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She’s back from the big CITY!

That is a lie. 
I don’t LOVE it. I like it a whole lot, but I learned that I don’t think that I am cut out for the big city life. I am more of a moderate size city girl. Haha. 
So the fam and I vacay-ed to NYC to visit baby sis (Hannah), who is up there interning for the Daily Show
We had an absolute blast! Lil sis’s boyfriend went with us too! 
1. Pre-plane cocktails. ‘Only a damn fool would get on an airplane without a drink’ says my granddad. He’s right.

3. Finally met up with baby sissy!! Oh how we miss her! I SWEAR we didn’t color coordinate… it just happened. Ridiculous. 
Baby Lou took us all over the place… she was our little tour guide. 

Night #1 we went to Cirque de Soleil at Radio City Music Hall, one of my favorite places!

I adore the bathrooms, and am an advocate that all bathrooms should still have powder rooms for the ladies.

I mean how’s a girl suppose to do her lipstick without adequate lighting?!

Day 2, while sis was working, we checked out the NBC studios. So fun!

After NBC, we went to a taping at the Daily Show. It was amazing. It was so cute seeing baby sis in action on the set. Will Ferrell and Zach Glaifianakis (or however you spell it) were there promoting their new movie The Campaign, which looks hilarious might I add.
 I am just sad that the pugs weren’t in attendance.

We got to meet Will, Zach, AND John Hamm… VERY briefly. 
WAIT-is he the unibomber guy that doesn’t shave in the movie Knocked Up?? IONO…
Anyways…to commemorate meeting Zach, I decided I needed this shirt to sleep in. 
Day 3 we found Jack Demsey’s (4), a UK bar! So fun. And we also rode the Staten Island Ferry (5). Cheapest beers in Manhattan kids. 
That night, baby sis took us out on the town. And we were out wayyyyy too late. 😉 
(I swear I have balck shorts on, HA!)
Luckily I snapped these pics late night… the doorman was not enthused by Hannah pretending to snack on the dog treats. 
Day 4 we did Central Park, 5th avenue etc. 
And that night we went to a restaurant called Traffic (on 9th) which has the best goat cheese ever. ( I know I am so weird) and we capped the night off with a visit to Stand Up NY comedy club. 
I was totally beat after that. Baby sis said, “either you kick New York’s ass, or it kicks yours”
Well I think it kicked mine. 
Thanks baby sissy for showing us all around! I am so so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You are such a smart, gorgeous, going-places young lady, and I could not be happier for you!!! I love you SO much and am so proud to say I am your big sis!!
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  1. Faith says:

    i LOVE your pictures. makes me miss home 🙁

    looks like such a fabulous time and of course you looked stunning!

  2. Beth says:

    love all your pictures. i went to NYC once back in 2003 and i fell in love and can't wait to go back…one day.

    on another note, i have that same baby carlos tee. my friend bought it for me in vegas. i sleep in it as well. can't have enough sleep shirts. 🙂

  3. Robin says:

    I adore every single picture! I love NYC (for a weekend at a time) but could definitely never live there. It kick's my ass too! You all looked absolutely fabulous and I'm glad you enjoyed my state 🙂

  4. All of you pics are adorable, looks like a great trip! My little sister lives in NYC also, and I went to go visit her in March but I'm DYING to go back, I love it there! 🙂

  5. OMG!! It looks like you had so much freaking fun! I am jealous! ESP that you got to meet ZACH!!! ughhhh not fairrrr. (:

  6. dude, maybe it is just me, but i have a REALLY hard time telling your middle sis and the baby sis apart. also, i too ADORE some goat cheese! that would have excited me as well, fo sho. Annnd, Zach Galifianakis went to NC State! Go Pack! 🙂

  7. Alexandra says:

    LOVE all of your photos! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  8. Lindsey says:

    I have a "One Man Wolf Pack" shirt that I wear around the house. Someeetimeesss I may where it to the gas station to buy wine any my brother gets mad at me for leaving the house in it. You are so perdy and perfect at all times. I loved all your pics and it looks super fun. That unibomber guy resembles Tom Green a little bit, no? And SO jealous you got to meet zac and will. The previews for that movie make me LOL IRL.

  9. Baby sis and her boyfriend are pretty much the cutest thing since Sadie with a sequin pink bow on her head.

  10. Kelsey says:

    Looks like so much! I think orange might be your color that last picture with the glass is adorable and I love the orange on ya!

  11. It looks like you had a blast in NYC! I have yet to go there, but it's on my list. I'm more of a "moderate city" kind of girl, too. (Except Miami. I love that place.) OH and can we talk about how you look cute every single day!? You are one awesome chica!

  12. rachel says:

    so darned cute i can't stinkin' handle it, girl!!!
    and that last pic of you and the moustache beer glass is totally adorbs! when i saw on instagram that you were in NYC i was so excited for you….but i have to agree, it kicks my butt every time i go into the city too….yikes. i'm not made for it either, but it sure is a fun place to visit. hey!! the next time you come up, you all should head out east on long island and do a north fork winery tour! and call me, cuz i am totally down for a winery tour 🙂 would i lead you astray?

  13. xx BHB says:

    Love all the pics 🙂 glad you had such fun in my hometown!! 🙂

  14. Rissy says:

    I used to be OBSESSED with NYC… then I grew up and realized I did not/ could not live in a shoe box. An actual shoebox maybe, but an apartment the size of one? no thanks

    it looks like you did A LOT in a short time, and of course did it all with perfect hair. I'm not SUPER jealous, I swear (i.e. I totally am)

    Your sis and bf kissing under the umbrella… postcard status!


  15. Raven says:

    that is awesome! Never been to NYC but come December, I'm going on an all girls trip there and I can't wait!

    and you are NOT weird. I live and die by goat cheese.

  16. -Emily- says:

    What a fun and fabulous little trip!! I've never been to NYC, but Husby goes every year…can't believe I let that happen!! I'm begging him to take me this year….and the UK Bar????!! Wow.

  17. Day Old News says:

    You look amazing in orange. I want Little Sis' navy dress, so chic. I check out bathrooms at every place I go…it really helps me determine how much I like that place. Are Little and the BF preparing for a wedding slide show with all their love poses? Finally, I want a THUMBS UP pic if you read it Love "Los Angeles" Hells yeah!

  18. Caroline says:

    So fun! 🙂 And who is that creepy dude with Zack? That's just crazy!

  19. You girls are SO CUTE together! And how incredibly awesome that your baby sis is interning for the Daily Show–I'd love to spend my days with Jon Stewart! Hilarious. I'm pretty jealous that you got to attend a taping! Glad you got some good ol' quality family time, and I'm sure you're relieved to be back home. 🙂

  20. Allison says:

    I was just there in May! (
    We ate at Traffic one night and I had a monstrously large grilled cheese and loved it.
    Where did you get your orange earrings? I bought 4 pairs like them at a street fair in NYC, but I'm dying to get more colors!

  21. Alicia Marie says:

    GREAT pictures! Looked like an amazing trip. Totally makes me homesick. I moved down to Miami from NYC last year and I still get teary eyed thinking about that wonderful place. Glad you had so much fun!! 🙂

  22. Girl I agree… NYC is fun but it wears you out! I couldn't ever live there, but it's fun to visit! I can take about 3 or 4 days at a time and then I'm ready to get back to a slower pace of life and driving my own car instead of hailing a cab everywhere! Jeal you got to meet Will Ferrell, love him!

  23. Megan says:

    What a fun trip!! You guys did SO much!!! Love all of your pics!!! Your sis with her bf on the bridge is prob my fave!!

    P.s. where did you get your maxi dress??! You look gorgeous in it!! 🙂

  24. Lauren says:

    Looks like you had such a good time! It seems like you all did SO much! I would have been exhausted after the trip too!


  25. Lauren says:

    Looks like you had such a good time! It seems like you all did SO much! I would have been exhausted after the trip too!


  26. Gina says:

    I dreamed of going to L.A. my whole life. I finally got there, and kinda felt like you after your trip! Crazy, right? I liked it. But I didn't love it. I don't really want to go back and if I ever get back to CA, it'll be San Fran. Adorable pics as always!

  27. Kissing under the street sign-so cute! I actually spent the past week in NYC with my boyfriend! I agree though, I prefer moderately sized cities like my native DC!

  28. Looks like you all had an amazing vacay! Now I miss the city.. (I grew up about an hour away)

    Don't hate on me but I've never had a drink at the airport prior to flying or ordered a drink on a plane. I guess I'm nervous it'll make me feel weird while we're flying 😛

    I think it's time for me to get over that lol

  29. Kate says:

    I don't love NY either! Haha, I thought I was the only one! I always thought I wanted to live there, and then when I went for a visit, just decided it wasn't for me after all. I'm more of a moderately sized city girl also. 😉 But it still looks like you had so much fun! The three of you are too cute!

  30. Brittany says:

    Love the pictures! So fun! Looks like you had an amazing time! I love love love NYC!

  31. Megan G. says:

    Oh man, you look like you all had so so so much fun!! I like NYC, but I could not live there all the time. Your sis knows all the good spots and you're making me wish I was vacationing there now! 😀

  32. Orange is your cullah, and don't let anyone tell you differently. I wish it were mine, I love it but can't seem to keep from looking like a traffic cone.
    This looks like a super amazingly fun time.

  33. Lauren says:

    i love nyc! i cant wait to go back!!

  34. Lauren says:

    i love nyc! i cant wait to go back!!

  35. Jaclyn Kaye says:

    How awesome that your sis interns for the daily show! So jealous of your fab weekend. Give me that mustache glass now!

  36. Ah, I love your NYC pics. You have the cutest family ever, and I think the door man may have been a teensy bit jealous Hannah was getting into his late night snacks, no?

  37. So fun! You did it up! So glad you had fun up here 🙂

  38. Kenzie Smith says:

    Love the pictures, looks like you had a ton of fun! I have never been anywhere near NYC but it looks fun to visit. So awesome that you got to briefly meet Will Farrel and Zach G!

  39. Caitlin C. says:

    Looks like y'all had SO much fun!! And I totally get the not "loving" NYC thing… I visited for the first time a few months ago and was totally overwhelmed! Be glad you had a little tour guide though 🙂

  40. Pamela says:

    nyc is so fun but I agree with you – I think I would only be able to last a year there. I have a bunch of friends that live there and travel there for work a lot – it is such an amazing city but a little too hectic. You look so cute as always – you guys remind me so much of me and my three sisters! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  41. Where where WHERE is your black maxi dress from??! xx

  42. Ocean Dreams says:

    Ahhhh I miss NYC so much, so glad that you're there and having fun! I hope to go back soon.

  43. Kristen says:

    what a fantastic trip! you look so cute in all the pics!

  44. Rebecca says:

    When I was little I imagine NYC perfect like in te movies but after visiting a couple of times, theres no way I could live there! It moves to fast and people can be a lil mean, I like my southern cities 😉 y'all look gorgeous, glad you had a great time!!

  45. Shayna says:

    Looks like y'all did NYC right!

  46. Chelsea says:

    Allison – I love you sisters white dress on this post! Do you know where its from? I also need advice on how to make my blush look better, yours always looks perfect!! BTW My friend Beth at work made me send her pictures of my hair that you did for the wedding so she can get hers done the same way 🙂 you are awesome!

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