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It’s a PinkLouLou Christmas- Holiday Party Edition

Ello lovelies!
This past weekend I had big sissies annual Christmas party. It is always amazing, complete with never ending glasses of pinot grigio, and more Christmas lights then Clark Griswold. I think I did a post last year on her holiday decorations… hmm yeah here it is. 
Also just realized I pretty much wore my hair exactly the same two years in a row. FOR SHAME. 
Oh well, why fix what ain’t broken, capish?
A fancy sparkly dress is a Holiday party MUST. 
Well looky what I find. 
This seksy little numba from Arden B
And let me just tell you girls, they have TONS of hot momma sparkle dresses for this holiday season. 
Party was fab. Whole night was fab. 
{sidenote, look how big my babies are getting! tear.}
After the party we went to TRUST downtown and partied with this guy: 
{he liked my dress} 😉
but anyway, back to the matter of Holiday party attire, I would definitely look at Arden B. There are tons of dresses in the store that I can’t find online, bogus. 
OR, if someone could PLEASE order this red dress from Adabelles and wear it to a Christmas party, that would be great. I would, but I don’t have another fancy pants one to go to. 
XOXO. Find some mistletoe. 😉
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  1. Caroline says:

    Love your dress. You look gorgeous as always!

  2. Love it! You look gorgey as always!

  3. Michelle P says:

    Love both dresses!

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just posted today about needing to find a new years dress so I'll be checking out Arden B. 🙂

  5. etta says:

    You looked amazing, as always. Can I just say that your makeup is so good that you look photoshopped. I would loooove to walk out my door looking photoshopped. 🙂

  6. Erin says:

    That dress is so fab!!!!

  7. The Bases says:

    Love the sequin dress!! Very Carrie 🙂

  8. I loveee your dress! Looks great on you girl!

  9. Stephanie says:

    GORGEOUS dress! I've been on the hunt for something like that. You look so pretty 🙂

  10. Kerr says:

    I want to hear more about john wall!!!!

  11. What a gorgeous dress!! You look fabulous as always 🙂

  12. Oooh I LOVE that sequin dress! I have a cocktail party next weekend, but I think I'm going to wear a sequin dress I already have. Though I do love that one!!

  13. JR Mazur says:

    love your dress! you look gorgeous as always! my sister works with Canon (her company does their advertising) and I sent her the link to your entry yesterday 🙂

  14. fabulous dress!!!!!

    PS – love that your "baby" is wearing a BIG bow in Pink Lou Lou fashion!

  15. lori says:

    love the dress!! you look fab! and i love the dress that you wore to your sissy's party.

  16. That dress is insane on you! I have spent the last two days looking for the perfect silver sequin dress for NYE and that is it!!! How does it fit? I'm not sure what size to order… Fit info would be greattttly appreciated! :)

  17. Lindsay says:

    I think I need that red dress! So perfect for a holiday party. And you look amazing in that silver dress…as always!

  18. Rebecca says:

    so beautiful!! & i love your bump =]

  19. CALLIE says:

    Love your dress!! Fab as always 🙂

  20. Love that dress! Those heels make your legs look bah-nanas! Must find a pair!

    XO Lucy

  21. Phoebe Jan says:

    Your dress is fun! I'm definitely going to check out Arden B for my Christmas attire. =)

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Love your sparkly dress – and those shoes make your legs look very reminiscent of Carrie's! 😉

    I'm headed over to Arden B's immediately. Love the holiday outfit you put together – fab as usual! xoxo

    elizabeth @ Life with Elizabeth

  23. I'm loving those Sparkly dresses! Can't believe Christmas is coming up so soon!

  24. That dress is so adorable!! Good choice. Love the red one too 🙂
    I'm dying to get all jazzed up for a holiday fiesta, or new years.. whatevs.

  25. Kelsea says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! Too bad I don't have anywhere to wear it to, or I would SO be buying that!

  26. Jaclyn Kaye says:

    Ugh, LOVE the dress. So holiday-ish! You rocked it well, sister!

    P.S. Carrie -> Female Artist of the Year at the ACA?!?! yeeeeeea!

    A Day in the Life and Mind…

  27. Kate says:

    Gorgeous dress! You always look amazing!

  28. Whitney says:

    Everyone may be loving that dress, but i am loving that you were partying with john wall even more ;-). The dress is pretty fab as well.

  29. Samantha says:

    I adore that sequin dress! I have been searching for the perfect sequin Christmas dress and this one is beautiful… I need to get a move on it! Loved this post:) xox

  30. Love that Dress from Arden B. You look so pretty!



  31. I just showed your post to my roommate cause I love that dress so much. It's perfect!!!! You look great!

    I bought some mistletoe the other day from the hottest lumberjack Christmas tree farmer. DAAAAAAMN. 😉

  32. Carpe Diem says:

    So fun that you had a party to get fancy for! I wish I did!! So much fun! You looked beautiful as always!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I totally thought of you during Modern Family last night. There was a really funny part about a pink Christmas tree. I don't want to ruin it if you have it dvr'ed or something, but it totally made me think of you! 🙂


  34. love that sparkly dress. Had the most random dream the other night that I got to meet Ms. Underwood and I thought of you and your last post, hah!


  35. Chelsie says:

    love the dress, love john wall.

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