm not really a country fan, but I do usually watch at least some of those country award shows for the fashion. I was at the UK game Thursday night so I missed it too! Thanks for the recap of Carrie's fashion!! I loved the short layered dress with the sequined long sleeve top!

    Your blog is super cute! I'm excited to be a new follower!

    xo, Jordan

  15. #1 thing I love about your blog is your Carrie updates. I can always come and watch her new live performances 🙂

  16. Brooke says:

    Love the Alice and Olivia glitter top dress! I want one!



  17. Pink Glam says:

    She was amazing! huge carrie fan.

  18. Wearing 12 dresses is one night? WHAT A DREAM! And I love almost all the ones she wore . . . except maybe that purple one with the inch of tummy showing. The red carpet gown is gorgeous!

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